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4pcs/lot 4Colors 20.5g fishing lure Spirit Spinner Bait soft Lures Fishing Hard Bait Blades Hooks Metal Spoons buzzbait

  • Traditional blade combinations enhance flash and vibration
  • Includes a heavy weed guard to help come through cover easier
  • The Spinner bait with less vibration and more visible flash
  • Brilliant color and patterns of actual bait fish vivid imitate color and patterns of real fishes
  • Technique: Cast and retrieve with erratic action simulating a wounded baitfish
4Colors 20.5g fishing lure Spirit Spinner Bait soft Lures Fishing Hard Bait Blades Hooks Metal Spoons buzzbait

They create life-like swimming actions in water! smooth and rapid action,bright colors 3D eyes make it powerful to attract big fish! Perfect shirt with magic tail, all new natural colors and realistic look in the water will generate more strike. Perfect for all spinner baits fishing
Condition: New
Available Colors:4 Colors
Hook:High Carbon Steel Hook
Packaging: Simple Opp Bag Package
The Hook Is Extremely Sharp. Please Take Care For Handle It.
Keep It Out Of Children's Reach.

List Price: $ 12.04 Price: $ 8.43

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Goture Soft Rubber Mouse Fishing Lures Baits Top Water Tackle Hooks Bass Bait(6 pieces with plastic box)

  • Comes with double barb hooks and spinner sequins design, very high quality and good fishing effect.
  • Very brilliant color and 3D eyes will attract fish's attention effectively.
  • Newly little mouse design with soft rubber material made of.
  • Easy to use due to proper combination of wobbling and rolling. It is also easy to the freshman.
  • Net Weight per piece: 10.5g/ 0.37oz; Length: 6cm/ 2.36in; Packed in plastic box with 6 pieces easy to stow and transport.
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Slogan: Catch your rates and your enjoyment.

Basic information:
For ease of reference, please read the relevant information in the pictures.

Description and summery:
Goture frog is loaded with high quality components, heavy lead frog legs, super soft plastic body, for superior performance in the water. Soft body designed to collapse for easier hook penetration. High strength hooks allow for snag free frog fishing and increase hook up ratios. Intricate details and vivid swimming action bring this lure to life.

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Be careful with your fingers when you use the fishing lure.
3. Protect the environment when you are fishing.

1. Goture adhere to Amazon Return Policy.
2. Within 30 days, any quality problems, we will take full responsibility.
3. Any damages happened during shipping period, we will burden the cost.

List Price: $ 18.99 Price: $ 13.99


Fishing Tackle 143pcs Soft Bait Set Insertion Type Fishing Lure Tackle Box with Bullet Lead Sinkers Fishing Beads Crank Hooks T Tail Fishes Jig Head Hooks Curl Tail Soft Lures Spinners Worms Baits

  • RICH FISHING BAITS - This Fishing Lure kit contains 6 large T tail soft artificial fish lures (red), 20 small T tail soft lures (yellow white), 9 large curl tail soft plastic lures (yellow), 20 small curl tail soft lures (orange), 9pcs small artificial worms (green), 9 lifelike design small worms (pink). The artificial tail including curl tail and T tail, enhances underwater action, super soft for swimming action, attract the fish to chase
  • FISHING LURE ACCESSORIES SET- A wide range of fishing accessories and model complete, different size of fish can be caught. 5pcs 15g bullet lead sinkers, 5 5g bullet lead, 5 3.5g bullet lead; 10 fishing beads; 10 large crank hooks, 9 medium soft tail fish crank hooks, 9 small crank hooks; 5pcs 15g jig head hooks, 5 10g jig hooks, 5 3.5g ball head jig hooks; 2 swim jig with colorful silicone skirt. Sharp hooks ensure the hook point is ready to sting any fish that bites
  • CUSTOMIZED TACKLE BOX - YOUTHINK special customized fishing lure Tackle box with adjustable 13 compartment slot, hang hole added for portable carrying. Insert design, so they can be custom assembled to fit any need. This box has 7 dividers to create 6-13 compartments, help separate different kinds of bait or storage other fishing attachments, fully meet the storage needs
  • DIVERSE CHOOSE & MUCH FUN - Fishing is not easy, choosing the right bait is very important. YOUTHINK All lures are widely used and carefully selected,meet the needs of different varieties of fish you catch. Neutral color soft baits are suitable for all lighting conditions. Different kinds of soft lure will have different kinds of fishing fun, perfect for river, lake fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing and ocean fishing
  • BEST CHOICE FOR FISHING LOVERS - YOUTHINK soft fishing lure offers professional fishing baits, accessories are more reasonable than others providing useless parts. The operation is simple, easy to use, high fish rate, different sizes of fish can be caught, suitable for bass trout barracuda salmon perch tuna crappie walleye no matter freshwater or saltwater fishing, fully enjoy the lure fishing fun
Why you choose YOUTHINK fishing lures set?
YOUTHINK bass bait kit aims to provide professional fishing gear for fishing lovers. Fishing soft bait and accessories are all in one kit. The baits are widely used and carefully selected, no useless parts included, the collocation is more reasonable and professional than other kit, save time for anglers to catch more fishes. We also enhance the bait details, deepen the bait thread depth to store bubbles, more lifelike and more attractive. Own our fishing baits, you can fully enjoy the fishing fun and experience the sense of catching fishes achievement. Therefore, YOUTHINK fishing lures kit is your best choice.

