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Largemouth bass angling is the action associated with angling for the game fish known as the black bass. There are numerous black bass types all through North America, which includes largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Spotted bass, Kentucky bass, Guadalupe bass, and many more lesser known. The subsequent is some beneficial information regarding the largemouth bass at times referred to as the “Big Mouth” bass.


Spoons are excellent for starters in lure fishing; easy to use and very affordable. Considered the most simple of all other lures, they got their name because they look like the head of a spoon. They act for the bait fish by doing a flickering and wobbling movement or action.

Surface lures

These lures are used on the water surface and considered to be the most explosively thrilling of all lures as one could actually see the fish taking the lure, and the anticipation and the expectation of one looking forward of the take is an exciting experience. The fish can be completely seen exiting the water when they send off at a surface lure. Since these lures are being retrieved on the surface of the water, they can be a good choice in areas that have a lot of weed.


The spinner is basically a blade wherein it does a rotating action on a spindle when being retrieved or taken back through the water as well as it gives off a flash as light is being reflected on the revolving blade, characterizing the bait fish’s scales and movements. This is a lure that is flexible because only can one verify and know the retrieve depth by the period or time frame one leaves before one starts a retrieve, one can also alter the speed of the revolving blade around the spindle, by either speeding up or slowing down one’s retrieve. For the Trout and Mullet, a smaller size is recommended, and a larger spinner with the pike liking, along with the treble hook in a red wool.

Suspending plugs

Having neutral buoyancy and resistance, when the plug has dived or dropped to the required depth and left alone, it will continue on being suspended to that depth. For this reason, this type is perfect for pursuing your prey hidden near the weed beds, rocks or banks. When yanked in order to imitate life to the plug, it causes some crashing attack from your target.

Soft baits

This is soft rubber bait that comes in various shapes and forms, with matching sizes and colors. These are commonly used for sea and fresh water fishing, which can be used on a weighted jig head handled in the same manner as the jerk bait, being managed as a plug is used.

Jerk baits

Having no movement of its own when in the water, the angler gives life to this lure; whenever the rod trembles or shakes or jerks, this lure can appear to have life. This lure for the most part, mimics an injured or wounded fish that the prey fish find tempting, and be compelled to thrust or lunge at.

Good luck with your following Bass Fishing adventure. Check out the links below for more ideas and also video tutorials on how to Find Big Mouth Bass.

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Hengjia 7pcs/lot Shallow Diving Crankbait Fishing Lures Fresh Water Bass Walleye Crappie Hard Bait Fishing Tackle 9cm/3.54"/11.8g

  • Balance Rattle System ,Excellent Performance
  • Treble hooks: Two No.6
  • weight:11.8g length:9cm/3.54" Package included: 7pcs crankbaits
  • Brilliant color and patterns of actual bait fish Vivid imitate color and patterns of real fishes
  • they create life-like swimming actions in water! smooth and rapid action,bright colors 3D eyes make it is powerful to attract big fish!
Product Description
hard plastic crankbaits fishing lures
Crankbait fishing lures are relatively short, stubby plugs with a big lip that makes them dive and wiggle when retrieved. They are terrific for imitating shad, minnows, perch, bass, or trout fry, so they are very effective when baitfish or fingerlings are in the water. But they also draw reflex strikes in many conditions and are very good when run along the bottom and banged into obstacles like wood or rocks.
From the Manufacturer
Our factory is located in weihai city of china,the world fishing tackle manufactury center.If you need big QTY or OEM ,welcome to contact with us,we wil be very glad to hear from you.

List Price: $ 8.19 Price: $ 8.19

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Goture Soft Rubber Mouse Fishing Lures Baits Top Water Tackle Hooks Bass Bait(6 pieces with plastic box)

  • Comes with double barb hooks and spinner sequins design, very high quality and good fishing effect.
  • Very brilliant color and 3D eyes will attract fish's attention effectively.
  • Newly little mouse design with soft rubber material made of.
  • Easy to use due to proper combination of wobbling and rolling. It is also easy to the freshman.
  • Net Weight per piece: 10.5g/ 0.37oz; Length: 6cm/ 2.36in; Packed in plastic box with 6 pieces easy to stow and transport.
Storefront links:

Slogan: Catch your rates and your enjoyment.

Basic information:
For ease of reference, please read the relevant information in the pictures.

Description and summery:
Goture frog is loaded with high quality components, heavy lead frog legs, super soft plastic body, for superior performance in the water. Soft body designed to collapse for easier hook penetration. High strength hooks allow for snag free frog fishing and increase hook up ratios. Intricate details and vivid swimming action bring this lure to life.

