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Sougayilang Hollow Frog Fishing Lures Soft Topwater Baits with Tackle Box for Bass Snakehead Saltwater Freshwater Fishing (9Pcs Frog Lure Only)

  • If you like frog fishing, The Backstabber Frog can cover anything from open water to lush vegetation.
  • No matter what you throw in, The Soft Frog Fishing Lure will not sink, but the classic hollow body design.
  • The Frog Lure uses heavy-duty double frog hooks to pull the thickest fish out of the thickest cover.
  • It is also very weedy, so that you can confidently throw your frogs into weeds, lily pads, tulle, thick mats and piers.
  • There are a variety of excellent frog colors to choose from, in all cases with a Frog Fishing Lure .
"6Pcs Frog Lure With Box Set" Package Includes:
6 x Frog fishing lure
1 x Fishing Box
5 Kind x Fishing Accessories (5pcs each)

" 6Pcs Frog Lure Only" Package Includes:
6 x Frog fishing lure

1. Condition: 6 pcs New,
2. Hook quantity per piece: 2Pcs
3. Material: PVC, Stainless Steel
4. Length: 45cm/2.15in.(without tail) Weight: 12.3g/0.43oz.
5. Plastic Box Size :6.89 x 3.94 x 0.98 In

List Price: $ 60.00 Price: $ 16.99

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Amiley fishing floats , 6pcs Frog Snakeheads Bait Fishing Lures Bass Soft Bait

  • Length: 5.5cm
  • Color: as shown in the display
  • Soft Skin Hollow Body Topwater Frog
  • Appliance: Sea fishing, Rock fishing, Ice fishing, Stream fishing, lake fishing, al angling fishing.

100% Brand new and high quality.

Quantity: 1

Length: 5.5cm

Weight: 12G

Material: Alloy

Color: as shown in the display

Soft Skin Hollow Body Topwater Frog

High-Resolution Body Detail

Weedless Hook Design

Package Include:

1X 6pcs Frog Snakeheads Bait Fishing Lures Bass Soft Bait

List Price: $ 5.50 Price: $ 5.50

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Isafish Fishing Hard Spinner Lure Spinnerbait Buzzbait Pike Bass 16.3g 5pcs/Set

  • Swimming action enchanting,attract fish easily.
  • The Spinner bait with less vibration and more visible flash.
  • Counter rotating blades deliver exceptional stability and offer a distinctive sound.
  • Cast and retrieve fast allowing the buzz prop to turn and attract attention - hang on.
  • Color combos matching the forage base of smaller waters.



100% Brand new and high quality.


Material: Metal

Eyes: 3D eyes

Paint: Hard gel paint

Weight: About 16.3g

Packing£ºOPP bag

Package includes:

1 set Fishing Pliers(5pcs)


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My all time favorite rattling crankbait is the Rattletrap. One key I found when buying a Rattletrap is to try them out before you buy it (if the store allows it). This is what I mean: Remove the Rattletrap from the box, hold it close to your ear being careful not to stick yourself, and shake it quickly 3 to 4 times. You will definitely here the rattling sound. I have found that the “traps” that have a higher pitched rattle tend to produce more strikes (just my personal experience). So check out a few before you buy.

My personal favorite colors are silver with black back and silver with blue back. I’ve found that the 1/2 ounce to be the best all around size. The rattletraps do wear out over time. The obvious thing is when the finish starts wearing. I usually toss out any where the red markings are gone (don’t know why but the red seems to make them hit better) or the silver turns to the off white plastic color. The less obvious is when the high pitched rattle changes to a low thudding type rattle. You will know the difference since you did try them out in the store, right? Try to stay with the high pitched rattle, just my experience.

The traps work best around submerged hydrilla. Bump the stuff, or get it stuck in the stalks then rip it out. This often provokes a vicious strike. The traps also work on schooling fish. Throw into the school and work it back. Let the fish tell you if they want it fast or slow.

The Largemouth Herald- Paul Bruessow

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Bass fishing has come a long way from being a nonchalant hobby to becoming a serious sport with different competitions held worldwide. The unique challenges created from bass fishing has helped to promote its popularity as a sport, resulting even in specialty baits, rods, clothing lines, and even boats. The sport is growing at a fascinating rate with millions being drawn in every year. The various types of bass fish that you can catch include small mouth bass, striped bass, spotted bass and largemouth bass. Out of these, the largemouth bass is the biggest one weighting over 10 pounds. Catching one is considered to be a stiff challenge as they do throw up an incredible fight when caught.

Many different states have different laws and regulations with respect to bass fishing. Most states employ the release as you catch rule according to which an angler is required to throw the bass as soon as it is caught so that there is an abundant supply of bass fish in the fishing area. For a beginner, going through the rules and regulations of the area makes great sense as you would not want to risk having your license revoked due to some misunderstanding or other.

As a bass fishing beginner, it would be great to kick-start your bass fishing adventure by fishing on smaller ponds or shorelines of lakes. These places have abundant supply of white and spotted brass and catching them should not pose much of a challenge.

There are three major types of bass fishing with the primary one being live bait fishing. In this form of bass fishing, live bait such as a worm or a shad is used to entice the bass. However, one needs to ensure that these baits are not dead beforehand as that would not be likely to attract any fish to your hook. Another form of fishing which is commonly used is Spinner Fishing. This method involves the uses of lures at dawn or late at night. However, this technique is restricted to only experienced bass fisherman, as finding the right type at the right fishing spot takes a lot of practice and skill.

