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Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Jigging Rod (Rod Power M, Fast, 6'6'')

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Action: Medium
Line Test: 4 to 10 pounds
Lure Weight: 1/8-5/8 ounces
Number of Guides: 7
Fenwick Elite Tech rods. Designed by the pros for you, each model is desined with unique components to provide maximum performance. Special handles for each fishing application. Tuned for the highest sensitivity

“Fenwick® ELITE TECH rods are the PERFECT Fishing Rods”- Hank Parker. As one of the worlds premier rod builders, at Fenwick® we challenged our Senior Engineers and our Elite Pros to think outside the box, and to design and produce the finest fishing rods ever built, and they overdelivered. They not only built the finest fishing rods made, but they built one to perfectly meet the specific technical needs of each and every walleye fishing technique. As a walleye fisherman, whether you jig, rig, slip bobber fish, drag crankbaits, bottom bouncers, or troll, Fenwick® has built the PERFECT rod to meet your specific need. Each model is designed with unique components to provide maximum performance. The TAC handle™s design provides increased grip in all fishing conditions, and is more durable than cork and provides an even better grip when wet. Fenwick® ELITE TECH rods are truly perfect fishing rods for every walleye fishing application.

If you are looking for a walleye jigging rod this is the one.I fish deep water with current you can feel everything with this rod.You can tell if your minnow came off or if your bait is out of place. Put over 100 walleyes in the boat with this rod in the last month.Best rod on the market.

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How to jigging- Nate Zelinsky, Walleye pro, explains how to properly jig for walleye and what gear to use. Find the fishing rods used in this video at,default,sc.html. FEEL THE ACTION!
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