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We will try to outline the proper conditions and methods for using each of them.

The spinnerbait is perhaps the number one lure for Largemouth Bass. It is a lure that is quite versatile and able to be used in many different conditions with many different presentations.

Spinnerbaits come in two main styles. The Willow Leaf Spinnerbait has a blade that is shaped like a willow leaf. The large amount of area for the sunlight to reflect off makes this bait designed for visual attraction. It is best used in conditions where you have available light to use to your advantage. It also works best in clear water where the visual range of a fish is at its longest.

Indiana style spinnerbaits employ a blade that is both circular and is cupped at the edges. This bait is designed to provide attraction though sound. It is used successfully in murky water and especially late at night when the available sunlight is either low or non existent.

The presentation you use when casting a spinnerbait can vary based on conditions. This lure is somewhat weedless and can be used most effectively through moderate to light weed cover. I like to use spinnerbaits in lily pads.

I vary my retrieve, sometimes allowing the bait to cruise between the pads at various different depths between the surfaces of the water and two to three feet below the surface. If this method does not work I will try a stop and go retrieve that causes the bait to occasionally drop in pockets of the pads.

Often you will notice the strike occurs as the bait begins its drop. You must be cognizant of this fact and be ready to set your hook.

Crankbaits are designed for catching active Largemouth Bass in deeper water. Visually they appear more like a fish than any other bait you will use. The first key consideration is selecting which crankbait to use. There are two factors to lead to the answer of this question:

1) You should try to match the shape and color of the bait to the forage fish of the Largemouth Bass you are angling for. In lakes where shad are the preferred forage species a round silvery crankbait is in order. In rivers where the forage is generally much smaller minnows you would change to a different color and smaller sized bait.

2) The running depth of crankbaits vary, you must choose the right one for the area you are fishing. Ideally a crankbait will have a running depth very close to the bottom. You will in fact like the bait to occasionally hit the bottom. By vary the speed of your retrieve and angle of the rod you can alter this factor somewhat. The primary running depth however is influenced most by the design of the bait itself. The key determining factor is the clear plastic lip near the eye hole. The size and angle of this lip determines how deep the bait runs when it is retrieved.

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Is there one lure that will work best for all type of bass fishing? Veterans of this sport fishing will be quick to tell you that it really depends on why the bass is striking the lure. It could be an instant reaction to a foreign object in the water, an attempt to defend their territory against what is seen as a predator or because the fish wants something to eat. It is highly unlikely that the bass would be trying to defend its territory unless you cast out your line near a nest. Therefore, a bright and shiny lure would grab attention, as would one containing food.

Most of the time the best type of lure to use for fishing bass is shad. However, most shad grow larger than bass, so you need to look for the threadfin shad, which are the main food of bass. Shad tend to be deep in the water during the summer months, which makes it harder for the bass to feed on. This is one time of the year when you are most likely to be really lucky in catching bass because of the scarcity of the food source. You also have to realize that bass are most active during the afternoon hours and do not actively hunt for food once the sun goes down.

Another good lure for catching bass is carp. During the spring, there are a lot of newly-hatched carp in the waters on which bass do feed. During this season, they would be easily attracted by a gold or bronze colored lure shaped like a carp. If there are a lot of carp in the water, though, for the bass to feed on, you will have a hard time getting one to nibble or bite on your lure.

During bass tournaments, you can choose to use a worm, spinnerbait or topbait. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Most bass fishermen like to use crankbaits because of their versatility. You can fish them from anywhere, such as on top of the water, right down to the bottom or somewhere in between. If you want these lures to suspend, then you can add weights to them.

You should make sure your hook is sharp and don’t automatically assume that split rings will last forever. They will get rusty, which will weaken them and cause breakage. You should inspect them regularly and replace them with new ones as soon as you notice any damage. Think about the depth of water that you are fishing in when choosing crankbaits. In a river that is 10-12 feet deep, you should use a crankbait that runs at least 15 feet. Using a light line will also let your lure go deeper.

