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Mo Bling Hog Calls and Lures

  • Multiple lure fishing rig
  • Fish up to 6 lures
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable fish attracting nickel willow leaf blades
  • Easy to cast
  • Sliding rubber grommet for easy compact fold-up
The lightest easiest to cast umbrella rig on the market. You can fish up to 6 lures as every arm has an interchangeable snap(s) with a smooth power swivel attached. The arms are made with 035. Gauge stainless steel wire that can handle the rigors of constant bending yet still is flexible enough to create the fish attracting vibration from the lures. Our unique spinnerbait style arm acts like a rudder so ours doesn't roll like many of the 5 arm versions. The 1/4 oz.. Head is powder coated with a tough finish. Three nickel willow leaf blades gives you the "bling" that mimics a school of baitfish ready for a bass's next meal. Finally, when you're done fishing, the institutional grade rubber grommet can be slid down the wires collapsing them in a compact way for easy storing.