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Be careful with your fingers when you use the fishing lure.
3. Protect the environment when you are fishing.

1. Goture adhere to Amazon Return Policy.
2. Within 30 days, any quality problems, we will take full responsibility.
3. Any damages happened during shipping period, we will burden the cost.

List Price: $ 18.99 Price: $ 13.99


Fishing Tackle 143pcs Soft Bait Set Insertion Type Fishing Lure Tackle Box with Bullet Lead Sinkers Fishing Beads Crank Hooks T Tail Fishes Jig Head Hooks Curl Tail Soft Lures Spinners Worms Baits

  • RICH FISHING BAITS - This Fishing Lure kit contains 6 large T tail soft artificial fish lures (red), 20 small T tail soft lures (yellow white), 9 large curl tail soft plastic lures (yellow), 20 small curl tail soft lures (orange), 9pcs small artificial worms (green), 9 lifelike design small worms (pink). The artificial tail including curl tail and T tail, enhances underwater action, super soft for swimming action, attract the fish to chase
  • FISHING LURE ACCESSORIES SET- A wide range of fishing accessories and model complete, different size of fish can be caught. 5pcs 15g bullet lead sinkers, 5 5g bullet lead, 5 3.5g bullet lead; 10 fishing beads; 10 large crank hooks, 9 medium soft tail fish crank hooks, 9 small crank hooks; 5pcs 15g jig head hooks, 5 10g jig hooks, 5 3.5g ball head jig hooks; 2 swim jig with colorful silicone skirt. Sharp hooks ensure the hook point is ready to sting any fish that bites
  • CUSTOMIZED TACKLE BOX - YOUTHINK special customized fishing lure Tackle box with adjustable 13 compartment slot, hang hole added for portable carrying. Insert design, so they can be custom assembled to fit any need. This box has 7 dividers to create 6-13 compartments, help separate different kinds of bait or storage other fishing attachments, fully meet the storage needs
  • DIVERSE CHOOSE & MUCH FUN - Fishing is not easy, choosing the right bait is very important. YOUTHINK All lures are widely used and carefully selected,meet the needs of different varieties of fish you catch. Neutral color soft baits are suitable for all lighting conditions. Different kinds of soft lure will have different kinds of fishing fun, perfect for river, lake fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing and ocean fishing
  • BEST CHOICE FOR FISHING LOVERS - YOUTHINK soft fishing lure offers professional fishing baits, accessories are more reasonable than others providing useless parts. The operation is simple, easy to use, high fish rate, different sizes of fish can be caught, suitable for bass trout barracuda salmon perch tuna crappie walleye no matter freshwater or saltwater fishing, fully enjoy the lure fishing fun
Why you choose YOUTHINK fishing lures set?
YOUTHINK bass bait kit aims to provide professional fishing gear for fishing lovers. Fishing soft bait and accessories are all in one kit. The baits are widely used and carefully selected, no useless parts included, the collocation is more reasonable and professional than other kit, save time for anglers to catch more fishes. We also enhance the bait details, deepen the bait thread depth to store bubbles, more lifelike and more attractive. Own our fishing baits, you can fully enjoy the fishing fun and experience the sense of catching fishes achievement. Therefore, YOUTHINK fishing lures kit is your best choice.

Package included:
6 x large T-tail lure (red)
20 x small T-tail lure (yellow white)
9 x large curl tail lure (yellow)
20 x small curl tail lure (orange)
9 x small worms (green)
9 x small worms (pink)
5 x 15g bullet lead
5 x 5g bullet lead
5 x 3.5g bullet lead
10 x fishing bead
9 x large crank hook
9 x medium crank hook
9 x small crank hook
5 x 15g jig hook
5 x 10g jig hook
5 x 3.5g jig hook
2 x swim jig
1 x tackle box

After Service Guarantee:
If you have any issue or not satisfied with our bass fishing lures, we provide you 30 days refund guarantee and our professional customer service.

Price: $ 9.99

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Goture Soft Lead Fish Set Kit Lots,Best Choice For Fishing Lures Baits Tackle Set For Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon-Include Vivid Spinner Baits,Topwater Frog Lures,Crankbaits Lures,Spoon Lures,and More

  • All molds for the storm wildeye saltwater live series are created from live bait fish.
  • Feature secure i-bolt system holographic wildeye and holographic swimming flash foil.
  • Weighted for ideal swimming action. Treble Hook Size:#6; Single Hook Size:#20
  • Tough yet soft outer body is weighted for ideal swimming action.
  • Package:5Piece
Storefront Link:

Slogan: Catch your rates and your enjoyment.

Basic information:
For ease of reference, please read the relevant information in the pictures.