There are different materials in lures as well. Plastic lures are very light and are easier to throw, but wooden ones have more buoyancy in the water. If you are fishing in really cold water, then your best bet with a crankbait lure would be to use a flat sided one and if the water is not clear, use a lure that rattles to attract the attention of the bass.

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One of the most important pieces of apparel you can have when you take up fly fishing is a quality vest. You have a lot of choices when looking at fly fishing vests, so you will want to choose carefully. It is important that your vest meets your needs, so consider your options before settling on one.

All fly fishing vests come with a variety of pockets in different shapes and sizes. You will want a vest that comes with enough pockets to hold your fishing gear, but not too many lest you are tempted to overload the vest. You will not want to carry too many things or you will be uncomfortable and it will hinder your movement.

The vest should fit comfortably and you should have plenty of room to move around. The pockets should close with Velcro so you can have easy access to your supplies. When you choose your vest, make sure that you are able to wear layers underneath it and can still move around easily.

Vests come in a variety of colors. Many fly fishers choose a neutral brown, but you can also pick vests in colors like blue and orange. Because you will be out in the wilderness, blending in is important as is safety. You will want to be visible to other fishers and hunters without scaring away the fish in the process.

The vest should have a short waist mainly because you will be wading in water. Ideally, you will not want it to get wet, so if it falls just above your waist, you will stay dry and comfortable.

Consider what weather conditions will be like when you are fly fishing. If you will be fishing mostly in the summertime, you may want to consider a mesh vest that will be well ventilated and keep you cool in the summer heat. Cold water fishing will require you to wear layers underneath, so pick one with enough room to allow you to move about easily.

Some vests come with a built-in life preserver. This can be a great help if you will be fishing rough waters with strong currents. You never know when an accident will happen, and with these built-in floatation devices, you will have easy rescue right at hand.

Fly fishing vests come in various price ranges. You can buy a very basic vest for as little as $ 30. The pricier vests can run as high as $ 200. In general, expect to pay around $ 70 for a good quality fly fishing vest.

Fly fishing vests can be an important part of your fly fishing equipment. When you do a little research and keep in mind the conditions you will be fishing in, choosing a vest can be quite easy. Just explore your options and pick one that works for your particular situation.

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Are you an Angler interested in catching largemouth bass? Do you know exactly what bait to use? If you’re going to take bass fishing serious you need to get serious about the bait you’re using. Read on and see if you have what it takes to catch some largemouth bass. There’s a lot more to catching a nice bass than you think.

Knowing what to use when fishing for largemouth bass is only one of the things you’re going to need to know. There are no specific baits that will guarantee you to catch bass every single time. Depending on where you are fishing and the type of bass will determine what works best when it comes to bait. Understanding bait and understanding the bass will greatly increase your chances of catching one of these amazing fish.

The Basics of Largemouth Bass
Bass fishing is one of the most popular in the sport today. Everyone from young children to elderly people take part in bass fishing. Being such large fish, it’s no wonder that bass fishing is one of the most popular. While bass can be a challenge to catch, you don’t need years of experience to hook one.

Understanding the fish will greatly increase this chance. Bass are part of the sunfish family and normally have a horizontal stripe running down the middle of them. They prefer to live in lakes or ponds but can also be found in some rivers and streams. You will find they like underwater foliage as well as structures they can hide in and around. They like to hide around structures so they can jump out at their unsuspecting prey.

They also prefer more shallow waters. Frogs, surface bugs, and other flying insects are just what get the bass going. These insects prefer the more shallow waters with more plant life and these spots are great for finding bass in. Clear or murky water will be the home of bass, so the right bait is important. Knowing what the bass of that area eat naturally will really help you to be better prepared.

Largemouth Bass Baits
Now that you know a little bit more about the largemouth bass it’s time to get to what you’re going to feed them. Finding the right bait is extremely important as this is what will cause the bass to either hook or not. In order to figure out what the best bait for your tackle is, you need to know the different types of bait. There are five basic types of baits you’ll be looking at dealing with:
1. Live bait
2. Crankbait
3. Jigs
4. Topwater Plugs
5. Spinners

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As one of the most important events in the sport of fly fishing, the annual Fly Fishing Retailer show has become a tourist attraction in and of itself. The 2007 show will take place September 16 through 18 in Denver, Colorado, at the Colorado Convention Center. What can you expect if you plan to attend this show?

