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Crappie fishing in winter can be a daunting challenge but cheer up there is help. Super crappie fishing really begins after the ice is long gone in the spring but its cold now and we are hungry for that clean white morsel of meat.

So you ask how to catch the little guys and how to get that pan fish in your pan and when ice fishing there are only a few key items to consider: bait, location and ice.

When it is cold the fish are slower and their hunting patterns change. Do not forget this – EVER. We are not much different, we like our ice cream in the summer and chili in winter. Keep this in mind when fishing in any water temperature. Use fast baits in warmer waters and slower baits in colder waters.

When the waters are cooler and sometimes frozen everything below the surface moves slower so when choosing jigs pick ones that move slower, this means lighter weight too as it will not sink so fast. Many of the plastic jigs will move smoothly through the water, this is a great advantage in the spring months, but not so much in the colder waters.

Feathered jigs once wet will also smooth out and move quickly through the water but an artificial feather sometimes will fall slower than most plastics. Do not forget either that plastics will get stiffer when they get colder and this is part of the reason that smaller jigs work well in the colder waters.

When the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees crappie will seek shelter in almost any structure they can find, so choose a bait that will be found in shelter they are hiding in. Most waters will get a little clearer when they ice over. When this happens use smaller jigs.

I would also suggest using really light colors on the jig like yellows and whites. Some of the smaller plastics seem to work well for me I like to use smaller grubs or tubes. When I know the water is clear I start with white or very light colors and work towards darker colors. But as the visibility of the water changes go with a color that is only slightly lighter.

Remember most bait fish or insects are really trying to blend in to the background so you want to stand out just a little bit more. It really is not that hard when the waters are green use a slightly lighter green jig. But if the waters or currents are really active use a stiff plastic jig and if the waters are still use a feathered jig because they will look more lively.

Another good trick is to use a light colored body with a medium contrasting head. For example use a yellow grub with a red head or reverse it. But I’ve haven had a lot of success using opposite colors like red with green.

I know we do not carry a color wheel, although it might help, in our tackle box but if the color combination seems unnatural chances are the crappie might think so as well. You can use opposite colors if there is a gradient between the colors. Just avoid sharp contrasting colors as these do not appear readily in nature.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best crappie fishing information possible. Get more information on crappie fishing tips here:

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If you live at or around Lake Weiss, then you probably already know that it is one of the best crappie fishing locations in Alabama. If you’re not from Alabama but just a fan of crappie fishing, then you have still probably heard of Lake Weiss. Maybe you or someone you know has even been fishing at this lake before. This 30,200 acre impoundment has over 455 miles of shoreline for fishing and it has many acres of very shallow waters as well as deeper river channels, both of which are perfect for crappie fishing.

Lake Weiss has a great reputation in the fishing community, particular for catching crappie. Sometimes called the Crappie Capital of the World, Lake Weiss is located in northeast Alabama in Cherokee County. It’s 1 hours from Birmingham and Atlanta, Georgia and it’s on the Alabama/Georgia border. This is the prime location in Alabama for crappie fishing and many fishermen feel it is the best place in the world for fishing for crappie. It’s no surprise then that some people even travel from great distances just to be able to fish in this lake.

Strategies and Tactics for Fishing on Lake Weiss

So how can you fish like a pro in the popular Lake Weiss? You need to know some insider strategies and tactics for fishing for crappie in this lake if you want to get the best results possible. First, you need to go prepared. Bring your best fishing rods and reels and an assortment of jigs, live baits and colorful baits which crappie tend to enjoy. Make sure you come with more than one type of bait since crappie can often be selective and may not respond to the first thing you try. This gives you freedom to experiment with different things until you find one that the crappie like.

Next, you need to find a good, comfortable spot for you and your boat and then experiment with different depths in the water until you find one that yields great results. Sometimes the crappie are about 10 to 15 feet under the surface of the water, especially if the water is clear and the sun is out. When it gets darker, such as around dusk, they may rise higher to the surface of the water and be catchable between 5 and 10 feet deep. These tactics will help you determine where the crappie are at and what they are responding to best on a particular day when you are out fishing. Remember that this can change from day to day so you will need to try again each time you come out. What worked on one fishing trip may not necessarily work on another, even in the same location.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best crappie fishing information possible. Get more information on crappie fishing here:

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If there was ever a fish custom designed for ice fishing, crappies are it. They are plentiful, somewhat active all year, and wonderful table fare. They are also relatively easy to catch, once you locate them. To be consistently successful, all you need to do is learn a few trick of the trade.

