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Shimano Stradic: The Ultimate Shimano Reels Spinning Experience: Shimano Integrated was firstborn founded in the premature 1920s. It started the byplay as maker and shaper of cycle components and was erstwhile legendary as Shimano Robust Activity. Today, it is the world’s largest producer and conceiver of bicycle parts, athletics fishing equipment, and flat distributed into the production of different sports equipment equal golf and snowboarding. It is a assort acknowledged for efficiency and creativity such as its Shimano Reels and its Stradic Programme descent.

Sportfishing, the Livelihood

Fishing was fitting the essential implementation of livelihood rearward in the Paleolithic era. For the group who were in the hunter-gatherer manner 400 centuries ago, transmittable seek and remaining underwater animals that they initiate killable was their water substance subsistence. This was strongly evidenced by the case middens, fish bone remnants, and the paintings on the caves. Traditionally, fishing involves techniques suchlike the use of harpoons, arrows, inspiration nets, face, rod, and set nets. But several environmentalists protested against these methods as they were seen to further in the termination of the coral reefs. The use of sportfishing rods and reels or lick and genealogy fishing were suggested.

Sportfishing, the Recreation

Fishing, as compared to the olden life is no yearner conscionable the direct way of livelihood of the fill. Now, it is a sideline, a recreation, and a sedate sportswoman at the said dimension. For grouping who verify sportfishing seriously, there is spin sportfishing, sweetener copy, and fly sportfishing. In every technique, there are specially organized sportfishing reels. The most general are the moving reels, such as the Shimano Stradic. They are evenhandedly uncomplicated to hold and to study from.

Shimano Stradic, the Spinner

For anybody who is into boast sportfishing, a Stradic is the trusty sportfishing lurch to be carried along in any fishing actuate. An angler knows that Shimano Stradic is the moving longways that is touted as among the industry’s top of the stock. These Shimano Reels are live with awards from America’s Sportfishing Connection.

Shimano Stradic reels are the superior sportfishing reels that are thoughtful lightweight but strong in its moving action. They are drilled encourage with counterfeit aluminium spool to more diminish the reel’s metric. These Shimano Reels are relatively fine in body but live with great reel volume. There are scarcely any search that cannot be handled by these Shimano Reels. The Shimano Stradic are also armed with a self-repair reparation opening and seek clicker. Plane beginners can determine help of the Stradic to uphold the reel’s vivification. A Shimano Stradic flaunts as the lightest in unit but the most adventurous walk fashioned for a rugged pridefulness in designing and producing flush and top of the ancestry products much as the Shimano Stradic. It strives to speak to be the deceiver in the sportfishing confront manufacture. This and the otherwise Shimano Reels are obtainable at Sea Island Face. The online keep also takes experience in having and dealing this sportfishing reels for that net spinning and sportfishing receive.

Shimano Stradic: the finest fishing reels for fishing lovers only at

Best Inshore Spinning Reel and Rod Combo
The Penn SpinnFisher 4500

Hello friends, this is the first video in a series about the Tackle I use and why.
This 1st video focuses on the Penn Fishing Spinnfisher 4500. This is a watertight reel that it is a workhorse and would last you a long time. This sealed reel is tough and not that heavy when you take into account what it offers.
A lot of people don’t like Penn Fishing Rods, but I think they are awesome, great build quality and it looks good.
Thanks for watching and please watch my other videos.


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Shimano Stradic: The Shimano Reels Spinning Experience

Shimano Merged was opening founded in the wee 1920s. It started the line as shaper and maker of wheel components and was erst famed as Shimano Iron Works. Today, it is the world’s maximal maker and trailblazer of wheel parts, jock fishing equipment, and modify varied into the creation of different sports equipment same golf and snowboarding. It is a organization identified for efficiency and creativeness specified as its Shimano Reels and its Stradic Playoff connecter.

Fishing, the Livelihood

Sport fishing was upright the firsthand means of livelihood endorse in the Period era. For the grouping who were in the hunter-gatherer mode 400 centuries ago, contagious search and additional underwater animals that they plant pave was their water substance subsistence. This was strongly evidenced by the exoskeleton middens, search bone remnants, and the paintings on the caves. Traditionally, sport fishing involves techniques equal the use of harpoons, arrows, scuffle nets, gear, rod, and fuddle nets. But individual environmentalists protested against these methods as they were seen to conduce in the devastation of the coral reefs. The use of sportfishing rods and reels or swing and reasoning fishing were suggested.