At Fly Fishing Retailer, you will get meaningful interaction with other avid fly fishers as well as experts. If you have questions about fly fishing, just ask. There are many, many people on hand who are more than happy to answer any queries you have about this wonderful sport.

They offer tons of seminars on a variety of subjects. You can learn about fly tying, teaching others how to fly fish, what type of tackle to bring with you, and so much more. There is a casting pond where the experts can give you advice about your casting techniques and help you improve your casts for maximum efficiency.

Orvis sponsors a saltwater fly fishing cup where competitors vie for the $ 7,500 grand prize. All equipment is supplied by Orvis, and it is held on one of the casting ponds that are set up in the convention center. You cast for distance as well as accuracy.

Besides the seminars and activities, you will also find numerous companies exhibiting their fly fishing equipment. You will see some of the newest products from these companies and will also have the opportunity to purchase any of the equipment you are interested in.

There are over two hundred exhibitors set to be at the 2007 show including Sage, Orvis, Federation of Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited, and many more. You will be able to see their products, ask questions, and even try out the gear before you buy it.

You will also get a lot of information about conservation efforts in various areas. It is important to many fly fishermen to preserve the waters that they fish. Without conservation and respect for the land, the fish would not be plentiful and the sport would die. Experts will tell you the best preservation efforts to take about yourself as well as part of a group.

You will also find some famous authors who have written very popular books on the sport of fly fishing. You can mingle with them, ask them questions, and gain knowledge through their expertise on this great sport.

When you attend Fly Fishing Retailer, you will find more information than you ever thought possible. You will be introduced to many fly fishing products and gain insight into the sport that you love.

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Fishing enthusiasts everywhere, whether they are into fishing as a hobby or a sport, can now enjoy one of the best fishing reels made for the industry–the Shimano TLD. Whether you enjoy freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, there is a variety of Shimano TLD reels available for you to choose from. As always, Shimano has certainly pushed the bar when it comes to innovating and producing their various Shimano reels. Each Shimano TLD reel is created after undergoing thorough research and tests, finding a way to improve on the old features, and perfecting its catching ability. Ample time was given in the development and creation of the Shimano TLD, and all of that has paid off, as it becomes one of the best reels you could find for both beginners and professionals alike. There are several types of Shimano reels you to choose from.

Which One Do You Prefer?

Shimano is one of the leading manufacturers of fishing reels today. To accommodate different kinds of fishing enthusiasts, they have offered several types of fishing reels you can choose from. Here are some of the main Shimano reels you can opt for.

1. Front Drag Reels. This type of Shimano reels is capable of spool micro adjustment that makes it capable of fitting into the line. It is more advance than most reels available today.

2. Fly Reels. These fly reels are known for their beauty as much as their function. Its precision is unmatched by most of its competitor in the market today.

3. Big Pit and Long Cast. This was initially created with beachcasters in mind. Its main feature is its big cranking power and durable frames. The spool system is also superb and allows for hauling in big fishes. This is mainly a favorite type of reel for those who favor catfish, pikes, or even carps.

4. Baitcasting Reels: This type of reel is small, compact, and lightweight. This is best used for lure fishing.

The Shimano TLD

The desire of Shimano to constantly update their line of Shimano TLD reels is an attempt to keep in swing with the growing demands of their patrons. The decision to keep on producing top quality Shimano TLD reels is something that Shimano does to harness the potential of new technology in creating the perfect fishing reels. The Shimano TLD with its lightweight reel and excellent graphite frame offers a powerful and efficient performance. With the outstanding lever drag system of the Shimano TLD, you can use any type of line, making easy and rapid changes to the drag of the line even when you are using it. It then automatically returns to its original setting once the fish has been taken out.

The superior materials used in creating the Shimano TLD gives the advantage of having a reel that will not wear out easily and could potentially last a lifetime, regardless of whether you use it in freshwater or saltwater fishing.

Go ahead and get your own Shimano TLD at Sea Isle Tackle. It is the best place to find the perfect reels for you.

