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Diamondo 6 Bundles Silicone Skirts DIY Salty Rubber Jig Lures Squid Fishing Bait

  • 6 Bundles in total
  • 50 strands each Bundle
  • Long skirt Length is 21cm
  • Color: As picture shows
  • Package Included : 6 X Jig Lures
Item Specifics:
6 Bundles in total
50 strands each Bundle
Long skirt Length is 21cm
Color: As picture shows
6 X Jig Lures

List Price: $ 5.99 Price: $ 5.99


ADSRO Silicone Soft Lures Worm Fishing Baits Bass Trout Shad Bait Crank Swim Bait

  • With 2 hooks, very sharp and durable.
  • Smooth and rapid diving action.
  • Create life-like swimming actions in water to provoke predator to bite.
  • Using environmentally-friendly PVC material, reusable and long-term preserved.
  • Suitable for different aquatorium and different kinds of fishes.
With 2 hooks, very sharp and durable.
Smooth and rapid diving action.
Create life-like swimming actions in water to provoke predator to bite.
Using environmentally-friendly PVC material, reusable and long-term preserved.
Suitable for different aquatorium and different kinds of fishes.

Type: Soft bait
Material: PVC
Item length: Approx. 8.5cm / 3.3in(each)
Item weight: Approx. 15g / 0.535oz(each)

Package included:
1 x Soft Bait

List Price: $ 5.74 Price: $ 4.59


Mo Bling Hog Calls and Lures

  • Multiple lure fishing rig
  • Fish up to 6 lures
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable fish attracting nickel willow leaf blades
  • Easy to cast
  • Sliding rubber grommet for easy compact fold-up
The lightest easiest to cast umbrella rig on the market. You can fish up to 6 lures as every arm has an interchangeable snap(s) with a smooth power swivel attached. The arms are made with 035. Gauge stainless steel wire that can handle the rigors of constant bending yet still is flexible enough to create the fish attracting vibration from the lures. Our unique spinnerbait style arm acts like a rudder so ours doesn't roll like many of the 5 arm versions. The 1/4 oz.. Head is powder coated with a tough finish. Three nickel willow leaf blades gives you the "bling" that mimics a school of baitfish ready for a bass's next meal. Finally, when you're done fishing, the institutional grade rubber grommet can be slid down the wires collapsing them in a compact way for easy storing.

List Price: $ 15.83 Price: $ 15.80


Hengjia Pack of 8 Sinking Rattling Wiggler VIB Lipless Crankbaits Hard Fishing Lures Vibe Vibration Rattle Hooks for Sea Bass & Trout 5.5cm/2.16"/6.6g

  • Body Length 5.5cm/2.16 inches Weight 6.6g quantity : 8pcs
  • diving depth :0.3-0.9M
  • Treble Hooks:8#hooks
  • Qualified high strength plastic material, thru-wire construction
  • Brilliant color and patterns of actual bait fish Vivid imitate color and patterns of real fishes they create life-like swimming actions in water! smooth and rapid action,bright colors 3D eyes make it is powerful to attract big fish!
Hot lipless crankbaits in eight different colors, which can suit for different water area environments and weather conditions;
Can be used for freshwater and saltwater fishing, great for different kinds of big fish;
* Buoyancy: Sinking
* Body Length:5.5cm/2.16 inches
* Weight: 6.6g
* Running Depth: All water layers
* Treble Hooks: Two No.8
* QTY.: 8PCS
From the Manufacturer
Our factory is located in weihai city of china,the world fishing tackle manufactury center.If you need big QTY or OEM ,welcome to contact with us,we wil be very glad to hear from you.