Description and summery:
1.They create life-like swimming actions in water.
2.smooth and rapid diving action bright colors to attract big fish.
3.3D eyes create life-like smooth and rapid diving action.

1.Keep out of reach of children.
2.Be careful with your finger when you use the fishing lure.
3.Please try your best to protect the enviroment.

1.Goture adhere to Amazon Return Policy.
2.Within 30 days, any quality problems, we will take full responsibility.
3.Any damages happened during shipping period, we will burden the cost.

Price: $ 7.99

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KMBEST Fishing Lure Set Including Spoon Lures, Hard Lures ,Soft Baits And Other Saltwater Freshwater Lures for Fishing With Tackle Box

  • Hard Plastic Lures 6PCS,they are 1 Minnow,2 Popper,1 Crankbaits,1 Pencil,1 VIB
  • Soft Silicone Lures 68PCS,2 Frog and Ray Frog,5 Grass Shrimp,10 Earthworm,2 Prawn and other 47 soft top water and deeper water lures like mealworms,maggot,cricket and so on
  • Metal Spoons 12PCS,from 3g to 11g. Other Fishing Accessories 45PCS,they are Stainless Steel Rings,Sharp Hooks,Bullets,Jig Head and others
  • 1PCS Hard Plastic Tackle Box, Box Size 21cm*11cm*4.5cm
  • Colors will be sent by random, but not to impact the quality and quantity
This 131PCS Fishing lure kit can be used for Bass, crappie, bream, trout,salmon, catfish,walleye,marlin,muskie,northern pike,and some many other types of fish from saltwater and freshwater.
1)Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the itemv 2)Some of the lures will be Random sent and the color will not be the same as the pic shows(random color,random shape),but the item is actually the same.Please understand, Thank you.

Material: Plastic/Metal.
Color: Assorted.
Position: Lake, pool, river, sea, pond.
Package Contents:1 x Fishing Lures Set With A Free Tackle Box

List Price: $ 45.00 Price: $ 22.88

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Okuma Fishing Tackle TCS-C-661M+ Scott Martin Concept TCS Jerk/Crank Technique Specific Casting Rods

  • Scott Martin designed rods for tournament concept fishing
  • All rods have been designed for specific tournament applications
  • 30-Ton carbon, ultra sensitive blank construction
  • Customized C-40X carbon reel seats on casting and spinning
  • Hard aluminum oxide guide inserts for use with braided line
Scott Martin attributes his success as a professional angler to versatility. Instead of a master of one technique, his goals include the highest level of proficiency from technique to technique, water body to water body. But versatility for Martin does not stop at simply attracting strikes. He's keenly aware that it takes fish in the live well to win. Within the development of all‐new TCS (Tournament Concept Series) bass rods, Martin's designs deliver a concise set of tour­‐ready rods that not only focus on power and sensitivity, but also casting accuracy, maintaining hook hold and supreme balance to ward off fatigue. At the core of all Scott Martin TCS rods are 30-Ton carbon fiber blanks. As Martin describes it, knowledge is power and being able to feel and understand every bump and tap a lure makes, or respond to every move a fish makes, allows him to respond correctly. Even the crankbait rod is 30-Ton carbon fiber. In Martin's game plan, there's no application for fiberglass.

List Price: $ 139.99 Price: $ 100.79


1 pc Fly Fishing Reel Aluminum Metal Drag Water Fly Fishing Tackle Reel Color Red

  • Quantity:1 pc
  • Color: Red
  • Gear Ratio: 1:1
  • Diameter:54mm
  • Package included:1 x Fishing tackle Front drag reel
100% Brand new and high quality!
The new Reel Series features a sealed drag surface that increases total drag surface by model:
The reel, the drag surface and the more resistance available to handle sport fish.
Using stacked compression washers we've created a durable drag pressure that is a sensitive as strong.

Material: Aluminum
Line capacity: 0.25/100(mm/m)

List Price: $ 24.00 Price: $ 19.50

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Delight eShop Fishing Sinking Crankbait Lures Popper Minnow Bass Crank Bait Hook Tackle (Assortment) - Pack of 1

  • Very convenient durable fishing tool, bright colors to attract big fish
  • They create life-like swimming actions in water. A helpful fishing tool for anglers. It is a good accessory for fishing.
  • Great ideal for Fishing. Hook: #6 Black High Carbon Steel Treble Hook
  • Size:10cm x 3.5cm/3.9'' x 1.37''(approx)
  • Material: Plastic,Quantity:1Pc

100% brand new and high quality
Easy and durable to use.
Great ideal for Fishing.
Hook: #6 Black High Carbon Steel Treble Hook
Material: Plastic
Size:10cm x 3.5cm/3.9'' x 1.37''(approx)
Color: We will send it randomly referring to our stock, you may receive the same color/pattern or several colors/patterns.
Quantity: 1 pc
No retail package
Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item. Thank you!

