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Guide to Topwater Fishing: Choosing and Using Surface Lures for Bass

  • Used Book in Good Condition
From the Introduction: Decades of information, wisdom, and experimentation by the pros are all contained herein. This book is of particular value because topwaters, unlike other hard baits, come in myriad styles. Some come with props while others have appendages protruding from their bodies. Others, like the weedless spoon, are simple slabs of plastic and metal. If you are a believer that variety is the spice of life, then topwaters are for you. The only challenge to topwater fishing, if there really is one, is how to choose from the numerous options. This book will point you in the right direction. Then, all you will need to do is tie on the right weapon and make your own music.

Price: $ 11.81


YOGAYET Soft Frogs Topwater Fishing Lures Crankbait Hooks Bass Bait Tackle 9pcs

  • YOGAYET Topwater Frogs Fishing Lures with high quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design.
  • Length: 5.45cm/2.15"/pcs. Weight: 12.3g/0.43oz/pcs. Color: 9 colors available.
  • Topwater frog lures are soft and flexible,featuring hollow rubber body lure,high-resolution body detail, life-like swimming actions in water,and hidden 2 hook rig making it almost snag resistant so you can throw it right over lily pads and weed beds.
  • The frogs lures work slowly over the shallows or snags cod, barra, bass, perch, saratoga, jacks, and a host of fresh and saltwater fishes find it irresistible.
  • Package included:9pcs Hollow Body Topwater Frogs Fishing Lures Baits,each frog fishing lures with Indepence package.
Try us reliable and heavy duty topwater frog! NO bass can refuse this meal in front of them. This set of frogs will come with a tackle box, it is easy and safe to use.

List Price: $ 22.00 Price: $ 16.59


Topwater Tactics & Tales, A Guide to Using Surface Baits for Musky

SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE NOW IN EFFECT!! All books are signed by the author! A greatly expanded version of John Dettloff's 1995 (out of print) book, "Surface Bait Subtleties", this book is loaded with updated equipment tips and classic musky tales. These action-packed tales are gleaned from not only Dettloff's on the water experiences during the past 31 years, but also from a number of well known old salts from days gone by. Musky fishing legend, Frenchy LaMay's lifestory is included. Interwoven with valuable fishing tips and information, the collection of stories presented in this book will enthuse as much as educate both the seasoned veteran and newcomer to the sport. 240 pages and 8 1/2" by 11" format.

Price: $ 22.95


Y-BOX 4pcs Lot Hard Plastic Popper Topwater Floating Fishing Lures Surface Water Bass Baits Hooks Tackle 5cm 7.4g

List Price: $ 5.99 Price: $ 5.99

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wLure 5 Hollow Body Topwater Frogs Fishing Lures Baits with Free Tackle Box 2 1/5 Inch 3/8 Oz FG43KBUS

  • Our Legend 5 Colors Frogs is the Best Gift for Father's Day
  • Length: 2 1/5 inch, Weight: 3/8 oz
  • Soft Skin Hollow Body Topwater Frog
  • High-Resolution Body Detail, Weedless Hook Design, Free Tackle Box
  • Authorized by wLure brand, USPTO Registration Number is 5128320
Try us reliable and heavy duty topwater frog! NO bass can refuse this meal in front of them. This set of frogs will come with a tackle box, it is easy and safe to use.

List Price: $ 14.00 Price: $ 14.00


This week, Craig and I head out for a day of topwater action. We ended catching a lot of fish on hollow bodied frogs. To get them out away from the thick cover we used 7’1″ and 7’2″ heavy action rods with 50lb power pro super slick braided line. The average fish was around 4lbs and we got to experience to great blow ups on our baits! The weather was front conditions with rain early followed by temperatures dropping about 10-15 degrees. This turned the fish on and made a great day on the water with my buddy Craig.

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Lake Fork Trophy Lures


Hengjia 10pcs/lot Hard Plastic Popper Topwater Floating Fishing Lures Surface Water Bass Baits Hooks Tackle 6cm 7g

  • Designed to provoke surface strikes with a water-pushing, popping action
  • proven action, tremendous finish, concave head, compact profile, and quality components
  • Hook: #8 high carbon steel treble hook
  • Package include: 10 PCS popper lures
  • Each popper lure weight:7g/6cm
* Buoyancy: Floating
* Running Depth: Top water
* Treble Hooks: Two No.4
* Packaging:Simple opp bag package
* Length: 6cm(2.36 in.)
* Weight: 7g(0.25 oz)
* Color:10 color available(Usually we will send you mixed 10 colors)



A really slow day for everything . Water was murky brown . Water was also low . Manage to catch bluegills and a few stripers . Might try a new spot sometime this week .

Cam : Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition
Lures used : Wax Worm , Heddon Super Spook
Casting Rod : Dobyns Fury Casting Rod FR 705CB
Casting Reel : 13 Fishing Concept “A” A8.1-LH
Lines : Daiwa Samurai Braid 40 lbs
Casting Rod : Dobyns Savvy Series Micro 7’3 Mag Heavy Extra Fast Action
Casting Reel : Daiwa Tatula Type R 8:1:1 Ratio
Lines : Daiwa Samurai Braid 55 lbs

They DO Exist! Check out this episode of Fishing Planet where I will be showing you not only the Unique and Trophy Bluegill hotspot at Mudwater River, Missouri, but the gear and tackle that can be used to catch these guys at lower levels! Good Luck and have Fun!

Rod: Telefloat 14′ 9″
Reel: Minispin 1200
Line: .007 Monoline
Bobber: Slim
Hook: #4
Bait: Dough Balls and Flies
Leader: 20 inches


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