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Lake Harris in Florida is one of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States at the moment. It has a fantastic reputation amongst bass fishing enthusiasts everywhere and many in the local area visit it on a regular basis.

As such, the regular visitors are full of hints, tips and tricks that will give any individual that is not experienced a helping hand. Whether you are a beginner in regards to bass fishing in general or new to Lake Harris itself, this article could indeed help you to get ahead and improve your catch rate in no time at all.

There are certain baits and techniques that will give you the advantage at Lake Harris and the following five tips incorporate them. Have a quick read of them and then watch your bass fishing catch rate improve no end when you put them into practice!

Tip Number 1

Use plastic worms to fish in the reeds and other vegetative areas around Lake Harris. Plastic worms have been proven to work a treat time and time again because they glide through the vegetation without getting stuck and look like the prey that the bass usually stalk! They do tend to bite a lot on plastic worms and many bass fishing enthusiasts swear by them so they are definitely worth trying. They also work well on days when the water is not as calm as it may otherwise be.

Tip Number 2

Try power bass fishing. If your style is to fish for bass gently then the likelihood is that you will not get very far because there are many trophy bass around. We all know that these are big and powerful and will likely snap your rod in two should you try to reel them in gently. Use power equipment and do not be afraid to fish in a fast and furious manner to keep a hold of your prize!

Tip Number 3

Look for the holes in Lake Harris, of which there are many. There are plenty of crags and holes for you too fish in both winter and summer and, believe it or not, fishing them will improve your catch rate all year round. They can be found on maps of the lake and in guides as well. Doing a little research never hurt anyone but this research is invaluable because that is where many of the trophy bass will hide out in cooler weather and look to rest in warmer climes. You can definitely get a bite or two fishing the holes for an hour so the effort is worth it.

Tip Number 4

Only try using torpedoes and buzzbaits in winter. Fishing on Lake Harris in winter is not an easy task but using this kind of bait will do your catch rate the world of good. The bass will almost immediately respond to the vibration movements and come to investigate, looking for prey. Only use them in winter. If you try to use them in summer then your success rate will not be so good.

Unfortunately, there are many water sports on Lake Harris and this may disturb the action and the bass. As a result, they may not respond to the vibrations.

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Rats can create a lot of miseries for homeowners. These pests are carriers of lethal viruses and can infect houses with their droppings and urine. Rats can also cause destruction to buildings and personal possessions, since rats will nibble on anything that they could get their teeth into. To stop rats from overrunning your home, you can choose from a number of methods of pest control.

You can make use of electronic measures for removing them from your house. These methods use ultrasonic rat repellent machines that emit sounds of sharp frequencies to deter rats. These sounds are not dangerous for humans or household pets as they can be heard only by rats.

Another method of getting rid of rats is by using organic rat repellents. This method makes use of minute tablets or pellets that smell like rat predators and thus drive the rats away. They can be scattered across the residence, in the backyard, garage and all other places that are frequented by rats.

You can also use moth balls as their powerful smell can act as a repellent for the rats and keep them away. They are extremely effective if kept in moist and dark nooks of the house, which are likely to be inhabited by the rats.

Making Use Of mechanical traps, commonly known as wooden snap traps, is a way of rat extermination that is still quite well known. They are less expensive and quite effective when used with appropriate baits. They must be kept away from kids and household pets as they can cause injuries. The problem with such snap traps is that they can catch one rat at one time. Yet, it is a better choice as it is safer than the chemical products that are usually toxic and thus harmful.

Glue boards are used to entrap rats alive. They can be made of cardboard or wood with their surface smeared with glue. You can also place baits on the surface by putting some food crumbs to attract the rats. When a rat tries eating the crumbs from the board, it gets stuck and can be removed later or left to die of starvation.

Learn more about the most effective methods of eradicating rats and other pest s from your homes or offices.