Shimano TLD: The Best Shimano Reels You Could Find with a Job

Fishing might have been a means to get some food into the table, but now it has turned into a serious hobby with a lot of men competing with each other when it comes to the reel they are using. Among the most well-known fishing reels in the sportfishing world are the Shimano reels and among its popular models are the Stradic series. Although there are a number of Shimano reel models under the Stradic series that you can purchase, there is only one that you must go for if you are interested only in buying the most excellent Shimano model there is. This is the Shimano Stradic FI. This Stradic model has garnered the award for the “Best in Freshwater Reels” category from the American Sportfishing Associations and was accorded with the ICAST New Product Showcase Award as well.

If you are not the kind of person who is impressed by awards, then maybe you would believe the potential of the Shimano Stradic FI better if you would evaluate its outstanding features. Like all Shimano reels, the Shimano Stradic FI is built to the hilt with great features like a graphite rotor, an aluminum frame and spool and the exclusive S-Concept, the S-Guard and the S-Rotor Compact, among others. However, it is the mechanism behind this excellent Shimano Stradic FI reel that you should also look into and one of this could be found in the management system of its propulsion line.

Looking into the Propulsion Line of the Shimano Stradic FI

The management system of the propulsion line of the Shimano Stradic FI has five components that, when working together, give out a performance that not many spinning reel can equal. While the most obvious of the component of the Shimano Stradic FI is the new lip design, the other components like the line roller known, the SR bail wire, the bail trip mechanism and the S-Arm Cam are just as valuable as well.

The Spool Lip Design
The new lip design to its propulsion spool is one of the best features that the Shimano Stradic FI boasts of having. This is because this design is known to give out a longer distance when it comes to casting while helping avoid the formation of wind knots and backlashes. As such, the Shimano Stradic FI will be allowing you to release the line from off the fishing spool in loops that are smaller, which means that the slapping on the stripper guide will be lesser.

The Line Roller
Known as the Power Roller III, the oversized line roller of the management system of the propulsion line of the Shimano Stradic FI comes in a special groove design. This is meant to lessen the twisting caused during the entire cycle of fishing when you cast and then retrieve the line. The large diameter of the line roller of this Stradic model also helps in lessening the line memory and friction.

The SR Bail Wire
A one-piece component of the propulsion line of the Shimano Stradic FI, the SR Bail Wire is known to permit the unconstrained travel of the fishing line right into the line roller. The flawless design of this component lessens the chance of cuts or tangles to happen to the bail arm.

The Bail Trip Mechanism
Redesigned for better performance, the bail trip mechanism of the Shimano Stradic FI permits the simpler tripping of the bail. While this is done through rotating the handle, the mechanism also lessens the chance of the premature closing of the bail while you are casting out a line.

The S-Arm Cam
The S-Arm Cam of the Shimano Stradic FI’s propulsion line works at always keeping the contact between the line and the line roller. So, even if you are doing drop-shotting or vertical jigging, your line will still remain in place.

Learn more about this Shimano innovation at Sea Isle Tackle.

Welcome to Sea Isle tackle, owned by Robert Fuering. At Sea Isle, we pride ourselves in providing only the finest Shimano Spinning Reels, including the Stradic. You can find the Shimano Stradic online at our website.

The full review is finally here. This reel was revealed at the ICAST 2013 fishing convention. The Shimano Stradic CI4+ 3000FA model was selected for my all around setup for all fresh water fishing. The much needed updates for the original stradic CI4 has been made and the results are awesome. This has become my go to reel. Although this reel feels good looks great there are some minor issues. The video will explains more.

The specs include XShip and CI4+ materials which i believe are the two major players in the reels awesome performance.

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In this article I am going to discuss two excellent places in Florida to fish for Largemouth Bass. One is the largest and most well known lake in the state, the other an overlooked hotspot I have fished with great success. They each require a different style of fishing. One offers the best chance for landing a very large bass, the other offers a chance to catch many bass from shore.