The hardest part of crappie fishing, no matter what season, is locating them. Needless to say, a portable depth-finder is almost a necessity, and an underwater camera is also a good addition to your arsenal. In winter, crappie will seek out the warmest water they can find.

Without delving deeply into the science of Hydrology, as a rule of thumb, the warmest water will be found in the area that contains the largest mass of water. This will be the part that freezes last. There will also be other areas of warmer water, but this is a good place to start.

Once you have found this area, the other considerations are depth, structure, and oxygen content. Crappie will be found in the warmer water at depths from 15′, down to around 50′, suspending in some relation to structure. So, submerged timber in 30-40′ of water, near a channel or riverbed is good place to start. Shallow water can become oxygen depleted when the lake turns over in winter.

Most likely, you will catch smaller crappie in shallower water. Also, what holds true for crappie also appiles to other species, so be prepared for some added bonus fish, such as bluegills, smallmouth bass, and walleyes. In fact, another trick to locating crappie is that if you find yourself catching large bluegills at a certain death, try dropping your bait down about 5′-10′ deeper. Often crappie will be suspending right underneath them.

The best times of day for ice fishing are late morning and early afternoon. Crappie will often move along lines of structure from deeper to shallower water at these times, in search of food, warmth and oxygen. They will follow riverbeds, channels and other contours, from one area of structure to another.

When selecting tackle, the key word is Light. Long rods are not necessary for ice fishing. There are several specialty crappie combos, many with line counters and depth line locators that can be purchased for a nominal outlay. These are perfect, since you will be almost exclusively vertical fishing with tiny jigs and small bait. Any light, or ultralight rod around 4 to 5 long will work. The reels can be very simple. A light spinning, or spin-casting reel is adequate. You need to use nothing larger than 4 lb. test line.

One of the best rigs is a double hook, or jig rig with s lip bobber. These will detect the lightest of hits. Many times, the only indication of a bite will be the bobber moving around slowly, or maybe laying on its side.

Another trick is to make a strike indicator from an old guitar low string. Simply tie a 4 length of the string to the last section of your rod, with the ball-end even with your tip guide. Then, bend the string up until it makes a 45 degree angle with the rod. Run your line through the ball-end, then through the tip guide. This will detect the very lightest of bites.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best crappie fishing information possible. Get more information on Catching Crappie in the Ice here:

Today’s episode we’re finally out on the ice fishing for those lovely winter perch. We’ve got the boatless angler with us today along with the rest of the Thundermist crew.

We’re out in Lake Simcoe on Cook’s Bay right at the end of January. It’s been a very warm winter this year, and this is the first time we’ve had a chance to get out onto some safe ice. Right now we’re standing on about 8-10 inches of ice.

We’re not using any bait today, as we’re running the Stingnose jigging spoons. It’s so realistic that it looks like a minnow all on it’s own. The hook is placed right on the head of the minnow, which is where fish tend to hit first. They are perfect for lightly jigging close to the bottom.

If you’d like to get your own Stingnose jigging spoons, you can get them here:

We brought the ice fishing hut with us today, though we’re not going to use it. The advantage of not using the hut is it gives us the option of being mobile if the hole we’re fishing for perch at are producing smaller fish.

We brought the power auger with us, and without needing to setup and tear down a hut, we’re able to walk about, drilling more hole as needed. It also helps that today’s weather was well above freezing.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!

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[Охота за Окуня Мастер Класс] HT #MicroMaster has been my Go-To #Ultralite spin fishing rod from as long as I started [] chasing #Crappie, #Bluegill and #Perch the best part is when you are using Micro Lures they are on the menu for all species from #Walleye [] through Bass and Trout to #Carp [] to Muskie and Pike [] and when the weather is in-between open water and #icefishing [] I target the millponds and spillways that don’t freeze and gather the wintering #Panfish. Small icefishing jigs under a bobber or slowly twitched across the bottom will do the job. I’ve fast forwarded through the casting and jigging to show you two GoPro batteries worth of UL spin fishing – all Fish Released. When I decided to try Medium Action spinning with Mepps the Carp were so thick that I snagged a couple that promptly went back to “plough the fields” Enjoy!
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