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Deep sea fishing is a wonderful and extremely enjoyable activity. Here are some tips that will make your salt water fishing adventure even better.

1. Watch the signs

If you see birds e.g. Seagulls that are feasting on small bait-type fishes, there are probably larger game-type fish below the surface of the water. Also, look for floating wood or debris. In most cases when you chance upon a large floating wood, you would find a large game fish in the area even encountering dolphin.

2. Stop, Snook and Listen

Fishing for snooks is quite similar as fishing for bass. Snooks like to be around ledges, posts and rocks.

3. Crabs for full moon

During full moons use soft crab imitations as bait. That’s the time when crabs shed their shells and stripers come looking for them.

4. If you’re looking for tunas, find the dolphins

Yellowfin tuna are usually found schooling with dolphins. So if you see a group of dolphins, chances are there are some tuna in the area.

5. Cut and Burn

If you have trouble cutting through a spiderwire braid, try using a lighter or a match.

6. Good Reef

The best place to fish is near reefs since big game fish feed on fish that live on reefs.

7. The Circle Hook

Use a circle hook if you would like a higher hook up ratio. These hooks guarantees more catch, because of the minute gap, and the reverse point. They are generally better for the fish since they do not hook in the gut just the lip.

8. Don’t have sea legs

Watch the horizon and stay on deck. These would generally help you if you’re having trouble with sea sickness: Stay away from the boat fumes, breathing it only exacerbates the problem.

9. Anchors away

When your anchor is stuck at the bottom, try attaching a float to it. Return after the tide has changed in direction. This should be enough to loosen the anchor.

10. Fish where the fish are

A lot of fisherman have the idea that they should be catching their live baits over the reefs before going to deep waters. If the live baits are not in the area you’re planning to catch the larger games, then why would you come up with the idea that the large fish are there. Wouldn’t they be in the area where the bait fish are?

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Just as with any other type of fishing, deep sea saltwater fishing techniques are largely dependent on what specifically you are trying to catch. However, the good news is that there are particular tips and techniques that can help you have a better chance of landing your fish of choice while you’re out on your deep sea expedition. Though there are a host of targets for deep sea fishermen, a few of the common ones are the albacore, yellowtail, white sea bass, and barracuda. Each one of these requires a specific knowledge and approach to make your deep sea expedition a success.

The albacore tuna can be found in temperate deep seas across the globe. It is distinguished from other tunas by the elongated pectoral fins. The albacore eats primarily small fish, but squid crab and shrimp play an important part as well. When you set out to go deep sea fishing, keep in mind that they are located and caught most often by trolling through an area that offers prime diet and temperature conditions for the fish.

Most often, the environment in the waters off of California and Mexico present an ideal place for the albacore. As a result, most albacore deep sea fishing success comes when they are sought after in those waters. Most deep sea sport fishing boats supply trolling rigs for albacore, but if you prefer to use your own rod, you need to make sure that it is between five and a half to six and a half feet long with a sixty to eighty pound test.

The majority of troll caught albacore are caught on feather jigs with colors depending on the condition. If you decide to use bait when fishing for albacore, the most effective kinds are anchovies or sardines. One of the key things to remember when deep sea fishing is to always be alert and prepared – from the very first cast on. It is often the first baits into the water that are bit. Also, when your boat has stopped, make sure that your line is straight out in front of you – this will prevent tangles.

Another popular target of deep sea fishermen is the yellowtail. Typically found in more tropical waters, there are a number of ways to fish yellowtail. They will take a variety of baits and lures, with squid, sardines, mackerels, and anchovies being the most preferred. One thing to keep in mind when dealing with yellowtail is that they are extremely fast.

