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When you are fly fishing, tying the right knots can make a world of difference in your success or failure. It is important to not only select the right knot for the situation but also to tie it properly. Poorly tied knots will mean lost fish and frustration for you, so knowing about the right knots and how to tie them can be a huge part of the fly fishing experience.

Before you tighten a knot, moisten it with saliva or with water you are fishing on. This will help the knot slide and seat properly. Lubrication also decreases excessive heat which can weaken the monofilament. Heat is generated by friction created when the knots are drawn up tight. Moistening the knot will reduce this heat and allow you to have good, strong knots.

Tighten knots with a steady, continuous pull. This is called seating the knot. Make sure the knot is tight and secure. To check this, pull on the line and leader to be sure it holds. It is better to test its strength before you cast rather than to have it break once you get a hook.

There are plenty of books available that give step-by-step instructions on how to properly tie specific knots. You can also find many tutorials online that can show you how to tie specific knots.

You will need to know how to secure your line to the reel. This is called Backing to the fly reel and there is a specific knot as to how to achieve that. When you are backing to the fly line, you should use either an Albright Knot or a Nail Knot. The Nail Knot is also good for using when tying the fly line to the leader.

When securing the leader to the tippet, good knot choices include the Surgeons Knot or the Barrel Knot. Securing the tippet to the fly can be achieved easily with a Clinch Knot or a Duncans Loop.

It has been said that the weakest part of a fly fishermans equipment is his knots. A fighting fish will test every link in between the angler and itself. If one of these link is lacking, the line will break and the fish will be lost. Unless you are really eager to share a the one that got away story, learning to tie knots can be the most important part of your fly fishing experience.

Some fly fishing knots are simple to do, others are a little more complicated. Practice tying knots before you get on the water. Become proficient at it and be sure you can do it in low light in case you have a broken line. There is no one knot best for any specific situation, the choice is personal. But when you are fly fishing, you need to depend on your knots and it is worth taking the time to learn properly.

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Spinnerbait Bassin': 100 Tips for Using Spinnerbaits Effectively

Of all the lures designed to catch bass, spinnerbaits are the most versatile. They can be fished deep or shallow, fast or slow, in all seasons, and under virtually every weather condition. This book contains 100 illustrated tips on how you can effectively use spinnerbaits and buzzbaits to boat more bass.


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Guide to Topwater Fishing: Choosing and Using Surface Lures for Bass

  • Used Book in Good Condition
From the Introduction: Decades of information, wisdom, and experimentation by the pros are all contained herein. This book is of particular value because topwaters, unlike other hard baits, come in myriad styles. Some come with props while others have appendages protruding from their bodies. Others, like the weedless spoon, are simple slabs of plastic and metal. If you are a believer that variety is the spice of life, then topwaters are for you. The only challenge to topwater fishing, if there really is one, is how to choose from the numerous options. This book will point you in the right direction. Then, all you will need to do is tie on the right weapon and make your own music.

Price: $ 11.81


One of the most important pieces of apparel you can have when you take up fly fishing is a quality vest. You have a lot of choices when looking at fly fishing vests, so you will want to choose carefully. It is important that your vest meets your needs, so consider your options before settling on one.

All fly fishing vests come with a variety of pockets in different shapes and sizes. You will want a vest that comes with enough pockets to hold your fishing gear, but not too many lest you are tempted to overload the vest. You will not want to carry too many things or you will be uncomfortable and it will hinder your movement.

The vest should fit comfortably and you should have plenty of room to move around. The pockets should close with Velcro so you can have easy access to your supplies. When you choose your vest, make sure that you are able to wear layers underneath it and can still move around easily.

Vests come in a variety of colors. Many fly fishers choose a neutral brown, but you can also pick vests in colors like blue and orange. Because you will be out in the wilderness, blending in is important as is safety. You will want to be visible to other fishers and hunters without scaring away the fish in the process.

The vest should have a short waist mainly because you will be wading in water. Ideally, you will not want it to get wet, so if it falls just above your waist, you will stay dry and comfortable.

Consider what weather conditions will be like when you are fly fishing. If you will be fishing mostly in the summertime, you may want to consider a mesh vest that will be well ventilated and keep you cool in the summer heat. Cold water fishing will require you to wear layers underneath, so pick one with enough room to allow you to move about easily.

Some vests come with a built-in life preserver. This can be a great help if you will be fishing rough waters with strong currents. You never know when an accident will happen, and with these built-in floatation devices, you will have easy rescue right at hand.

Fly fishing vests come in various price ranges. You can buy a very basic vest for as little as $ 30. The pricier vests can run as high as $ 200. In general, expect to pay around $ 70 for a good quality fly fishing vest.

Fly fishing vests can be an important part of your fly fishing equipment. When you do a little research and keep in mind the conditions you will be fishing in, choosing a vest can be quite easy. Just explore your options and pick one that works for your particular situation.

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Topwater Tactics & Tales, A Guide to Using Surface Baits for Musky

SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE NOW IN EFFECT!! All books are signed by the author! A greatly expanded version of John Dettloff's 1995 (out of print) book, "Surface Bait Subtleties", this book is loaded with updated equipment tips and classic musky tales. These action-packed tales are gleaned from not only Dettloff's on the water experiences during the past 31 years, but also from a number of well known old salts from days gone by. Musky fishing legend, Frenchy LaMay's lifestory is included. Interwoven with valuable fishing tips and information, the collection of stories presented in this book will enthuse as much as educate both the seasoned veteran and newcomer to the sport. 240 pages and 8 1/2" by 11" format.

Price: $ 22.95


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How to Jig for Walleye - Jigging for Freshwater Walleye on the Detroit River using the Flexi-Jig

Flexi-Jig available here:

Hello folks! This week we’re coming at you from the waters of the Detroit River. We’ve baited up with the brand new Flexi-Jigs loaded with finesse-fish, and we jig up a nice day’s catch of walleye!

We show you the set up we’re using, and just how this new Flexi-Jig manages to get us perfect hooksets all the time.

It was a noisy day on the Detroit River, but jigged up those freshwater water sure made it worth it!

As always good luck, and good fishin’!


Keith Arthur Demonstrates how to reel in bigger carp
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Casting further on a budget - Carp Fishing

Casting further is something all anglers want to achieve, casting expert Mike Dagnall has recorded cast to 298 yards, so knows a thing or too about chucking a lead! In this short video Mike offers a few tips to help you gain vital extra yards. Mike is putting the Tribal Velocity 13ft rods through their paces, with a new promotional price of £79.99 casting big distances no longer has to cost the earth.

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Squarebill Crankbait Bass Fishing Using Shad and Bluegill Patterns

Lure: KVD 1.5
Color: Natural Pumpkinseed
Color: Natural Shad
Rod: 7′ Medium Quantum Tour KVD
Reel: Quantum Tour KVD PT 6.6:1
Line: Vicious 17 lb.
Trebles: #4 Triple Grip

Liz and I filmed this video in late May while the shad spawn was in full swing. Bass were keying on shad as well as the new small bluegills that had just spawned. We used two of my favorite colors for this time of year, Natural Shad and Natural Pumpkinseed, in the Strike King KVD 1.5. The biggest tip I can give you for fishing squarebills is to use a stop and go erratic action. Tight lines folks!

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Blade Bait fishing is probably one of the best kept secrets among fisherman I know…… It works please try it!
Blade Bait fishing with Eric Haataja using the Abu Garcia Veracity Spinning Rods and Johnson Thinfishers. Tim Kaschak catches one of his biggest walleyes.