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JOHNCOO Bicolor Soft Bait Fish Fishing Lure Tiddler Silicone Bass Minnow Bait Swimbaits Plastic Lure Pack of 72 (Mixed Color)

  • Mixed Color--Length:7cm/2.76",Weight:1.3g/0.05oz,Quatity:Mixed 6 colors, 12pcs/bag/color ,72pcs/6bags
  • Using environmental material,Very Durable,Convenient and Reusable.
  • Realistic and at the perfect size for larger species!Soft and can easily attached to the fish hook.
  • Emulational shaped design,create life-like swimming actions in water, grabbing the attention of fish.
100% brand new and high quality Soft Silicone Tiddler Bait Fluke Fish Fishing Saltwater Fish Lure Very Convenient Durable Fishing Tool, Bright colors to attract big fish.

List Price: $ 13.39 Price: $ 13.39

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If you are planning have a gulf shores fishing trip with your family or friends, you should prepare in advance to make it simple and successful. First thing that you should prepare for are the fishing basics like selection of a lure! Yes, lure is the most important thing that you have to decide to catch the desired fish for your meals. While selecting it, consider the fish senses – whether it will ignore, strike or flee! This totally depends upon how the fish you want to catch feels, smells, hear, or see about the bait because their senses are totally different from humans. The brain of the fish is like a programmed machine that has been developed after millions of years of evolution. If the bait initiates the series of right reactions, then only the fish will get trapped. Here are few suggestions that can help you select the right lure for your Orange Beach fishing trip with your family –

As we know that, there are only three primary categories of bait – Shallow, Deep and surface running. Number of types are further there under each category. It seems like a good distribution strategy but you should not stick to one. One from each category can catch as many fish as the complete box of lures can do. It hardly matters from which category you pick the lure but using the right strategy, at right time, place and keeping it in the game is more important than anything else is.

Never ever, trust the rumors and think that fish use to change their preferences. Do not fall into the misconceptions like fish were loving the apple red colored baits last year and this time they will love to have the grape green color plastic. It is just a marketing trick, they spread the word, and more anglers start to buy that color.

Always pick the one that will not scare a fish or gives it a hint of being lured. Color plays a vital role in making it look natural but the movements and vibrations in water are more important. When a fish is looking for a meal, she rarely does care about the color of anything she feels can quench its hunger. The general rule followed regarding the color is that subdued colors should be used when daylight starts to decrease.

Other than this, when you are watching a professional catching fish, despite of counting how many he has in his bucket already, pay attention on the technique he follows. They use to fish on right place at right time and make the right use of lures. So try to notice which out of shallow, deep, and surface running baits he selects to catch which species and his movement techniques. By following them, surely it would be easy for you to make potential catches during your gulf shores fishing trip.
As there are more than 20 species of lure fish used by sailors for Orange Beach fishing, each of them has different names and designations. Stick to those who are popular to allow easiest catches in the bait traps. Moreover, consider following the above-mentioned tips while making your choice for a lure to make good fish catches.

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Tom shares valuable information regarding Orange Beach Fishing techniques that one can use to make big catches. He also suggest various online fishing charters that can help you during your Gulf Shores fishing trips.

Fishing Tackle 143pcs Soft Bait Set Insertion Type Fishing Lure Tackle Box with Bullet Lead Sinkers Fishing Beads Crank Hooks T Tail Fishes Jig Head Hooks Curl Tail Soft Lures Spinners Worms Baits