Package included:
6 x large T-tail lure (red)
20 x small T-tail lure (yellow white)
9 x large curl tail lure (yellow)
20 x small curl tail lure (orange)
9 x small worms (green)
9 x small worms (pink)
5 x 15g bullet lead
5 x 5g bullet lead
5 x 3.5g bullet lead
10 x fishing bead
9 x large crank hook
9 x medium crank hook
9 x small crank hook
5 x 15g jig hook
5 x 10g jig hook
5 x 3.5g jig hook
2 x swim jig
1 x tackle box

After Service Guarantee:
If you have any issue or not satisfied with our bass fishing lures, we provide you 30 days refund guarantee and our professional customer service.


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20 Packs Assorted Luminous Sabiki Rigs with Gold Hooks

  • 1. Package included: 20 packs luminous beads sabiki rigs, 6pcs/bag
  • 2. Random hook size:8#,10#,12#,14#,16#,18#,20#,22#
  • 3. Combo: Glow beads + rubber + bright silk + fishing line + ball bearing swivel interlock snap connectors
  • 4. It luminous brightly in the dark to attract big fishes
  • 5. Attention:if we do not have the same color or design as show in the photo we will send the similar ones
These super simulation fly rubber string hooks can be widely used.
They are suitable for trolling fishing,floating fishing,castingfishing.
They can be used on lure rod,bass rod, tele rod,pole rod and so on.
Luminous tube and luminous beads, after light exposure, can glow at night, sensory stimulation to the fish, improve the rate of fishing.



Dr.Fish Pack of 5 With Box Crankbaits Swimbaits Assortment Topwater Floating Fishing Lure Rattlin Bait Minnow Set Silver Treble Hooks Loaded in Box Bass Perch Lipless Freshwater and Saltwater

  • Combination of 5 different styles of fishing hardbaits lures. Including crankbaits and small minnows covering different diving depth and sinking lipless VIB lures.
  • With laser painting chrome patterns, which has been proved as one of the most productive colors for generous freshwater and inshore species like bass, trout, perch.
  • All equipped with treble hooks.
  • Work great for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, trout, perch, redfish, walleye and other popular species in lake, river and canal.
  • 1pcs each style, total 5pcs. Loaded in a strong plastic box.
5 excellent freshwater fishing hardbaits.
- The most productive color: chrome
- High quality laser painting
- Accurate diving depth
- Seductive swimming action in water
- Loaded in lure box
It is a fishing-ready lure set

Flat-side Crank | 2-3/8″|1/4oz |0---5ft
Long Lip Fry |3″ |1/5oz | 0---8 1/6ft
Lipless Fin Crank |3-1/7″ |1/3oz | Sinking
Long Lip Crank | 2-2/5″| 1/5oz |2.0---11.5 ft
Lipless VIB |2-2/5″ | 1/4oz | Sinking

List Price: $ 45.99 Price: $ 11.99


Berkley Fusion19 Weight Swimbait Hooks

  • Weighted swim bait hook sizes include 7/0 to 3/0
  • Needle point with slickest Coating for easier penetration
  • Hook sizing on lead for easy recognition
  • Centering pin on bait keeper for easy Rigging
  • Smoke satin finish
Berkley Fusion19 hooks are targeted to everyone, from the novice to the avid angler. The weighted swim bait hook keeps all your swim Baits secure and running straight. Each hook features a weight and center pin attachment. Each front of every package provides soft-bait recommendations.

List Price: $ 5.69 Price: $ 4.77

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Hengjia Pack of 8 Sinking Rattling Wiggler VIB Lipless Crankbaits Hard Fishing Lures Vibe Vibration Rattle Hooks for Sea Bass & Trout 5.5cm/2.16"/6.6g

  • Body Length 5.5cm/2.16 inches Weight 6.6g quantity : 8pcs
  • diving depth :0.3-0.9M
  • Treble Hooks:8#hooks
  • Qualified high strength plastic material, thru-wire construction
  • Brilliant color and patterns of actual bait fish Vivid imitate color and patterns of real fishes they create life-like swimming actions in water! smooth and rapid action,bright colors 3D eyes make it is powerful to attract big fish!
Hot lipless crankbaits in eight different colors, which can suit for different water area environments and weather conditions;
Can be used for freshwater and saltwater fishing, great for different kinds of big fish;
* Buoyancy: Sinking
* Body Length:5.5cm/2.16 inches
* Weight: 6.6g
* Running Depth: All water layers
* Treble Hooks: Two No.8
* QTY.: 8PCS
From the Manufacturer
Our factory is located in weihai city of china,the world fishing tackle manufactury center.If you need big QTY or OEM ,welcome to contact with us,we wil be very glad to hear from you.


