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Crappie fishing in winter can be a daunting challenge but cheer up there is help. Super crappie fishing really begins after the ice is long gone in the spring but its cold now and we are hungry for that clean white morsel of meat.

So you ask how to catch the little guys and how to get that pan fish in your pan and when ice fishing there are only a few key items to consider: bait, location and ice.

When it is cold the fish are slower and their hunting patterns change. Do not forget this – EVER. We are not much different, we like our ice cream in the summer and chili in winter. Keep this in mind when fishing in any water temperature. Use fast baits in warmer waters and slower baits in colder waters.

When the waters are cooler and sometimes frozen everything below the surface moves slower so when choosing jigs pick ones that move slower, this means lighter weight too as it will not sink so fast. Many of the plastic jigs will move smoothly through the water, this is a great advantage in the spring months, but not so much in the colder waters.

Feathered jigs once wet will also smooth out and move quickly through the water but an artificial feather sometimes will fall slower than most plastics. Do not forget either that plastics will get stiffer when they get colder and this is part of the reason that smaller jigs work well in the colder waters.

When the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees crappie will seek shelter in almost any structure they can find, so choose a bait that will be found in shelter they are hiding in. Most waters will get a little clearer when they ice over. When this happens use smaller jigs.

I would also suggest using really light colors on the jig like yellows and whites. Some of the smaller plastics seem to work well for me I like to use smaller grubs or tubes. When I know the water is clear I start with white or very light colors and work towards darker colors. But as the visibility of the water changes go with a color that is only slightly lighter.

Remember most bait fish or insects are really trying to blend in to the background so you want to stand out just a little bit more. It really is not that hard when the waters are green use a slightly lighter green jig. But if the waters or currents are really active use a stiff plastic jig and if the waters are still use a feathered jig because they will look more lively.

Another good trick is to use a light colored body with a medium contrasting head. For example use a yellow grub with a red head or reverse it. But I’ve haven had a lot of success using opposite colors like red with green.

I know we do not carry a color wheel, although it might help, in our tackle box but if the color combination seems unnatural chances are the crappie might think so as well. You can use opposite colors if there is a gradient between the colors. Just avoid sharp contrasting colors as these do not appear readily in nature.

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Featured Baits: 1. Strike King Hack Attack Jig (3/8 ounce candy craw, 1/2 oounce black/blue) – with a zoom super chunk trailer

2. Suspending Jerkbaits – Lucky Craft Pointer 100 (bluegill), LC Pointer 100 DD (Pearl Ayu), Megabass ITO Vision 110 (Ito Wakasagi), BPS generic jerkbaits (forgot exact name :P)

3. Damiki Vault – (1/2 ounce WS crystal, 1/4 ounce black holo)

4. Drop shot rig – Roboworm straight tail worm (4.5″, mean green), Gamakatsu Aaron Marten’s drop shot hook (size 1), picasso cylinder tungsten weight (1/8 ounce)

5. Zoom fat albert (green pumpkin red) – 1/4 ounce ball jighead

6. Strikezone ledgebuster elite spinnerbait (1 oz, bumblebee)

7. BPS Stick-O (3″, watermelon seed) – rigged on a mushroom jighead (1/16 oz, 1/8 oz)


Date: December 3rd, 2015
Air Temp: Cold as ****
Camera used – sony a5100 (stock settings)

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Overview – Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t catch fish! The bass still have to eat, just not nearly as often 😛 Slow down your presentation, be patient, and stay focused! You won’t get as many bites, but when you do, you may find yourself surprised with a HAWG at the end of your line!!!

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Winter season bass fishing is without a question the most difficult time to capture bass. You will not be able to utilize your typical approaches and methods and the bass will not be starving. You will certainly have a much tougher time locating appropriate cover and it could just be down right cold. Its no marvel why most bass fisherman don’t participate in wintertime bass fishing but if you are reviewing this post after that you are not most bass fisherman.