Lake Okeechobee in my opinion is hands down the best Largemouth Bass lake in the United States. It is a large lake, in fact of all the lakes completely within the borders of the United States only Lake Michigan is larger. It is also a very shallow lake. Most of the water you will fish is between three to six feet deep. It is a very weedy lake and in my opinion very easy to fish.

If your main objective is to catch Largemouth Bass the surefire method of success is to use live shiners. You want to use “wild shiners” caught directly from the lake, they are much more productive. Finding fish is not very difficult. Look for weedy areas and areas that offer some kind of cover. In a shallow lake like Okeechobee you can often scan an area and see where the fish are.

When using live shiners generally the larger the bait the larger the average fish you will catch. Sure you can catch a monster on a small shiner. In the long run however a fisherman using eight inch long shiners will catch bigger fish than another fisherman using five inch shiners. Keeping your bait lively is very important. An aerated livewell puts you at a big advantage in this regard. Pay careful attention to how you hook your shiner. Use a hook that is appropriate to the size of bait you are using. If hooking through the lips you need to be careful casting that you do not throw the bait off the hook. I prefer to hook shiners through the upper back. When doing this make sure not to impale the fish too deeply in the body where its organs are. An appropriate size hook through the shiner’s upper back is the way to go.

You can fish your live bait in several different ways. I prefer sometimes to suspend my bait under a bobber while allowing the boat to drift. When fishing with a bobber often the indication of a pickup is the bobber moving to the left or right. I like to set my hooks quickly when I have a pickup. These are big bass with very tough mouths. You need to have a rod with some backbone to it. I recommend a medium/heavy action rod. You also need to be firm in setting your hooks. Keep the hooks sharp and don’t be afraid to make a stiff hookset.

Fishing with artificial baits is of course a much more sporting method of fishing. Okeechobee has many weeds and is best fished with weedless or semi-weedless lures. Spinnerbaits are an awesome lure to use. I have caught many fish by finding a section of the lake with water depth of 4-6 feel with submerged weeds with 1-2 feet of the surface. I cast my spinnerbait either directly over the weeds or make my retrieve slower and allow the bait to glide through the tops of the weeds. Sometimes I will allow the lure to drop into pockets of the weeds.

You can of course fish this type of area with other baits as well. Top water baits can offer a great deal of excitement. I like to use a topwater bait when there is little or no wind. A worm rigged weedless is another good choice. Stay away from crankbaits or traditional spinners.

Equipment choice is a major factor in fishing this lake. You often are faced with many places a hooked fish can wrap the line around. I prefer a rod in these situations that is pretty stiff. You are much less concerned in these circumstances with feeling bites so a sensitive rod is not a priority. You need to be able to horse a fish around obstructions. A medium to heavy action rod with a powerful reel is the ticket in these situations.

A final suggestion for fishing Lake Okeechobee is investing in a good pair of sunglasses. You would be surprised at how many bass you can spot with them and subsequently target.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is commited to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on Florida bass fishing here:

The Shimano rods are perhaps among the world’s most sought-after fishing rods. For the past years, Shimano Incorporated has come up with newer creations that have made its line of fishing equipment more interesting. From mainstream and conventional rods, the company recently released some of the market’s best fishing rods. Among these are the Shimano Trevala series, which are perfect for butterfly jigging. The main highlights of the fishing rods of Shimano are its warranty, affordable value, and high quality. The popularity of Shimano Trevala and other models of Shimano fishing rods is owed to the outstanding design and management of these fishing equipment. Whether you want to go saltwater or freshwater fishing, you can get a superior-caliber fishing rod from Shimano.

Avail of Shimano Rods and Reels Combination

While you can shop for Shimano Trevala fishing rods, it is possible for you to buy a fishing rod together with other high-quality fishing equipment from the manufacturer. There are several participating fishing tackle dealers that are selling Shimano rods in combination with Shimano reels. The best thing about this type of product is that you already have a set of excellent Shimano fishing devices. As a matter of fact, there are several anglers that are buying reel and rod combos for professional big game fishing. As of the current times, there are already a huge number of fishermen choosing to buy Shimano Trevala rods and other fishing rod models from Shimano. These anglers and fishermen come from different parts of the globe such as Europe, Asia, and North America.