Fishing, the Mount

Sport fishing, as compared to the olden life is no person fair the direct substance of livelihood of the grouping. Now, it is a hobbyhorse, a rejuvenation, and a intellectual game at the self experience. For group who use fishing earnestly, there is extend sport fishing, lure sport fishing, and fly sport fishing. In every framework, there are specially fashioned fishing reels. The most common are the spinning reels, much as the Shimano Stradic. They are evenhandedly uncomplicated to contain and to discover from.

Shimano Stradic, the Shaper

For anybody who is into sportswoman sportfishing, a Stradic is the trusted sportfishing reel to be carried along in any fishing flub. An angler knows that Shimano Stradic is the spinning lurch that is touted as among the industry’s top of the blood. These Shimano Reels are unexploded with awards from America’s Sportfishing Connection.

Shimano Stradic reels are the heyday sportfishing reels that are considered lightweight but hardy in its spinning action. They are drilled more with counterfeit aluminum spool to further become the reel’s coefficient. These Shimano Reels are relatively slender in body but undischarged with eager spool content. There are scarcely any fish that cannot be handled by these Shimano Reels. The Shimano Stradic are also prepared with a self-repair mending left and scuffle clicker. Symmetrical beginners can get assist of the Stradic to extend the reel’s sprightliness. A Shimano Stradic flaunts as the lightest in coefficient but the most original walk organized for a bad feeling in artful and producing quality and top of the parentage products such as the Shimano Stradic. It strives to prolong to be the beguiler in the sportfishing appurtenances business. This and the additional Shimano Reels are free at Sea Isle Confront. The online fund also takes experience in having and dealing this fishing reels for that supreme moving and sportfishing change.

A Shimano Stradic flaunts as the lightest in coefficient but the most original walk organized for a bad feeling in artful and producing quality and top of the parentage products such as the Shimano Stradic available at

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Fishing might have been a means to get some food into the table, but now it has turned into a serious hobby with a lot of men competing with each other when it comes to the reel they are using. Among the most well-known fishing reels in the sportfishing world are the Shimano reels and among its popular models are the Stradic series. Although there are a number of Shimano reel models under the Stradic series that you can purchase, there is only one that you must go for if you are interested only in buying the most excellent Shimano model there is. This is the Shimano Stradic FI. This Stradic model has garnered the award for the “Best in Freshwater Reels” category from the American Sportfishing Associations and was accorded with the ICAST New Product Showcase Award as well.

If you are not the kind of person who is impressed by awards, then maybe you would believe the potential of the Shimano Stradic FI better if you would evaluate its outstanding features. Like all Shimano reels, the Shimano Stradic FI is built to the hilt with great features like a graphite rotor, an aluminum frame and spool and the exclusive S-Concept, the S-Guard and the S-Rotor Compact, among others. However, it is the mechanism behind this excellent Shimano Stradic FI reel that you should also look into and one of this could be found in the management system of its propulsion line.

Looking into the Propulsion Line of the Shimano Stradic FI

The management system of the propulsion line of the Shimano Stradic FI has five components that, when working together, give out a performance that not many spinning reel can equal. While the most obvious of the component of the Shimano Stradic FI is the new lip design, the other components like the line roller known, the SR bail wire, the bail trip mechanism and the S-Arm Cam are just as valuable as well.

The Spool Lip Design
The new lip design to its propulsion spool is one of the best features that the Shimano Stradic FI boasts of having. This is because this design is known to give out a longer distance when it comes to casting while helping avoid the formation of wind knots and backlashes. As such, the Shimano Stradic FI will be allowing you to release the line from off the fishing spool in loops that are smaller, which means that the slapping on the stripper guide will be lesser.

The Line Roller
Known as the Power Roller III, the oversized line roller of the management system of the propulsion line of the Shimano Stradic FI comes in a special groove design. This is meant to lessen the twisting caused during the entire cycle of fishing when you cast and then retrieve the line. The large diameter of the line roller of this Stradic model also helps in lessening the line memory and friction.