List Price: $ 7.89 Price: $ 7.89

Shelure Minnow Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Sinking Crankbaits Jerkbaits Saltwater Hard Lure (A2 Series)

  • Shelure minnow fishing lures feature all your favourite colors plus a few you won't find elsewhere, all intricatedly detailed for true-to-life presentations in any water. Great actions throughout the line.
  • All styles have 3-D lazerball eyes, lazer finish with hand painted detail. This premium crankbait enhances casting distance and accuracy with four weighted balls inside body while center-shifted weight provides precisely balanced swimming action.
  • Design For USA Market,Highly Recommend By Millions For People
  • EASY TO USE: Shelure Lure Set are very easy to use and can catch a variety of fishes like Trout, Bass, Salmon etc. Just Hook it up and use to lure the best fish you ever could. simple to use, sit well on the hook.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: All Shelure LureS Set are made with premium high quality plastic. This makes the lure soft, flexible with highresolution body detail, life-like swimming actions in water, and a hidden hook
Smooth and rapid diving action bright colors to attract big fish.

3D eyes create life-like smooth and rapid diving action.

They create life-like swimming actions in water.

Popular Bait for Freshwater Fish and Bass

Realistic Shrimp like Detailed Texture

Appropriate for all Fishing Rods

Premium Quality Fishing Lure

Soft, Flexible and Easy to Carry

Easy to use

List Price: $ 29.98 Price: $ 29.98

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Fishing lures are attached to your fishing line in place of bait. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner, it’s important to make sure you use the correct type of lure for the conditions you’re fishing in and the type of fish you’re going after. Here are some tips on picking the best fishing lures for the job:

Soft baits are ideal for fishing in water that contains a lot of vegetation. Northern pike and bass fishing lures often take the form of soft baits made from rubber or soft plastic in the shape of the frogs, worms, mice, small and midsized fish and crawfish that these fish live on. You can rig a softbait as “weedless” by lodging the hook in the soft plastic to prevent it from catching on vegetation as you drag it through the water in areas where the fish go to stalk their prey among the weeds and rushes. Buy a selection of soft fishing lures in different shapes, sizes and colors so you can find out which ones work best where you like to fish.

Buzzbaits are a variety of spinnerbait that are also used when fishing for bass, as well as for pike and pickerel. These lures have propellers that make a noise and churn up the water to attract the fish, plus a hook surrounded by plastic tassels to entice them to bite. In shallow water where there are ample weeds, cast out a long way then reel in as soon as the lure hits the surface to start the propeller action, and watch as the fish come rushing to the scene.

Spoons and spinners are lures made for fishing in open water or deep rivers that are free from vegetation or overhanging branches where they can get caught. Both are hard baits made of shiny metal in the shape of fish, but spinners also have a spinning metal blade in the front, and usually a plastic or twine tail. You can find spoons and spinners in a huge range of colors to mimic every conceivable type of bait fish.

Jerkbaits can be either soft or hard. They are usually shaped like long, thin fish and come in different models for use at various depths down to 15′. These are useful as bass fishing lures, and are also used for pike, salmon, trout, walleye and other species. As the name implies, you cast out your jerkbait before retrieving it with a jerking action to make it move like an injured or distressed fish. You won’t get a bite every time, but when you do it will be from a good-sized fish.

Crankbaits are a very common type of hard bait. These lures are often shaped like small fish and are available in lots of different colors. A distinguishing feature of a crankbait is the bill or lip on the front that allows it to plane through the water – and in general terms, the longer the lip the deeper the lure will dive. Also noticeable are the two large treble hooks that hang from the underside of these fishing lures. While they are excellent bass fishing lures, crankbaits are therefore best used in relatively deep water with little vegetation that the hooks can catch on.

Try these lure options where you like to fish to maximize your chances of success. One great advantage of using lures is that they can be reused countless times, and if they accidentally come loose they won’t harm the surrounding ecosystem. Whether you are a novice or experienced fisherman, doing your homework to discover the right lures for your situation can make the difference between a hit or miss experience or a great day on the water.