The initial obstacle in winter bass fishing is to be able to discover the best spot to fish. Much of the greenery has actually died, the bass are sitting much further, probably at midsts that are not noticeable to you even if the water is crystal clear. If you are in the north where there is ice cover after that you truly have your job reduced out for you. If you get ready for winter bass angling in the autumn by marking deep areas with great deals of property after that you will conserve yourself a bunch of time. Or else you could need to discover the bass by experimentation.

One policy to keep in mind when winter months bass angling is to reduce your get. As a matter of fact still fishing a soft plastic worm or grub is also much better as long as you could really gradually wander it around the bottom or hop it around. If you are casting among these soft baits, permit it sink to the bottom then extremely slowly reel it in. It should take no much less compared to 3 mins to get your lure.

Given that bass are cool blooded they will certainly be extremely non-responsive to your normal kinds of prey because they simply cant invest their priceless power unwisely. They will certainly eat a food that slowly drifts by right in front of its face however they will not be drawn to dive extremely far in any way to obtain it. If you can accomplish dangling a worm, tiny fish or soft bait as explained prior to before the bass’ face after that you will have excellence.

Only dull and ordinary colours must be utilized when winter season bass fishing.

Brilliant, showy kind bait will certainly probably fruit and vegetables nothing. If you are utilizing soft lures after that try keeping them in a zip-lock bag in your pocket. The heat from your physical body will certainly keep them from getting rigid in the cool water and they will certainly act a lot more life-like when warm. Keeping a small handful in your pocket will permit you to cycle with them so you can constantly be using a cozy one.

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If you are like most anglers who grumble concerning exactly how challenging winter months angling is after that bear in mind that much of your absence of excellence is not anything aside from your lure not functioning at 100 percent in cool temperature levels since 95 percent of boilies are completely inept in reduced temperatures! Yet you have the energy to alter this! Have your eyes opened now and multiply your wintertime captures widely by keeping reading immediately!

This point regarding catching fish simply in wintertime yet at any moment of year is so essential yet the substantial bulk of baits do not seriously take this into account! Baits such as boilies work only as well as the substances within them could join the water column and disperse in as high ideal focus as possible to promote modifications in fish habits that cause supplying!

Water is denser in low temperatures and this means that compounds from your lure not only leach out of baits much much less, yet disperse much much less efficiently. For this reason a big proportion of the possibility of your lures destination and stimulation is just never ever going to even be spotted by fish at all! Chilly water baits and their element materials absolutely should be picked for maximum cold water efficiency to make sure that lures seep out these materials in optimized focus that are totally assured to disperse an extensively in the water pillar as possible to stimulate and draw fish to your baits!

If you put an orange into water what hands out a lot more juice; an orange that has its skin on, or an orange that has been peeled off and had some segments punctuated? Certainly the orange with the skin on is barely going to release anything although it includes the same levels of attraction as the peeled off orange. My point here is that any sort of lure that is heated that contains coagulated healthy proteins is going to imitate the orange with the skin on it.

Heated coagulated healthy protein is the most considerable adversary to you catching carp utilizing boilies in wintertime, and so many heated and extruded pellets are likewise equally as handicapped as a result of this and really seriously under-maximized. You understand right? Just because no-one has appeared and specified this incredibly essential factor before does not indicate it is not enormously valid to everyone using heated boilies and I do suggest any person!

Why on planet use lures (normally heated readymade baits) that just function at possibly 25 percent effectiveness in cool water (if you are fortunate) merely since they are warmed. And why do most anglers use boilies in winter? The response is mass ignorance, due to the fact that the lure industry intends to sell boilies because that is just what they are established to do and because that is just what fishermens anticipate to use. It is an insane loop of inability.