There are many fishing techniques used by many individuals according to their convenience. Initial of all of the before beginning fishing, you wanttoyou ought to do various analysis and additionally pre-planning to view the water, rocks or cliffs for every locations within the shade. You can easily find there is on the canals beach gutters and also puddles of ocean, that is higher compared to the distinctive dark spots upon the stones and additionally you may have to get a hold of the deep dips and additionally ridges. The most commonly used gear for fishing is Shimano Stella SW by which it is easy to do fishing.
And additionally it is important for anyone to check the beach all the time, because the beaches tend to change and also you are able to see in which there had been very few days tend to be certainly not suitable for fishing. The greatest range search is a high point, if possible – it’s easier to pick up various unique channels or holes alongside ocean in its darkness. If you go for pelagic fish for example salmon or perhaps tuna, constantly supervise the behavior of the water birds. If water birds have established to pack and also diving it will become difficult for you to catch fish. The Shimano Stella SW ocean reels will create a particular atmosphere by that fishes comes back into the trap made by you. This takes various time to get fish within the trap.
Heavy lure casting is one of the most effective methods for fishing. Heavy lures can be converted exactly back into the gutters and additionally holes while walking across the beach. This type of fishing that actively hunt the fish and also cannot wait for the fish go the gear as well as grab the bait. In lure casting you can use many types of Shimano Stella SW casting reels for example Stella SW Saltwater spinning reels, couple new citica reels, Citica E-Bait casting reels and additionally Symetre FJ spinning reels. You can use suitable one according to your convenience.
Fishing on the stones is entirely different and also now has its own stuff to use. Among the main techniques will be lay the bait and additionally rents the line to line. Soon after the fish picks give fish to take a few line to be certain which the fish ingested the bait before striking. High speed spinning is the other method of fishing at rocks. Here you have to use the Shimano Stella SW fishing reel including|for example Tyrnos with high equipment ratios.
All the compact design associated with the Shimano fishing reel is equipped with the high spool to frame ratios. If you want to catch big fish then high speed spinning is a possible method. Live baiting is only one way for this. Torium show reels are really the greatest appropriate Shimano Stella SW reels that are commonly used for catching big fishes. This torium fishing reel is better one for bottom fishing and also live bait. There tend to be many features are really in torium fishing reel such as anti rust bearing, super stopper and also high efficiency gearing  which makes the fishing process more comfortable. This fishing reel is light weight and additionally having 440 yard line capability and can drag pounds around 30 pounds.

If you would like to see more info in the Shimano Stella SW or any other Shimano reels please visit

Jake villani heads out for a late afternoon land based lure session at a beach in New South Wales, Australia. Fishing for Mulloway wasn’t the aim however it turned out that way in the end with no flathead or other species caught during session.

The Jew fish was caught on a Westin Hypoteez 5 inch soft plastic which are available for sale at the We Flick Fishing online tackle shop.

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What is inshore saltwater fishing and how is it different from freshwater fishing? Inshore saltwater fishing involves fishing for a wide variety of species such as the catfish, eel, mackerel, barracuda, cod, redfish, snook, pompano, tuna and spotted sea trout to name a few. This type of fishing is done from the edge of beaches, fishing peers and places that are easily accessed by small boats and canoes. The best places to search for saltwater fish when on a boat is bays and inlets, along banks and ledges and anywhere you find natural or man-made cover.

When you go saltwater fishing you will need to have the right equipment to get the most from your trips. Saltwater can be a lot rougher than freshwater so you need sturdy rods, reels and lines to hold up to this type of environment. Many times the tide can be very strong and it can easily break your line and in some conditions even snap a rod. These are a few of the reasons you need heavy duty equipment that will hold up to this type of environment.

Another thing that makes saltwater fishing different from freshwater is the fact that the saltwater and air can do a lot of damage to your equipment. It can eat away at your gear and cause serious damage. Therefore, you need to make sure you have the right gear that is suited for this type of environment so it will hold up better and longer.

There are different types of inshore saltwater fishing and you will need to determine which type you plan on doing before you head out. The reason for this is so you can be prepared and take along everything you need to ensure you have best fishing adventures possible. You will need to match your equipment for the areas where you plan on fishing. This is necessary because inshore saltwater fishing off of a pier or along the beach will require different gear than fishing from a boat.

Your equipment does need to be stronger and heavier than what you would use in freshwater but the type of equipment and tackle needed will also depend on the type of fishing you intend to do. For example, if you are after the smaller species, then use a light to medium fishing rod with ten pound quality line on a spinning reel. Normally, when fishing for larger fish you will want the rod to be around eight to nine feet long.

Quality is important for both your rod and reel to prevent the salt air and the current of the waters from causing damage. When choosing your reels the stainless steel, titanium or fiber ones hold up the best in saltwater. Spinning reels is also recommended for inshore saltwater fishing along with ten pound test monofilament lines. These not only hold up better in this type of environment but they are also great for reeling in some pretty good size fish.

For medium to heavy saltwater fishing you will need heavier equipment to handle the larger species such as bluefish, redfish and the Spanish mackerel. These fish can be found in estuaries and bay areas when inshore saltwater fishing. Using a heavier weight in your lines should also be considered. When it comes to the type of reel that would be best for saltwater fishing the Spinfisher SSm, Abu Garcia Cardinal C3, Daiwa BG-15 Spinning Reels, Penn Slammer 460 Spinning Reels and the Quantum Inshore XT Spinning Reels are among the most highly recommended today.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best saltwater fishing information possible. Get more information on inshore saltwater fishing here:

My Florida fishing trip continues! We started with some inshore fishing. With gusts up to 22 mph, the conditions were tough and were exacerbated by the fact the rental boat lacked an anchor… I still managed to add two new species to my list – a speckled trout and a barracuda, both coming off a keitech swing impact swimbait rigged on a 1/4 ounce jighead.