The SR Bail Wire
A one-piece component of the propulsion line of the Shimano Stradic FI, the SR Bail Wire is known to permit the unconstrained travel of the fishing line right into the line roller. The flawless design of this component lessens the chance of cuts or tangles to happen to the bail arm.

The Bail Trip Mechanism
Redesigned for better performance, the bail trip mechanism of the Shimano Stradic FI permits the simpler tripping of the bail. While this is done through rotating the handle, the mechanism also lessens the chance of the premature closing of the bail while you are casting out a line.

The S-Arm Cam
The S-Arm Cam of the Shimano Stradic FI’s propulsion line works at always keeping the contact between the line and the line roller. So, even if you are doing drop-shotting or vertical jigging, your line will still remain in place.

Learn more about this Shimano innovation at Sea Isle Tackle.

Welcome to Sea Isle tackle, owned by Robert Fuering. At Sea Isle, we pride ourselves in providing only the finest Shimano Spinning Reels, including the Stradic. You can find the Shimano Stradic online at our website.

The full review is finally here. This reel was revealed at the ICAST 2013 fishing convention. The Shimano Stradic CI4+ 3000FA model was selected for my all around setup for all fresh water fishing. The much needed updates for the original stradic CI4 has been made and the results are awesome. This has become my go to reel. Although this reel feels good looks great there are some minor issues. The video will explains more.

The specs include XShip and CI4+ materials which i believe are the two major players in the reels awesome performance.

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There is plenty of fishing reel manufacturers all throughout the world. One of these is Shimano, which started in Osaka, Japan. This fishing equipment company creates among the world’s toughest reels such as the Shimano Stradic FI. Aside from the FI, you can also look into the beauty of GTM-RA 4000 or Stradic MgFA. The best things about these fishing reels are their light weight and durability. Even though they do not weigh much, they are still capable of handling heavy drag settings. There are two main components that make the Shimano Stradic FI a special fishing reel. The first is the Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement and the Propulsion Line Management System.

More about the Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement

The Shimano Stradic FI is equipped with a drive gear that is made from an especially cold-forged aluminum. Its pinion gear is made from hardened brass. These are found in the Paladin Gear, which is incorporated on the Stradic FI for more durability. It also allows these specific reels to maintain their smoothness longer than the previous reel models of the Shimano Stradic. According to the tests, which have been done on the Paladin Gear, it has been discovered that combining metals provides more stability than gears that are made from pure stainless steel. The blend of different metallic elements helps Shimano reels keep their trademark glossy finish.

The Design of the Propulsion Spool Lip

The Shimano Stradic FI has a line management system that uses propulsion. This system has an obvious element, which is the Propulsion spool lip. Shimano has programmed computer simulations and performed numerous casting tests to determine the capability of the fresh design of the spool lip. Through these efforts, it has been discovered that new design results to longer distances, when it comes to casting. This is something that cannot be done with the standard or traditional design of the spool lip of older Shimano reels. Aside from farther casting distances, the new spool lip prevents the formation of wind knots and backlashes.

Between the Standard Spool Lip and the Propulsion Spool Lip

The spool lip of the Shimano Stradic FI permits the fishing line to flow from the reel’s spool into small loops, while it is being cast into the sea. This implies that there is lesser slap to the reel’s stripper guide. What is more, it leads to longer casts without much friction. This new Propulsion spool of the Shimano Stradic FI uses a design for long strokes. This is meant to improve the distance of line casting. Another benefit that comes with the new design of the spool lip is that there is reduced bouncing of your fishing line, compared to standard spinning spools. This is owed to the one-of-a-kind shape of Shimano Stradic FI’s Propulsion spool. This lets the line flow easily and consistently off from the spool. When it comes to standard spools, friction changes from light to heavy as the fishing line slaps your reel’s spool lip.

New models of Shimano reels come with several wonderful features. These are reasons enough for you to buy your own Shimano fishing reel. When you want to shop for reels, go online and buy from Sea Isle Tackle.

Ever wonder why the Shimano Stradic is such a great reel? It’s because the Stradic is made by Shimano, and Shimano Reels are tops in the league.


Fishing is probably one of the many sports that a lot of men enjoy quite immensely. If you are one of these men, then you too must hold great store on the kind of fishing reel that you carry along with you to your fishing trips. Now, one of the most trusted fishing reels there are now in the market are the Shimano reels. And if you know your Shimano, then you would know that the Stradic series has been touted to be among the best. One of these is the Shimano Stradic MgFA, which is said to be the toughest yet lightest fishing reel that you can lay your hands on.