Written by Lisa Santora; guest writer for Poor Fish Outdoors. Poor Fish Outdoors is a company that specializes in helping outdoor enthusiasts find the right brand name fishing equipment such as bass fishing lures, plus quality hunting, camping, and cycling gear for their outdoor pursuits. Lisa Santora is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. © 2010 Poor Fish Outdoors.

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Dr.Fish Bass Fishing Lures Wiggle Shad Soft Plastic Baits Fishing 3" Watermelon (pack of 6)

  • Extremely realistic lifelike lure. Highly detail color painting with holographic flash inserts and 3D eyes.
  • Supple body with round head, wiggle paddle tail, salt and scent Impregnated.
  • Work great for drop shotting. Also ideal for weightless, weedless rig. Even the easiest rig will make it a bass magnets.
  • Length: 3"/75mm; It is the perfect meal size for bass and other general freshwater species and rock fish.
  • Material: High Quality Silicone.Pack of 6.
aits succeed the high quality manufactured and stunning painting work as Dr.Fish always boast for. This tiny shad is designed with a 3" profile, features a lifelike baitfish body with high quality made, targeting a wide range of finicky species like bass, trout, perch, trophy rock fish...

List Price: $ 20.99 Price: $ 5.99

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Lot 100 pcs Kinds of Fishing Minnow Bass Baits Lures Crankbaits Hooks

  • High-quality outdoor products
  • Simple and easy to use,
  • a good companion of outdoor
  • Professional goods, safe use

100 pieces fishing lures and accessories.
Includes different kinds of lures such as hard baits, soft baits, and so on.
Includes different kinds of lure accessories that you need.
Packed in a plastic two-layer tackle box, easy to store and transport.
The transparent box helps you find your fishing tackle at a glance.
Separate and assorted compartments of the box to store different accessories.
Suitable for different kinds of fishes, wonderful tools for fishing lovers.

Quantity: 100Pcs
Material: Plastic & PVC & metal
Package weight: Approx. 305g

Some of the fishing lures may differ in color or shape due to product stock, but it has no impact on the quality and quantity.

Package List:100* Fishing Tackle


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Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod Pole with Spinning Reel Line Lures Accessories Combo Sea Saltwater Freshwater Fishing Rod Kit (Rod+ Reel, 2.7M 8.86Ft Rod+WQ4000 Reel)

  • NOTE : We provide 2 kinds combo and just choose what you need from "Color" You will get the follow goods ,by choosing the rod reel Size selection ! Section: Rod+ Reel , Size : ONLY INCLUDE 1 Fishing Rod + 1 Fishing Reel; Fishing Full Kit : 1 Fishing Rod + 1 Fishing Reel + 1Fishing Line+ Other Fishing Accessories (Show In the picture)
  • This fishing rod is made from top grade carbon fiber, strong and durable,99% carbon body, Piano porcelain Colorful guide rings,beautiful and high quality ,have six size(1.8m,2.1m,2.4m,2.7m,3.0m,3.6m) you can choose, and note the Rod total extended length,Please in kind prevail, thanks
  • The reel with CNC machine cut collapsible handle, Left / right interchangeable the rod Import adjustable full metal screw reel seat ,have 2000,3000,4000,5000 Series, 13+1 pieces of ball bearing plus one-way clutch, gear ratio 5.5:1. Fully adjustable cast control with sound. Aluminum spool with high-tensile gear. Excellent line lay oscillation system. Ultra-thin streamline designed body.
  • The Fishing Rod & Reel Combos Best suitable for fishing from Boat, reefs and rocks on trips and vacations;Full kit is Professional match, special made for novice, including Necessary accessories for fishing. You can use it without buying any other accessories from anywhere. Perfect elasticity, high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make your fishing pole hard & durable
  • If Any Problem about The Product , Please Contact Us Firstly and Our Customer Service Will Solve It for You Soon. KINDLY NOTE: If You Only Want Buy The Rod or The Reel ,Please Search The ASIN : B01HPYAYQI or B01GA0UVDE
Rod + Reel Package Include:
1 x Fishing rod
1 x Fishing reel