After getting chased off by thunderstorms we hung out that night and prepped for the following day. The bad weather continued the following morning, with the forecast calling for massive storms in the early afternoon. Instead of taking a boat out again, we opted to explore some new ponds in search for big bass!

LunkersTV –
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Lures Used:
-Keitech swing impact 4″ (silver flash minnow, rigged on a .25 ounce revenge jighead)
-Stanely Bull Ribbit 4″ (catalpa, rigged on a 4/0 gamakatsu spring-lock hook)

Rod/Reel/Line used:
-13 Fishing Concept A 6:6:1 (30 lb Suffix 832 braided line/20 lb seaguar tatsu leader [for saltwater]) with a 13 fishing omen black 2-piece travel rod 7’1″ MH/fast

Camera Gear:
Gopro hero 4 silver (1080p, 60 FPS, medium FOV)
Chest Mount


Location: Florida
Date: May 17th and 18th, 2016
Primary Pattern:
-Saltwater – didn’t find one
-Freshwater – Buzzing a toad over shallow vegetation
Time Fished: 17th – 9 am to 4 pm, 18th – 8 am to 12 pm
Air Temp: 84 degrees
Water Temp: saltwater – 76 degrees freshwater – 81 degrees
Water Clarity: Variable
Conditions: 17th – mostly cloudy with winds up to 22 mph from the southeast 18th – partly cloudy with winds up to 14 mph from the E


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Al and Dan Lindner are triggering savage walleye strikes by working winter jigging lures during sultry summer conditions. Al explains the uses for both the Jigging Rap and the Snap Rap by Rapala. From our 2013 Lindner’s Angling Edge show 12 segment 1.

According to fishing editor Gord Pyzer, you don’t need to haul around a bunch of tackle boxes, filled with dozens of different baits. Find out which ones are best.

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Fishing might seem fairly uncomplicated to the amateur, from the outside, it might appear that all that a person requires is a stick, some strand, and a bit of food, toss that in the water and catch a fish– simple!

Not so, there are so many different designs of angling, all using complicated modern technologies that has been years in the making. For each angling style, there are various tools– or angling tackle, to make use of the appropriate terms– understanding a little regarding the different sorts of devices used in various forms of fishing is important. Here we will certainly review among the most essential pieces of devices, the fishing rod.

The fishing rod is plainly important when attempting to capture fish– except in the case of industrial fishing, which makes use of industrial internet rather. Angling poles are available in a selection of various styles, relying on the kind of angling the angler practices, along with their capability level. The length of the poles varies relying on the style of angling, but they are typically between 1m and 5m lengthy– and this depends mostly on the range should forecast the line in to the water, fishermens call this spreading. To the fishing rod, we add a fishing line, which is protected along the pole, and allow in and out by the reel; a hook, bait, or lure, are included in the end of the line– and this is the part of the fishing deal with that causes the fish to attack.

There are different kinds of fishing rod utilized for different sorts of angling. In the UK, coarse fishing is a prominent interest. The sporting activity of coarse angling describes freshwater angling, in which anglers search for fish besides game fish– game fish include salmon and trout. In rugged angling, it is typical to discover carbon fiber poles.

Carbon fiber can be found in an assortment of different high qualities, and the rate of angling rods shows this. It is usual for the most avid of fishermens to invest upwards of ₤ 2000 on a decent carbon fiber pole. However, as a beginner, you must not be spending additional than ₤ 200. The length of carbon fiber rods differs depending on the ability degree of the fishermen, and also on the distance had to cast. Carbon fiber rods are lightweight, and this aids with positioning the lure in the water, casting is more exact with a carbon fiber rod.

Next, we have angling poles fishermens make use of in sea angling. Sea poles have the tendency to be longer, larger and thicker; fishermens require weightier deal with to ensure that the lure and lure could sink to the needed depths; salt water is denser, therefore requiring additional force to permeate. The most regularly seen sea rods in the UK are surfcasting poles; these are normally a lot longer than other types of fishing rod as they have to have the ability to cast beyond the damaging browse.

You could most likely cherish now, the depth of know-how and expertise called for to carry out angling as a pastime. For newbies, the hobby may seem exceedingly complexed, this is why as a newbie, it is essential to find out the guidance of professional fishermens.