Just just how numerous anglers realize that you can make hard pastes that leak amazing focus of dissolvable materials that no boilie can ever before achieve! You can make paste baits that really leak off an enormous percentage of their soluble materials while leaving behind a matrix of less soluble compounds that stay difficult sufficient and in one piece sufficient to offer fish something to pick up together with your hook!

The huge portion of anglers fishing in winter season are their own worst opponents because they simply do not get it; bait elements promote fish and when they could not enter into the water column in maximized levels of focus in denser cool water after that you are throwing away horrific amount of time!

If you intend to capture more fish in low water temperature levels, do not bother buying readymade boilies and pop-up baits that have actually been boiled! Do not trouble taking the surface skin off them. Do not trouble soaking boilie or heated baits in dips, glugs or soaks. You are still utilizing an orange with the skin on due to the fact that heated lures are coagulated and closed via the substantial proportion of the matrix of the lure regardless of exactly how loose textured that lure might be it is seriously under-maximized for chilly water!

Fishermens who make use of maggots in winter will know that after the initial burst of ammonia has actually been secreted by surprised maggots entering the water pillar, the only significant thing left to draw in fish is motion sounds and vibrations. Yet also then, after a duration of immersion maggots metabolic rate decreases then maggots can then be very little better compared to utilizing a plastic maggot with absolutely no all-natural chemical excitement or destination whatever.

Maggots can be out-fished by utilize of numerous reactive compounds within strongly dissolvable insert baits due to the fact that such baits are definitely distributing attraction well past the period maggots have actually lost any sort of significant chemical attraction and movement!

The mistake that anglers over decades have made in winter months is usage boilies that are too big for the cravings olden water fish. When I claim that I imply the large majority of carp anglers over the past 30 years a minimum of have used heat coagulated under-maximized lures of over 8 to10 millimeters; think of it and test bait dimensions your self! Utilizing a quarter of a big boilie is going to be much more reliable compared to making use of a whole boilie, however if it is a boilie then you have still lost a substantial proportion of possible excitement and destination not distributing into the water pillar!

If you are taught by the advertorial publication short articles enough to believe that a dumbbell boilie is any much better compared to round boilies now that carp are so well aware of them do on your own a favor if you really intend to capture additional fish! Consider it! An oddly-cut third of pinhead bait will certainly function much better compared to a whole bait for so lots of reasons. Careful fish type entices to the degree of blowing whole in one piece baits out of the means of free of cost feed little pellets and lure pieces and cut littles baits.

This factor is so incredibly great and effective yet the lure sector keeps constructing that boilies are so wonderful for winter and nutritionally enhanced for limiting amino acids and food digestion prospective etc at the same time they are sealed and massively under-optimized by heated proteins. Such lures rest intact and fish easily iron out which lures are whole, which baits are fresh and harmful, which baits are soft and cleaned out and safe, and more.

What do you assume is most likely to deceive a remarkably careful fish, an one-half a boilie that does not give when mouthed or a paste bait that really alters it shape when mouthed? Fishermans dominant use of entire boilies (and related cyndrical tube formed heated pellets) train fish to be terrified of whole round and pinhead baits whether sinking baits, balanced baits or pop-up baits; reality!

If you make your own homemade baits do yourself a significant support; stay away from heating your lures completely! Believe it or otherwise insert or dough is certainly not always just the same. As a matter of fact you can make past lures that last as long as boilies yet the distinction is that these water soluble lures really release their components in a maximized means rather than being secured by any kind of coagulated warmth ruined healthy proteins which in reality are a large part of efficient lures nutritional excitement.

I have been examining and exploring lures full-time for the past 6 years and in no instance have actually ever found a readymade boilie (from any type of firm) or any kind of homemade boilie recipe (even if trimmed and saturated) that could out-fish insert that is made and enhanced for optimum leak of stimulatory compounds in maximum concentrations! Revealed in my distinct readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish lure tricks ebooks is much more effective info search for my special internet site (Baitbigfish) and see my biography here for details of my ebooks bargains now!

By Tim Richardson.

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