Why the Shimano Stradic MgFA Is Tough Yet Light

There are many men who will attest that the Shimano Stradic MgFA is considered as a competitive model and known as one of the world’s lightest Shimano reels ever made. They say that this is primarily because its frame has been fashioned out of magnesium. However, considering its lightness, the Shimano Stradic MgFA can still be described as a tough reel that is almost fearless when it comes to facing the challenges of a tough battle between man and fish. So if you are the kind of person who likes to go out into deep waters in search of bigger fishes to reel in, then this Shimano Stradic is definitely the one for you.

Shimano Stradic MgFA: The Features

Aside from being tough yet light, there are still a number of things that you need to known before buying your own MgFA model of the Shimano Stradic. In buying this Stradic, you should be aware of its features so you won’t be conned in buying the older version, the MgF.

Aside from its magnesium frame, the main features that you should take note of the Shimano Stradic MgFA are its aluminum spool that has been forged cold and its graphite rotor. Like other Shimano reels under the Stradic series, this reel also features the S Concept, the ARB bearings and the S-Arm Cam, which keeps your fishing line in the roller. It also has a floating shaft as well as an aluminum handle shank. The oscillation feature of this model of Shimano Stradic is slow and its featured power roller three includes a bail that is tapered. While it still has the Septon handle grip, there are many men who noted that its softness is not the same as those of the old models. They even say that the grip is not the same as well. There are also those who commented that the plastic maintenance port of this Stradic should have still retained the metal material that was used in the past model.

The Shimano Stradic MgFA: Better Than the Old Model?

There are many men who would say that as Shimano reels go, the Shimano Stradic MgFA is definitely a great deal better than the older MgF model. This is because a number of the problems that were seen in the MgF could no longer be seen in this Stradic. Although the handy breakaway handle has been gotten rid of in this new Shimano Stradic model, it still presents a great solid feel that could not be found in the MgF. Although the Shimano Stradic MgFA is heavier than the MgF by 0.2 ounces even with its featured metal spool, there are still a lot of men who considers it better when it comes to lightness and toughness. As such, even if the price of the Shimano Stradic MgFA is definitely higher than the MgF, it is still considered a great buy among serious fishing enthusiasts.

Learn about the Shimano reels available for you at Sea Isle Tackle.

The Shimano Stradic is a world renound fishing reel. These and other Shimano Reels can be found at


Shimano, which is a well-recognized manufacturer of fishing equipment, is constantly finding ways to improve the older versions of its creations. One of these is the Shimano Stradic MgF, which is updated to a lighter model free from flaws. The new Stradic is not incorporated anymore with the breakaway handle. Nor does it have the coating, which has a rubbery texture, of the older model. This coating wears away gradually with so much use. When compared to the older version of the Shimano Stradic MgF and its other MgF model, the most current Stradic MgF creation only weighs 0.2 oz heavier despite its metal spool.

Shimano Stradic MgFA: Shimano Spinning Reels

Shimano has different types of fishing reels, and among of these are the spinning reels. One model of these spinning reels is the Shimano Stradic MgFA, which is one of the manufacturer’s lightest spinning reels. The light weight of this fishing reel is due to the magnesium utilized to make its frame. Even if the Shimano Stradic MgFA is very light, it is still capable of fighting heavy dragging fishes, especially the big species. If you want to make sure that you get to reel in every fish that bites the bait, opt for this series of the Stradic.

The Shimano Stradic GTM-RA 4000

The MgFA is not the only reel from the Stradic series of Shimano reels. There is also another model: the GTM-RA 4000. This Shimano fishing reel has a classic pearl white body, which is backed by a unique magnesium appearance for its hind drag cowling. Underneath the cowling is also the enhanced hind Fighting Drag. The Shimano Stradic GTM-RA 4000 is equipped with 4 A-RB bearings, along with roller bearing for boosting the performance and power of the fishing reel. What is more, it comes with a hybrid spool that is made from aluminum. The spool for the Shimano Stradic GTM-RA 4000 has a titanium lip that lessens the weight of the reel. Because of this, it provides easy casting, playing with the fish, and trolling. This version of the Stradic features the well-known Double Handle of Shimano.