To this end, we recommend, they are a professional angling take on seller and are staffed only by skilled anglers– not simply can they offer superb quality goods at affordable costs, they could additionally provide skilled assistance

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Our article today is devoted those angler which love to fish with live bait. This write-up is additionally beneficial to you synthetic bait enthusiasts who understand when the fishing acquires tough you should suggestion your fabricated lures with some kind of the real-time form. Anglers that are committed to fishing with real-time baits have a huge option of baits to choose from such as leeches, crayfish, scuds, freshwater shrimp, saltwater shrimp, mud shrimp and ghost shrimp. Other real-time lure choices that can be made use of to target various gamefish also consist of waterdogs, spring lizards, mudpuppies, leopard frogs, eco-friendly frogs and bullfrogs.

Additionally when you are talking concerning real-time lure selections you cannot fail to remember pests. Pests are a staple part of all gamefishes everyday diet regimen. These pests water pests such as could flies, rock flies, caddis flies, crane flies, dragon flies. and dobson flies (hellgrammites). They likewise consist of terrestrial adult bug types such as crickets and grasshoppers and also larva forms of catalpa worms, waxworms, goldenrod grubs, mousees, spikes, euro larvae, and dish worms.

Now we have to state nightcrawler and various other worm types as real-time bait since they are as close as you can will get to an universal real-time lure for all types of freshwater fish as you can acquire. They will capture any type of fish from common bluegill to the evasive sturgeon. Nightcrawlers have impressive fish allure however there are some essential reasons they are so preferred. They are a very easy lure to find and a really simple bait to capture or increase if you are a thinking about saving a couple of bucks, or just wish fresh bait conveniently available.

Likewise we can not forget about the lots of varieties of bait fish that are use for live bait.

Freshwater Anglers use lure fish to capture small 6 inch freshwater panfish such as bluegills or yellow perch on approximately huge sturgeon. Deep sea anglers make use of lure fish to capture marlin, sailfish and Spanish mackerel just among others. Most all saltwater killer gamefish can be caught using a combo of some kind of lure fish such as freshwater fathead minnows (tuffie, mudminnow), rosey red minnow, bluntnose minnow, creek chub, horneyhead chub (redtail), blacknose dace, redbelly dace (rainbow), golden shiner, emerald shinner, spottail black eye, common black eye, red shinner, goldfish, white sucker, madtom (willow feline), sculpin (bullhead, muddler), shad, skipjack herring, cisco (lake herring, tullibee), smelt, killfish, bluegill or sunfish, yellow perch, American eel, and freshwater shrimp. The deep sea lure fish made use of for real-time lure and cut lure consist of skipjack herring, mackerel, smelt, mullet, mussel, saltwater shrimp, squid and tuna.

Well buyers that ends our summary write-up about live lure options We truly hope you utilize our angling details on your next angling travel Great Luck!

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When it comes to fish most of us just think about eating them while for others the idea of how to cook them also is available in to mind. However actually a big process of recordeding fish should follow long before the fish ever before reach our plates. While fishing has actually evolved from one of the most standard and crudest approaches featuring by hands and with scouting sticks, the procedure has mostly ended up being structured. So simply what specifically are the approaches being utilized today?

Diving is a well-liked method used to capture lobster, sponges, abalone, algae and coral reef home fish. Perks of scuba diving is the fact that it is one of the least destructive fishing approaches presently in use as well as allows a more selective catch. Diving is likewise made use of in further waters with the aid of unique breathing masks allow scuba divers to go even additionally in to the depths of the sea.

The Beam trawl is just one of the most common procedures made use of and involves dragging internet along the seabed. These internet are affixed to skids while different alterations are made to make the entire procedure much more reliable such as using ticklers.

The drift internet is one more common method that is actually a mobile fish recording procedure. These are nets that are arrived the water and allowed to openly wander recordeding all fish that take place to cross its road.

A preferred option to recording fish in the open seas is that of increasing them in a measured setting. It is estimated that 1 in 5 of fish that are predestined for the supper table are really grown in artificial settings. The most prominent perk of this approach is the fact that it experiences tension from natural populaces growing in the untamed.

While these are simply a few of the techniques that are utilized to catch fish there are actually a host of other procedures that are generally taken advantage of by angler. These feature seine netting, bag seining, pots, the standard pole and line, pelagic trawl and different others.

Regardless of the way they are captured it is very important that you always buy fresh fish to guarantee that the last meal tastes as excellent as possible. For those desiring fresh fish widespread various retail fish and shellfish choices could be discovered that provide the advantage of having fresh seafood delivered to the location of your finding.

Charuka is the owner of his own internet layout company that is based in both Australia and Sri Lanka. He has extensive market encounter both in various other services and in running his very own. Charuka holds a Master of Computer from the University of Western Sydney and is a Bachelor of Info Technology from Charles Stuart University.

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