  • RICH FISHING BAITS - This Fishing Lure kit contains 6 large T tail soft artificial fish lures (red), 20 small T tail soft lures (yellow white), 9 large curl tail soft plastic lures (yellow), 20 small curl tail soft lures (orange), 9pcs small artificial worms (green), 9 lifelike design small worms (pink). The artificial tail including curl tail and T tail, enhances underwater action, super soft for swimming action, attract the fish to chase
  • FISHING LURE ACCESSORIES SET- A wide range of fishing accessories and model complete, different size of fish can be caught. 5pcs 15g bullet lead sinkers, 5 5g bullet lead, 5 3.5g bullet lead; 10 fishing beads; 10 large crank hooks, 9 medium soft tail fish crank hooks, 9 small crank hooks; 5pcs 15g jig head hooks, 5 10g jig hooks, 5 3.5g ball head jig hooks; 2 swim jig with colorful silicone skirt. Sharp hooks ensure the hook point is ready to sting any fish that bites
  • CUSTOMIZED TACKLE BOX - YOUTHINK special customized fishing lure Tackle box with adjustable 13 compartment slot, hang hole added for portable carrying. Insert design, so they can be custom assembled to fit any need. This box has 7 dividers to create 6-13 compartments, help separate different kinds of bait or storage other fishing attachments, fully meet the storage needs
  • DIVERSE CHOOSE & MUCH FUN - Fishing is not easy, choosing the right bait is very important. YOUTHINK All lures are widely used and carefully selected,meet the needs of different varieties of fish you catch. Neutral color soft baits are suitable for all lighting conditions. Different kinds of soft lure will have different kinds of fishing fun, perfect for river, lake fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing and ocean fishing
  • BEST CHOICE FOR FISHING LOVERS - YOUTHINK soft fishing lure offers professional fishing baits, accessories are more reasonable than others providing useless parts. The operation is simple, easy to use, high fish rate, different sizes of fish can be caught, suitable for bass trout barracuda salmon perch tuna crappie walleye no matter freshwater or saltwater fishing, fully enjoy the lure fishing fun
Why you choose YOUTHINK fishing lures set?
YOUTHINK bass bait kit aims to provide professional fishing gear for fishing lovers. Fishing soft bait and accessories are all in one kit. The baits are widely used and carefully selected, no useless parts included, the collocation is more reasonable and professional than other kit, save time for anglers to catch more fishes. We also enhance the bait details, deepen the bait thread depth to store bubbles, more lifelike and more attractive. Own our fishing baits, you can fully enjoy the fishing fun and experience the sense of catching fishes achievement. Therefore, YOUTHINK fishing lures kit is your best choice.

Package included:
6 x large T-tail lure (red)
20 x small T-tail lure (yellow white)
9 x large curl tail lure (yellow)
20 x small curl tail lure (orange)
9 x small worms (green)
9 x small worms (pink)
5 x 15g bullet lead
5 x 5g bullet lead
5 x 3.5g bullet lead
10 x fishing bead
9 x large crank hook
9 x medium crank hook
9 x small crank hook
5 x 15g jig hook
5 x 10g jig hook
5 x 3.5g jig hook
2 x swim jig
1 x tackle box

After Service Guarantee:
If you have any issue or not satisfied with our bass fishing lures, we provide you 30 days refund guarantee and our professional customer service.

Price: $ 24.99

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Bazaar 5 Arm (Short Arm Version) 4 Bladed Alabama Umbrella Rig Bass Bait Lure

  • 5 Arm (Short Arm
  • Version) 4 Bladed Alabama
  • Fishing
  • Please Allow 7-23 Business Days For Delivery
  • Package Contains One Item
Item Specifics: Length: 23cm Style: #7, #8 Weight: 20g Features: 100 Brand new and high quality Made from .041 diameter wire 4 of the arms come with a blades .The head is made of resin/polymer With this rig you will be catching more than one bass at a time it has 5 wires and sometimes this rig catches up to 4 bass per cast This rig is a compact, flashy, finesse-style umbrella rig equipped with five spinnerbait blades to help it further imulate a small school of baitfish Equipped with five super-strong, heat-treated stainless steel wires to ensure strength and flexibility Also features high quality super strong snaps and swivels to ensure flawless performance when hooking multiple fish at the same time Perfect for targeting suspended bass, as well as other game fish feeding on bait fish, you can rig it with a variety of lures, including soft plastic swim-baits, grubs, jig heads, etc. Multiple hook ups are always possibility, so hold on tight Package included: 1x Umbrella Rig Lure

List Price: $ 10.56 Price: $ 10.56

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KMBEST Fishing Lure Set Including Spoon Lures, Hard Lures ,Soft Baits And Other Saltwater Freshwater Lures for Fishing With Tackle Box

  • Hard Plastic Lures 6PCS,they are 1 Minnow,2 Popper,1 Crankbaits,1 Pencil,1 VIB
  • Soft Silicone Lures 68PCS,2 Frog and Ray Frog,5 Grass Shrimp,10 Earthworm,2 Prawn and other 47 soft top water and deeper water lures like mealworms,maggot,cricket and so on
  • Metal Spoons 12PCS,from 3g to 11g. Other Fishing Accessories 45PCS,they are Stainless Steel Rings,Sharp Hooks,Bullets,Jig Head and others
  • 1PCS Hard Plastic Tackle Box, Box Size 21cm*11cm*4.5cm
  • Colors will be sent by random, but not to impact the quality and quantity
This 131PCS Fishing lure kit can be used for Bass, crappie, bream, trout,salmon, catfish,walleye,marlin,muskie,northern pike,and some many other types of fish from saltwater and freshwater.
1)Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the itemv 2)Some of the lures will be Random sent and the color will not be the same as the pic shows(random color,random shape),but the item is actually the same.Please understand, Thank you.