You will most likely want to use a kind of jig fishing, which allows you to fish with much heavier line. A thirty to fifty pound test works pretty well. However, when the yellowtail are feeding on or near the surface, they sometimes will take surface iron. Squid is certainly the most effective bait of all when dealing with yellowtail. The specific type of hook and jig that will work best is most accurately determined by certain conditions – such as current, depth, and the typical size of yellowtail in the area.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best saltwater fishing information possible. Get more information on deep sea fishing here: Try a Paternoster rig with just Soft plastics, I’ve been using the Berkley gulp soft plastics with great success, and these have been working well on a Paternoster Rig, this enables you to get them down into the deep water, when deep sea or reef fishing. I originally was bit of a sceptic of soft plastics but have been converted and well worth a try for reef fishing. The Berkley gulp 6″ Grubs, and Squid viscious are ideal on the hooks on Your Paternoster rig. In this video I used circle hooks and the beauty is the motion of the boat rocking is enough action for the soft plastics/lures, and they will hook themselve in the corner of the mouth. It doesn’t get easier than that. We’ve caught a good variety of reef fish on these including Red Emperor, Redthroat and Grassy Sweetlip, cod, trevally, coral trout, Nannygai and heaps more.
I also used a Nitro Elevator jighead as your weight on the bottom of your Paternoster rig, This also acts as a lure working and bouncing across the bottom, although you do have to be careful you don’t get the soft plastic snagged. Normally just take up a wind or two. I got some good fish on this trip taking it easy using the soft plastics on a Paternoster rig and is well worth a try.
Check out our easy how to tie a Paternoster rig video and just use this with the Berkley gulp soft plastics. We have also been using the Plastics with Bait, this has also been very effective, making for a larger bait with Colour and more action. The soft Plastics are quite tough and harder to get off, and they’re still catching more fish once the bait is gone.
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Cheers Greg
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JSHANMEI 10pcs/lot Life-like Plastic Minnow Fishing Lures Baits Deep Diver Sinking Bass Crankbaits with 3D Fishing Eyes Two Treble Hooks

  • Package Included: 10pcs/pack Hard Plastic Fishing Baits
  • Length: 3.9 inch / 10cm
  • Weight: 0.36 oz / 10.2g
  • Rigged with 2 High Quality Treble Hooks and Durability
  • These Bright-color Minnow with 3D Eyes Create Life-like Smooth and Rapid Diving Actions to Attract Big Fish in Water


They create life-like swimming action in water.
Smooth and rapid diving action.
Bright colors to attract big fish.
3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool.
Excellent visual effect of luring fish.


Style: Minnow hard lure
Material: Plastic
Color: Multicolor
Hook: 2 treble hooks
Item Length: 10cm / 3.9inch
Item Weight: 10.2g
Package Size: 4.2*1.3*0.8inch / 10.5cm*3.5cm*2cm
Package Weight: 14.6g

List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 12.99


Great lure for deep water walleye on Lake of The Woods Best ever favorite videos by WillCFish Fishing Tips and Tricks on
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Angling for Free Fishing Videos? Here is a video on Fishing Tips and Tricks, I do video on many species such as Catfish, Walleye, Muskie, Northern, Panfish, Salmon to include most freshwater and some saltwater fish. Information good from Fishing Pro to Novice angler will like this instruction where you can Discover Fishing when you are on the hunt for big fish. I will be talking about Fish, Fishing, Outdoors, lures, boats, motors, rods, reels, Bass, Boating, and wildlife.
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Leadcore Trolling for Deep Walleye

Jon Thelen demonstrates how to use leadcore line to keep a crankbait like a Smithwick Rogue or Lindy River Rocker in the strike zone.

Mason LC-27 Lead Core Spools

This fast sinking line is composed of abrasion resistant colored Braided Nylon over a flexible lead core. It is color metered every 10 yards with non fading dye for exact depth control using a specific number of colors. This smooth and easy to control line is a must for fisherman trying to fish deep water and be extra stealthy.

Included are 2 connected spools of 100 yards (10 colors) 27# leadcore line for a total of 200 yards (20 colors).