Fish with Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods

The Shimano company introduces the Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods, is perfect for jig fishing. Compared to traditional types of bait that bob horizontally on the seas, jigs move in zigzag or butterfly-like motions. Jigs have two purposes:

1. Action – it attracts or lures fishes that are searching for food.

2. Reaction – startles other fishes, making them attack the jig or lure due to its jerky motions.

Shimano Trevala rods for jigging make sure that you are able to prevent fishing line tangling. What is more, it is made from a material that is capable of enduring heavy catch dragging. Because of the graphite component of the Shimano Trevala series, the fishing rods are lightweight. Despite the light weight of the rods, they are still durable and capable of resisting the drag of huge fishes like sharks or tuna.

The Advantages of Shimano Trevala Rods for Jigging

Perhaps one the best advantages that you can get from Shimano Trevala rods for jigging is that you can catch fishes up to a depth of more than 500 feet. This means that you can go far out into the sea if you want to engage in big game fishing. Another advantage that you can get from Shimano Trevala rods series is their durability. These fishing rods are made from IM-8 graphite, which makes the rods ultra light. The graphite material also makes the rods perform well, even under the heaviest-duty fishing.

The market of fishing rods offers different models from several manufacturers of fishing equipment. Whatever type of Shimano fishing rod you want to shop for, the best sources are found online. One of these is Sea Isle Tackle.

Shimano Trevala Jigging Rods are the jigging rods of professionals. Sponsored by fishing tackle shop Sea Isle, at, we offer 6 lines of Shimano Rods.

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Older anglers that merely saltwater fish bear some nice distinct front-runner when it amounts to bait and Berkley Gulp saltwater Shrimp happens to be one of those baits that these fishers bank on the most. Before coming to this conclusion though, it wasn’t without trying numerous different cases of baits and lures and fishing contrivances that arrived out on the market for any length of time.

to the highest degree often there was ample success with a variety of jig heads and saltwater Assassins but it was observed after using the Berkley Gulp saltwater Shrimp that there was to a greater extent opportunity to bring the fish of sport than with the different options. That doesn’t imply to say these other lures are not good because they to the highest degree surely are but one carries to acknowledge that Berkley Gulp seawater is at the top of the list when attending for a special bait.

This doesn’t just appear to be the consensus of the individuals who consistently fish seawater but also of that who sole receives the opportunity when on holiday. Although there are numerous features that the fishermen like about this bait, they look to like the fact that there are such a sizable number of shapes. Every angler holds his belief as to what fish like what optimal. By expecting manifold configurations to take from this allows them to carry on within their array of belief. It must be stated the identical fits for the sizes and colors as well. In the color, scope there plausibly isn’t a color that you wont feel in the Berkley Gulp saltwater. For configurations, you can find squid, crabs, eels and even sand fleas and still to a greater extent. Not a lot wasted from the fish menu.

One of the most mind-boggling dots about this bait is that it is known for its scent. This is probably one of the contributing grounds of fish being so attracted to it. It is enunciated that the Berkley Gulp saltwater supercedes all different plastic lures by 400 times. With enduringness like this, it can outlast the scent of live bait creating it all that a lot to a greater extent enthralling.

Some anglers experience that the Berkley Gulp seawater is a bit pricey when it amounts to bait. At first glimpse, it may appear that when you count at the price at face value. Then there are different results that much be counting this when giving it some opinion. To begin with, it functions so that makes it worthwhile the money proper there. Its scent doesn’t evaporate easily but you must make sure that you carry on draped tightly in bags or the aroma will fade from continuous vulnerability to the air. to a greater extent so, they will dry out and become brittle. The Berkley Gulp saltwater is a soft plastic and must be kept in that state to be efficient in the water.

often new arrivals to plastic bait are astonished at the effectualness of it particularly when it is Berkley Gulp seawater because their fishing trip harvests the gains of the first catch of the day for the most part.
ry a whole variety of the Berkley bait because they own built a reliance in the Berkley name.

Berkley Gulp Saltwater is very improved technology available at

John Prochnow and Chester Moore talk about new Berkley Gulp! saltwater bait, designed especially for the Texas coast.