Material: Plastic/Metal.
Color: Assorted.
Position: Lake, pool, river, sea, pond.
Package Contents:1 x Fishing Lures Set With A Free Tackle Box

List Price: $ 45.00 Price: $ 22.88

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Hand Carved Crankbait Fishing Lure Cedar Surface "Torpedo" with Propeller

This series of crankbaits are more about fishing than for fishing, but they are 100% functional and I have caught fish on them. Men who own then sit them on their desk or bookshelf or in a place of honor in their "man cave." This lure was hand turned on the wood lathe out of red cedar with inlaid spots of black walnut. The propeller, hooks and fittings are brass. The body measures 2 1/4" long. Suitable for framing. The Story Behind My Lures I turned a surface lure on the wood lathe out of cedar and proceded to paint it like a frog. My wife commented that after it was painted, you couldn't see the pretty cedar. A light bulb went off, and I could see making fishing lures out of hardwoods, working them like fine woodwork. I work with cedar, walnut, cherry, ash and other woods, all from my farm in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.

List Price: $ 15.00 Price: $ 15.00


Insect For Carp Bass Fishing With Mustard Hook Fly Lure Bait Surface Purely Hand Made

  • Size :Hook size: gap width - 0.5cm; hook length - 2.5cm
  • color :as picture
  • Package Included :2 pieces / lot
  • ePacket Delivery From China : 15-30 day

Live Insects#Live Insects2

Adopts mustard hooks;
Purely hand made;
Hook size: gap width - 0.5cm; hook length - 2.5cm;
Topwater surface dry fly, recommended for medium or big size fish like carp, bass, salmon fishing, etc.

Price: $ 20.99


Mastering Crankbaits, Minnows And Other Fishing Plugs. 100+ Lure Fishing Tips (Vinall's Lure Fishing)

Crankbaits, minnows and plugs are among the most versatile and successful styles of fishing lure - yet most of us use them to 10% of their potential at best!

That's a lot of missed fish, but it's also a fantastic opportunity for immediate improvements in catch rates simply by understanding these lures better and using them effectively! With the help of this eBook you can start doing that today!

Part of the reason that so few fisherfolk use this style of lure effectively is that the range of lures (which all work differently and require different techniques) is bewildering! And, crankbaits are still evolving quite rapidly, with lure companies constantly bringing new ideas to a hungry market.

The evolution of crankbaits has resulted in numerous specialisations, such as square bills, lipless, deep divers, broke-backs and jerkbaits, to name just a few. We now have crankbaits that will catch fish under almost any circumstances. But how many people know how to use them all?

It's a massive confusion! What crankbait do I use and when? What color? How do I fish it?

This eBook answer those questions by methodically discussing each crankbait style and providing simple, easy to follow tips for using them. It provides examples of suitable lures for each of the techniques described, saving you time and money buying the wrong crankbaits for your fishing needs.

It provides dozens of facts, tips and techniques that will help you catch fish whether you fish from boat or bank, cast or troll in fresh or saltwater, for all types of fish.

The bait styles covered include floating, sinking and suspending, lipless, jointed, square bill, shallow, medium and deep diving.

I trust that this eBook will allow you to go forward armed with a better understanding of crankbaits and with renewed confidence for using them.

As we all know you will always catch more when you fish with confidence!


6 Fishing Hard Spinner Lure Spinnerbait Pike Bass 18g/0.63oz T11

  • 18g/0.63oz
All our lures are made of high quality, durable material and were digitally designed to our specifications on a computer.

List Price: $ 8.90 Price: $ 8.30


Akuna AL-5RIG-M-B Silver Bullet Umbrella Rig 5 Armed Lure (4-Pack), White with Red Gill Jighead, 1/2-Ounce Head

  • Make your own school of fish
  • Great for suspended fish feeding on shad
  • Provokes strikes from inactive fish

Silver Bullet

How to Fish the Lure:

Use heavier line (10-25 lb test) and side arm casting motion. Great for open water points and suspended fish

Lure Qualities:

Features ultra strong wire with swivels to attach a variety of baits. Available in different sized jig heads.

Where to use:

Great for lakes or larger bodies of water where bait fish congregate in schools.

Lure Specs:

  • Length: 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Depth: Varying Depths
  • Number of Arms: 5

Special note: Check your local game and fish for regulations and restrictions regarding multihook (Alabama or Umbrella) rigs.


List Price: $ 9.99 Price: $ 9.99

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Lunker 4212-0662 1/2-Ounce Buzzbait Fishing Lure, Yellow Finish

  • Good seller and great fish producer
  • Ready to fish straight from the package
  • Designed to run on top at the slowest possible retrieve and with the most rattle
  • Yellow finish
The Lunker 4212-0662 Buzzbait has consistently been a good seller and a great fish producer, designed to run on top at the slowest possible retrieve and with the most rattle and squeak to attract those Hawg and ready to fish straight from the package.

List Price: $ 6.50 Price: $ 6.50