List Price: $ 33.48 Price: $ 25.31


Sougayilang Graphite Carbon Fiber Portable Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod for Boat Saltwater and Freshwater,2.4M/7.87Ft

  • The Sougayilang Black Hawk Telescoping Travel Spinning Fishing Rods Are Made of High Density 24 Ton Carbon Fiber and E-Glass Composite for Great Power and Sensitivity. It's Light Weight and Perfectly Balanced, Thus Less Fatigue. Perfect Christmas Gift for Our Fisherman!
  • The Exquisite Reel Seat Is Made of Corrosion Resistant CNC Machined Aluminum for Years of Worry Free Fishing.
  • Three Point Welded Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic Inserts for Use with Braided or Mono Fishing Line and Providing Saltwater Approved Corrosion Resistant and Power Control.
  • Light Weight and Portable, Easily Fits In Car Trunk, Boat Hatch or Backpack. Sougayilang Telescopic Rods Allow You To Travel To Your Favorite Fishing Spot and Enjoy Fishing Whenever and Wherever You Want.
  • Various Sizes and Lengths Available for Freshwater Bass Trout Fishing, Saltwater Surf Fishing or Inshore Fishing. We Are Proud To Present You The Worry-free 1 Year Warranty!
Sougayilang Black Hawk travel spinning fishing rods telescope out and completely collapse for easy travel and storage.
These travel rods have CNC machined aluminum reel seat components and three point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic
inserts for complete corrosion resistance.24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass construction can deadlift up to 10 pounds.
Sougayilang Black Hawk telescopic spinning fishing rods are for saltwater or freshwater fishing,
will cover many species, and look great with any Sougayilang fishing reels.
Sougayilang telescoping travel fishing rods are especially great for backpackers and campers.

Size---------Weight---Open Length---Close Length---Guides---Tip DIA.---Lure Weight---Line Weight
1.8M 5.91Ft----147g-------178cm--------47cm---------4---------2.2mm-------7-9g--------5-10lb
2.1M 6.89Ft----177g-------213cm--------49cm---------5---------2.2mm-------7-9g--------5-10lb
2.4M 7.87Ft----226g-------245cm--------50cm---------6---------2.2mm-------7-14g-------6-12lb
2.7M 8.86Ft----235g-------263cm--------53cm---------6---------2.2mm-------7-21g-------8-15lb
3.0M 9.84Ft----290g-------295cm--------54cm---------7---------2.2mm-------7-21g-------8-15lb
3.6M 11.81Ft---329g-------358cm--------70cm---------7---------2.2mm-------7-21g-------8-15lb

The total extended length Open size Please in kind prevail, thanks!

Type: Telescope Fishing Rod, Boat Fishing Rod
Power: Medium Light
Material: Carbon, Metal
Suitable for spinning reel
Easy and portable design:
A plastic cap for protection of the guide rings on the pole
A bag for protection of the rod

Package includes:
1 *Fishing Rod

List Price: $ 300.00 Price: $ 31.99


The 13 Fishing 42L Widow Maker paired with a Black Betty 6061 is the ultimate deep water bluegill rod. Not only can you see the bite in 20 feet of water or more, you’ll feel like someone hit the end of your rod with a hammer.
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Ezyoutdoor 2 pcs Fishing Pliers with Aluminum Handles and Stainless Steel Jaws Cutter for Super Braided Mono Fluorocarbon Line

  • Lightweight and bright, Essential fishing equipment.
  • Easy Use,Easy Carry: Spring loaded handle for easy one handed use,we plus a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster to always keep this handy tool within easy reach and security
  • Cuts all types of fishing line including: Braid, Mono filament, Fluorocarbon, Nanofil and Fly Line.
  • Aluminum and Corrosion Resistant: Booms Fishing aluminum fishing pliers comes from anodized aluminum material for saltwater or freshwater environments. No rust ,No corrosion any more
  • package:1 warranty. 7-15 shipping days with tracking number

Material: special aluminum alloy for body.SUS 420 stainless steel for jaws.
Technics:CNC machine for each unit to ensure top-grade quality.
Treatment: Anodize coated on surface with multi-colors.
Precision sharpened tungsten carbide cutters.Easy cutting braided line and wire steel.
will give more grip at holding items. (Ideal for removing hooks)
Comes with a pouch and lanyard so will attach to your belt.
Application:For cutting, stripping, pulling, crimping (gold only).