List Price: $ 5.99 Price: $ 5.99

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fishing pole
by< a href="" > Wisconsin Division of Natural Resources

My very first ice fishing pole was really standard. It was a piece of timber dowel with an ice pick ultimately to stab in the ice as well as two secures that appeared of the side to wrap fishing line on. The line was simply a knotted line with an item of monofilament line at the last two feet. When you had a bite, you simply pulled the line in turn over hand. Ice take on today can still be that basic, but there is truly some nice deal with out their.

The fundamental ice tackle you should ice fish is an ice drill or chisel, an ice skimmer, an angling post as simple as defined over as well as good ice. Let’s take a better take a look at these fundamentals.

The very first item of ice tackle you need is some kind of ice drill or carve unless you assume the fish are striking on the surface! One of the most fundamental method to reduce the ice is with a carve. This could function well for opening up holes in thinner ice, but an auger or drill is needed for thicker ice. If you get a hand auger, keep your blades sharp and also you will be able to pierce holes effortlessly. One disadvantage of the hand auger remains in thicker ice, you might be kneeling down on the ice and cranking. If you prefer to move or fish a great deal, spend in a power auger. There are numerous major gamers, Eskimo, Jiffy and also Strikemaster just to point out a few. The majority of these are gas augers however electrical models are additionally readily available. Do not skimp, this is the piece of ice take on that should operate for you to fish.

Second item of ice tackle on the list is the ice skimmer. The ice skimmer is a need to for cleaning up the slush from the hole. This is such a standard item of ice tackle, yet if you do not have it with, it can be practically difficult to fish.

The 3rd item of ice tackle is the pole as well as reel. As mentioned earlier, it can be as straightforward as a rod to hold the line and pull the fish in hand over hand. This in fact works well, especially if you are fishing outdoors as well as the line is freezing up. As for poles and reels, you can acquire all kinds of poles, some lighter compared to others depending upon what you are fishing for. My sibling who is a serious angler usually has four or 5 poles set up with various lines and also hook dimensions. The majority of ice angling is for pan fish so a light fishing pole with light line is most common, you will certainly need to beef it for walleye as well as other video game fish.

Those are the basic ice take on requirements. You will most definitely desire to consider some various other things of ice take on to earn your ice angling experience much more enjoyable as well as productive.

An ice sanctuary is a should assemble of ice tackle in chilly climate. With just a small heating unit, you can fish throughout the day comfortably while keeping you tools from cold up. A number of these ice shelters are based on a sled design, allowing you to load all your gear in the sled as well as draw it behind you.

One more good piece of ice take on to have is a deepness finder. Similar to in summer fishing, a deepness finder will assist you fish extra effectively. Much of these systems can review the ice. A GENERAL PRACTITIONER is additionally a good deluxe thing, when you locate the spot, record the collaborates and also hang on to it.

If you have not been ice angling before, get yourself several of the basic ice deal with as well as offer it a try. In many locations, you could lease an ice shelter ready up and also all set to choose all the ice tackle you require, also pre warmed with the holes pierced! With the appropriate ice take on, you will certainly love ice angling.

Discover a total selection of ice take on and various other exterior materials at

Fishing on SKETCHY Ice...

< iframe width= "425" elevation=" 355" src ="" frameborder= "0" allowfullscreen >< img alt=" Angling on SKETCHY Ice ..." src= ""/ > My very first TRUE ice angling effort of the year! Because the waters around my location plainly weren’t risk-free enough to ice fish on, I took a trip as much as North Jacket in search of Pike, pickerel, bass, perch, crappie– virtually anything that’s willing to consume my lures …

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Equipment Used:. Ice picks (Associate).
6″ Hand Auger (Associate).
Ice fishing rod/reel (Affiliate).
Swedish Acne (Associate).

—————————————- – —————————————– ——————————–

. Area: Northern New Jersey.
Day: December 27th, 2016.
Main Pattern: Jigging around the creek network in 7-9 feet of water.
Time Fished: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
Air Temperature: High of 53 levels.
Water Temperature: Ice.
Water Quality: Lightly stained.
Conditions: Mostly bright with winds from the West approximately 12 miles per hour.

—————————————- – —————————————– ——————————–

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Other Playlists –

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Video camera Gear:. Gopro Hero 4 silver (very first individual filming)
Outside audio
Skeletal system housing
Chest Mount
Need to have GoPro Add-on
MicroSD card
Extra Batteries

Mobile Tripod
Electronic camera Bag
Lens Cleaning Package

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