Fishing Full Kit Package Include:
1 x Fishing rod
1 x Fishing reel
1 x Superbraid fishing Line (Green 100M)
2 x Minow Lure
4 x Lead fish Lure (Spinning Full Metal)
5 x Soft Shrimp Baits

The Rod:
1.Telescopic finshing rod pole is sensitive graphite blank construction
2.Aluminum oxide guide inserts fishing pole
3.Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats make the fishing rods always brightness cause anti-seawater corrosion; EVA Fore Grip for comfort
4.Multiple lengths and actions; Made from Carbon Fiber mixed with Fiberglass ,strong and durable
5.Collapses for easy storage and travel
6.Several length for you to choose from

Size---------Weight---Open Length---Close Length---Guides---Tip DIA.---Lure Weight---Line Weight
1.8M 5.91Ft----147g-------178cm--------47cm----------4-------2.2mm-------7-9g---------5-10lb
2.1M 6.89Ft----177g-------213cm--------49cm----------5-------2.2mm-------7-9g---------5-10lb
2.4M 7.87Ft----226g-------245cm--------50cm----------6-------2.2mm-------7-14g--------6-12lb
2.7M 8.86Ft----235g-------263cm--------53cm----------6-------2.2mm-------7-21g--------8-15lb
3.0M 9.84Ft----290g-------295cm--------54cm----------7-------2.2mm-------7-21g--------8-15lb
3.6M 11.81Ft---329g-------358cm--------70cm----------7-------2.2mm-------7-21g--------8-15lb

The Reel:
Ball Bearings: 13+1BB, Gear ratio: 5.2:1
WQ2000 weight:328g ,Line capacity (mm/m):0.18/240 0.2/200 0.25/140
WQ3000 weight:330g ,Line capacity (mm/m):0.2/240 0.25/200 0.3/140
WQ4000 weight:340g ,Line capacity (mm/m):0.3/200 0.35/160 0.4/120
WQ5000 weight:460g ,Line capacity (mm/m):0.35/150 0.4/120 0.45/100

List Price: $ 399.00 Price: $ 57.99


Delight eShop Fishing Sinking Crankbait Lures Popper Minnow Bass Crank Bait Hook Tackle

  • Very convenient durable fishing tool, bright colors to attract big fish
  • They create life-like swimming actions in water. A helpful fishing tool for anglers. It is a good accessory for fishing.
  • Great ideal for Fishing. Hook: #6 Black High Carbon Steel Treble Hook
  • Size:10cm x 3.5cm/3.9'' x 1.37''(approx)
  • Material: Plastic,Quantity:1Pc

100% brand new and high quality
Easy and durable to use.
Great ideal for Fishing.
Hook: #6 Black High Carbon Steel Treble Hook
Material: Plastic
Size:10cm x 3.5cm/3.9'' x 1.37''(approx)
Color: We will send it randomly referring to our stock, you may receive the same color/pattern or several colors/patterns.
Quantity: 1 pc
No retail package
Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item. Thank you!

List Price: $ 5.99 Price: $ 5.99

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JSHANMEI ® 50pcs/lot 10cm~11cm Muticolour Octopus Lures Squid Skirt Soft Baits Hoochies Fishing Lures

  • Brand New with Realistic Eyes.
  • Lure Length: 11cm
  • Used in Salt & Freshwater.
  • Color Random!
  • Package: 50pcs/lot
1)Octopus Squid Skirt Lures Set
2)Feature the Proven Color Patterns and Durability to Help You Succeed in Any Fishing Conditions.
3)These Soft,Supple Lures Are Ideal for a Number of Different Situations and Species.
4)Its Lifelike Action with Multicolors Which Attracts More Fish from Greater Range.

List Price: $ 35.99 Price: $ 6.35

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