List Price: $ 14.99 Price: $ 14.99


Deep sea angling is an encounter every person must discuss. Now is a good time of year when the beaches are not so crowded. Whether seeing the children or creating a new family journey, there is constantly a happy times to be had actually and memories made when deep sea fishing. Destin has long been known for its stunning white sand beaches and lovely dusks. It is a holiday destination of choice. Many could not understand about the encounter of deep sea fishing in Destin. The fish tales and the photos taken during the trip will certainly last forever. Be the envy of the area by bringing house tales of catching the large one by deep sea angling. There’s a whole world out there on the higher seas that will bring a bounce back into the step slowed down by the job world. When taking a getaway, really avoid all of it.

There have been numerous which have decided on deep sea angling in Destin as part of a bachelor celebration. This is a special suggestion that damages the mold and mildew and a lot easier for a fiancé to manage. Acquire out in the sun and delight in some great times with your close friends capturing fish and it is additionally much easier to extol. The fish attracted below are generally rather large and plentiful which makes the whole travel also more stimulating. These are merely a couple of factors to ensure deep sea angling in Destin a part of your vacation adventures. If choosing your household, the children will certainly be remarkably delighted when they draw in their very first large one. And we all know that satisfied children equal happy parents.

Get out there and see the globe away from land. Every person requires to flee and relieve the pressures from everyday life. The captain and very first mates are devoted to ensuring all have a good time and experienced with the waters which permits some unbelievable catches.

Parents could feel comfortable knowing their household is in excellent hands. Opt for specialists in the industry that understand the finest places to fish and when to go give it a shot. This makes the trip so considerably better. With the budget-friendly rates provided daily, there makes sure to be a travel to fit almost any sort of budget. Numerous assurance to offer the very best in deep sea fishing Destin, however not all can provide exactly what’s discovered here.

Destin charter angling travels are something everyone could tell their friends approximately. Have something better to talk regarding than sunbathing and crowded pools. Fishing obtains you far from the groups and gives some well deserved quiet. Isn’t really that what a holiday is about? There’s no necessity to hide in the resort room. That can be done at home. Get the sea breeze across the face and appreciate everything deep sea fishing and Destin can offer. Giggling will be discussed by all and maybe a dad will certainly become a hero in the process. Call or go on the internet today to see the amount of enjoyable could be had.

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Peter Drennan and Gary Barclay spent a day at Cob House fishery with 5 times World Champ Alan Scotthorne. In this video clip Alan describes his special strategy …


Deep sea angling is as stimulating a sporting activity as any. The adventure of striking an 1100 pound marlin is impressive. But there are other kinds of fish in the sea also. Some will certainly feed in the browse, some will certainly provide from all-time low as well as others will certainly provide in the shallows. So the variety of your sea fishing reel is an essential one.

Sea fishing reels are offered in numerous various types relying on the type of angling you intend on doing. All have their numerous components and the choice procedure is critical to the excellence of your exploration. The incorrect kind of reel can cost you a great deal of satisfaction and take the fascinating right out of the journey.

Initially, look at sea fishing reels that are developed for a deep sea atmosphere. The sea’s salt usually tends to be difficult on some materials. The most effective ones are framed in aluminum or stainless steel to withstand rusting and rust. These are also larger and additional staunch to accommodate serious weather condition health conditions (cyclones could occur quick at sea) and manage bigger, more powerful fish.

The sort of fish you are pursuing is one of the most important factor right here. For smaller sized fish like grouper or red snapper, a lighter reel could be the means to go. Lighter line and a lighter general building will certainly do well. For larger fish like albacore tuna, marlin or swordfish, you wish a big honker of a reel with good access features and bigger, cable like line.

Following, consider your encounter level and pick a reel that fits you. If you get a reel with functions you have no concept the best ways to use, you may spend all your time acquiring utilized to the reel 9instead of angling. If you are going out for your first time, a fundamental reel that is proper for the target is all you would certainly need.