Shelure Minnow Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Sinking Crankbaits Jerkbaits Saltwater Hard Lure (A2 Series)

  • Goture minnow fishing lures feature all your favourite colors plus a few you won't find elsewhere, all intricatedly detailed for true-to-life presentations in any water. Great actions throughout the line.
  • All styles have 3-D lazerball eyes, lazer finish with hand painted detail. This premium crankbait enhances casting distance and accuracy with four weighted balls inside body while center-shifted weight provides precisely balanced swimming action.
  • Design For USA Market,Highly Recommend By Millions For People
  • EASY TO USE: Goture Lure Set are very easy to use and can catch a variety of fishes like Trout, Bass, Salmon etc. Just Hook it up and use to lure the best fish you ever could. simple to use, sit well on the hook.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: All Goture LureS Set are made with premium high quality plastic. This makes the lure soft, flexible with highresolution body detail, life-like swimming actions in water, and a hidden hook
Smooth and rapid diving action bright colors to attract big fish.

3D eyes create life-like smooth and rapid diving action.

They create life-like swimming actions in water.

Popular Bait for Freshwater Fish and Bass

Realistic Shrimp like Detailed Texture

Appropriate for all Fishing Rods

Premium Quality Fishing Lure

Soft, Flexible and Easy to Carry

Easy to use


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Lot 100 pcs Kinds of Fishing Minnow Bass Baits Lures Crankbaits Hooks

  • High-quality outdoor products
  • Simple and easy to use,
  • a good companion of outdoor
  • Professional goods, safe use

100 pieces fishing lures and accessories.
Includes different kinds of lures such as hard baits, soft baits, and so on.
Includes different kinds of lure accessories that you need.
Packed in a plastic two-layer tackle box, easy to store and transport.
The transparent box helps you find your fishing tackle at a glance.
Separate and assorted compartments of the box to store different accessories.
Suitable for different kinds of fishes, wonderful tools for fishing lovers.

Quantity: 100Pcs
Material: Plastic & PVC & metal
Package weight: Approx. 305g

Some of the fishing lures may differ in color or shape due to product stock, but it has no impact on the quality and quantity.

Package List:100* Fishing Tackle


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Goture Superline Worm Hooks Jig Circle Fishing Hooks Soft Bait Texas Rig Wide Gap High Carbon Steel for Saltwater black

  • High carbon steel extra wide gap offers more consistent hookups adds higher tensile strength,durable in use.
  • Fine workmanship,don't rust stay sharp and meet the standards,rigging with worms,and other plastic/rubber baits.
  • Size: 1#,2#,1/0#,2/0#,3/0# per 10pcs.Color: black nickel Jig Hooks
  • A third cutting edge on the bottom of the point from tip to the barb, which helps the barb enter more easily.
  • Package included: 50 pcs worm hooks in a box.Item comes with a transparent plastic box for keeping the different sizes separated and easy to access.
Top Quality Fishing Hooks Color: Black Sliver Carbon Plastic Box Hooks Length: From 1 Cm to 2.5 Cm, Please Make Sure that the Sizes Before Biding. 1 Set=50pcs Included Following,2#X10PCS 1#X10PCS 1/0#X10PCS 2/0#X10PCS 3/0#X10PCS

List Price: $ 13.99 Price: $ 10.99


Kids Fishing Pole 55 inches Light Weight Durable Baitcast Beginner Fishing Pole with Tackle Box Easy for Boys and Girls

  • Perfect Gifts for Kids! Fishing helps kids building confidence, practice patience, balance and coordination, appreciation of nature, good morals and ethics!
  • Comfortable and Easy for kids! A textured pistol style handle ensures a secure grip. The spincast reel offers easy push-button casting method to allow kids to feel cool and confident when the fun starts!
  • Kids Fishing Combo Full Set! It's equipped with a small tackle box which includes hooks, bobbers, lures, weights, swivels,etc! offers everything you need to catch trout, sunfish, bass and more! Perfect for ponds and lakes!
  • "Wow, I got it"Kids must be very excited when they caught a fish. It will be a fun memory!
  • Life Time Warranty. If the pole broke, Just email us(, Replacement will be reship asap.
Get your kids ready to fish with the SYL Spincast Kids Fishing Combo!
New Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Released on September,2016!

SYL Fishing Always care about our customers! This fishing kit prepared all you may need!
Great for Camping, Travel, Nice gifts for kids, friends!

Fishing pole
●Material:Carbon Fibre.
●Extended Length: 55(in)
●Closed Length:14(in)
●Net Weight:4.5(oz)

Fishing Reel
●Gear Ratio:3.1:1
●Net Weight:6(oz)

What else you got?
●A box of line(50m)
●Fishing Hooks/Lures/Floats/Weights etc. Clearly on the last picture!

Warranty & Service
●SYL Fishing(TM) provide 30 days Money-Back!12 Month for Repair or Exchange!!!
●If your rod broken. Just email us the order number and pics! So easy!
●Response within 12 hrs, Welcome to contact us below
-(FB page: SYL Fishing/

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