The Fighting Drag of the Stradic GTM-RA 4000

There are several wonderful features that come with the Shimano Stradic GTM-RA 4000. But the most awesome attribute of this fishing reel is its fighting drag. This specific Shimano reel is a handy fishing gadget, which is controlled by a single lever. This allows you to make the drag slack or tight even with one sweep of the line. The maximum drag setting of this reel is controlled by a conventional dial rotation. The dial is found at the reel’s rear. The drag is set after the lever is placed within the center position. The drag feature of the Shimano Stradic GTM-RA 4000 may also be utilized as temporary baitrunner. With this type of usage, you are letting the fish drag the line and stop it after you picking up your rod as you sweep the reel’s fighting drag to a tighter position.

Whether you want to know more about fishing equipment or you want to buy your own set, the best choice is to go online. There are several sites that are selling all kinds of fishing gadgets such as Shimano reels. One of these online sites is Sea Isle Tackle.

The Stradic is the only reel for Big Game Fishing. Get the Shimano Stradic and other Shimano Reels at


If you are into fishing or angling, then you must be aware that it is the fishing reel that is regarded as the most imperative component of a fishing tackle when it comes to the system of reel and rod. Another thing that you should know is that if you are a novice to the game of fishing, then the spinning reel is the best choice that you can make when it comes to choosing fishing reels and you can get the best of these among Shimano reels.

Take note that the usage of spinning reels is much easier and they are known not to give you headaches when it comes to backlash. Now, when it comes to Shimano reels, among which are the Shimano Stradic series, then you are guaranteed that they are really the best. This is because much effort and time has been poured into these reels, so they can be used to catch all kinds of fish. So, whether you are in the game for catching bass, trout or walleye, you can always find the best reel among Shimano reels, especially if you will go for the Stradic models.

The Offerings of a Shimano Stradic

So, if you want to get only the best spinning reel among the Shimano reels, then you should go for what has already been lauded with awards and this is the Shimano Stradic. If you are looking for excellent design and high quality materials that could deliver smooth and effective operations, then you can find this in a Stradic as well.

Shimano Stradic: The Best in Quality and Performance

As with other Shimano reels, the Shimano Stradic are made with the Shimano ball bearings that are the best in quality and will assure you almost endless hours of pleasurable usage. Usually made with aluminum frames, Shimano Stradic spinning reels are also quite known for being tough and solid even if they seem to be light in weight. Because of this, you are always guaranteed that they will stand up to the challenge of even the toughest battle between fish and man.

Shimano Stradic: Of Stability and Balance

When it comes to stability and balance, you can find these among the Shimano Stradic spinning reels as well. Made usually with graphite rotors, you are assured that you won’t be getting a Shimano Stradic that has a rotor with poor balance. This is very important because a wobble that could be noticed on your rotor when you are already spinning the line could really affect your pleasure in fishing. As an effect, your accuracy and technique will be thrown off as well.

There are still more to the Shimano Stradic that you can learn about and the more you will know, the better you will be convinced that this is the perfect fishing reel for you. There are now many sites on the Internet that could offer you more information on what the Shimano Stradic can offer you and once you are convinced, you can even buy your first Stradic from these sites as well.

Sea Isle Tackle provides a comprehensive listing of Shimano products and equipment for your evaluation.

Visit Sea Isle Tackle online at Owned by Robert Fuering, we offer the Stradic. In addition to the Shimano Stradic, we offer a full line of Shimano Spinning Reels.

Tackle Warehouse discusses the Best of Show Freshwater Reel Winner – the new Shimao Stradic Spinning Reels FK Reels – at the 2015 ICAST Show in Orlando.

Tackle Warehouse, one of the leading online fishing retailers, takes you behind the closed doors of the world’s largest sport fishing trade show – the 2015 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida. The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, better known as ICAST, is where the fishing industry introduces the newest products and latest innovations for the upcoming year.

Closed to the public, Tackle Warehouse delivers the most extensive ICAST video coverage on the web. We interview the actual pro anglers, engineers and product designers behind the new products to give you the most in-depth look possible at this year’s newest tackle.

Join Tackle Warehouse at the 2015 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida and check back at for all the newest ICAST gear and tackle.

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