As you get more skilled, you can always trade up to the high technician reels on the marketplace.

Research the various sorts of sea fishing and just select sea fishing reels that are matched to your fishing method. As an example, if you spend a great deal of time kite angling, an angling reel made for deep drop angling isn’t what you wish. However, if deep decrease technique is your specialty, an angling reel matched to moderate data rates trolling will not be helpful for you.

The Internet is a fantastic place to do some analysis, however when it comes to buying an angling reel, the most effective thing to do is visit your regional sporting products shop and see them for yourself. Ask a sales representative to reveal you the distinctions and how they work. Don’t hesitate to ask inquiries and you will come to be competent soon sufficient.

Essentially, start fundamental and function your way up. Obtain your feet damp, then go deeper. Sea fishing reels are as varied as the fish they are made use of to capture. Be certain to pick the right one for your journey and you will certainly have the moment of your life.


Angling activities are mostly performed in the summer season, also if the temperature level is extremely higher. The fish are seen in numerous spots such as wrecks coastal seasides in front, sea-grass and deep ravines. Southeast Deer Isle offers an assortment of fish.

The deep sea fish popular in Mississippi is the speckled trout. Redfish, white trout, go to pieces, black drum, spadefish, Crevalle jack and ground mullet types of fish are discovered extensively in the Mississippi River watershed. In June, we could locate large trout females. Americans love angling for trout. These trout weigh from 2-6 pounds. Fish considering over 7 pounds have additionally been discovered. A fish called cobia is in May or June. According to the lab on the Mississippi Gulf Coastline, Cobian traverse 15 miles each day. A big cobia evaluating 60 to 100 pounds. The suitable health condition for the quest of a cobia is a warm day with a southeast wind.

Petit Bois and Horn Island has numerous fish, especially redfish. Damage triggered by Cyclone Katrina a few years ago did not have an effect on the existence of aquatic life. Redfish are in August on the barrier isles. saltwater fishing in Mississippi gives livelihood for many individuals in the U.s.a of The united state of america.

Mississippi Saltwater Angling Rules
There are lots of regulations and requirements need to be complied with before the real deep sea angling. It is compulsory to hold a fishing permit to fish in the sea in all deep seas Mississippi, southern of UNITED STATE roads 90. The most fascinating truth is that July 04 is day off yearly saltwater angling. Anybody that has a legitimate license is authorized to fish in aquatic waters on this day. The investment of a watercraft license is also required.

Deep sea angling features attending to all the aspects required for angling.

A fishing tools is a devices used for fishing. Its size ought to match the size of the fish. A terminal is to deal with a tackle attached to completion of his angling line. This is a plug, the weight of the hook, swivel and innovator. The weights correspond taking into account the dimension of the fish. Terminal is utilized for overseas or deep bottom fishing offshore. A draft is the major terminal take on. Knobs are created to stop line twist. The swivel permits the terminal deal with to rotate and stay clear of line swivel. There are various types of bearings. A swivel of the barrel is the most affordable offered swivel. Yet the issue is that its layout places stress on the ball as it influences his potential to transform. A turning of the crane is a lot more expensive than a barrel swivel. Openly turning under heavy tension. Rotating ball-bearing spin are sturdy and supply high qualities. Have incorporated interior ball bearings turn openly leader. match being unbuttoned trip when a fish is captured. Link the leader line. Poles, bait, tackle and poles are a few other scrap. These deals are readily available in all dimensions, styles, weights and costs. Salt water is rugged water. So the bar should be sturdy. addresses the crappie angling is quite efficient. The deals with need to be kept tidy. Wash confront with cleansing soap to stop rust.

Tips for saltwater fishing
First, the anglers must have excellent empirical capabilities. Select the kind of fish you wish. Redfish are in the Gulf of Mexico. It is not essential to guide the deep waters as these fish delight in the shallow waters. If you are targeting striped bass, you ought to visit the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.

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