Plugs are another type of bass lure and there are many different types used for plug fishing. While some of them are used for catching fish on the surface, most of them find use in catching deep swimming bass. Because bass are predators and eat their prey alive, using plugs results in great results as they do sound life-like thereby enticing bass fish into falling for the bait.

Bass fishing has grown in popularity and there are many competitions just for catching bass. The two major bass fishing competitions in the United States are the Bassmaster Tournament Trail and the Wal-Mart FLW Tour which offer prize money to the tune of $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000, respectively. With so much at stake for a fun filled hobby, expect more and more people to tune into this wonderful recreational activity in the future.

Fishing charters can be a good way to learn about the ins and outs of fishing an area. For these and other fishing vacation ideas, visit today.

Great video for those looking to get into fishing, help find out which lures can catch fish!


The large mouth bass is an amazing species and one of the most sought after fish by anglers everywhere. Catching the large mouth bass is quite a challenge and loads of fun and with the right technique you can be reeling them in like crazy.

When you want to reel in lots of large mouth bass you need to have the right lures. The lure is what gets the attention of the bass. Lures can be found in an assortment of sizes and different colors so finding something the bass is attracted to won’t be too difficult. The colors that anglers consider to be the best are the blue, green, black, red, yellow, white and chartreuse.

A bass fishing lure is very strong and designed especially for this particular type of fish. The type of lure you use can mean the difference between reeling in a nice catch and sitting on the water all day wondering where the bass are hiding. Some lures are more popular than others when going after the large mouth bass because they seem to get better results. Below are two of the top large mouth bass fishing lures that work like crazy.


Out of all the artificial lures designed the spinnerbait is considered the best for catching the large mouth bass. The main reason for this is because the spinnerbait is one of the most versatile lures available. It can be used in almost any type of water condition and with a variety of presentations.

There are two main styles of spinnerbaits available and they are listed below.

Willow Leaf Spinner – These are designed with a blade that is actually shaped like a leaf. These work best in clear water and when the sun can reflect off the lure and attract the large mouth bass.

Indiana Style – This style has a blade that is circular with cupped edges. This one is designed to attract the large mouth bass by using sound. It can be used successfully in dark murky waters and when it is dark outside.

Spinnerbaits can be used in light to medium weeds and lily pads where the largemouth bass hang out. These baits combined with a good presentation will surly land loads of fish.


Crankbaits are the second best lures used to catch the large mouth bass. These are designed especially for the large mouth bass that are found in deep waters and that are very active.

These lures are designed to be realistic and look more like the real thing than any other lures on the market. There are two important details that will help you choose the right crankbait for the job at hand. These are listed below:

Color and Shape – To get the best results you need to match the color and the shape of the lure to the type of water you are fishing in. In other words, you need to determine if minnows, shad or some other baitfish is dominate in the water you are fishing. Whichever one of these natural food sources is the most abundant is the one you need to match with size and color.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on href=””>bass fishing lures here:

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If you are a bass fishing enthusiast and visit a lake or pool with a high population of largemouth bass then the likelihood is that you have a working knowledge of he techniques that can be used to catch them throughout the year.

After all, they do have certain behavioural patterns that they follow year in and year out. If you are a seasoned expert then you probably have it down to a fine art by now, but ho much thought have you put into the lures you use?

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you should take the time to look into the different lures to see which ones work best with the largemouth bass in your local pool or lake.

Lures are essential pieces of equipment and using the right ones can really increase your catch rate. If you use the wrong ones then this can dramatically reduce your catch rate as well so taking the time to figure it all out is an excellent idea.

Of course, it is not only the lures you choose but also the way that you use them. This is why it is one of those things that you have to perfect over a season or two rather than just falling into it or picking it up right away. There are so many factors to consider – the clarity of water, the vegetation, the nature of the habitat. As such, you should investigate the nature of the lures and what they actually do so you know when to use them.

Spinnerbaits are a fine example of that. Largemouth bass absolutely love spinnerbaits and they can really improve your catch rate, but only if you use them correctly.

They are perfect for use in vegetative areas and also in shallow waters. They are especially useful for dragging along the bottom of a lake or through thick weeds. As such, they target he largemouth bass proactively and directly so you do not have to wait for them to bite. You should choose those with bigger blades though because they cause a greater vibration in the water.

They are not good for medium or deep waters though. For those, you need other types of lures.

Crankbaits are fantastic for use in medium waters, especially if you are skilled enough to get them to turn when the bass is approaching. Depending on the depth of the water, you can choose shallow, medium and even deep diving crankbaits. No matter what type you choose, they will have the largemouth bass eating out of your hand. Literally in most cases!

Worms are also fantastic lures, especially the plastic ones that are used on a regular basis. The bass go crazy for hem because they are so realistic and are textured as if they were real.

They are excellent for use in the vegetation and when fishing deep and well as in shallow pools. Worms are literally the great all rounders of the lures selection you have at your disposal so if all else fails, they should be the lures you turn to.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on href=””>bass fishing lures here:

WINOMO 9pcs Soft Lure Shrimp Bait Set for Freshwater/Saltwater Trout Bass Salmon Fishing

  • Life-like swimming actions in water with a hidden hook.
  • Very detailed patterns which give it the look and feel of a real life like shrimp with a realistic design and makes it hard to resist for fish.
  • Easy to use and can catch a variety of fishes like Trout, Bass, Salmon etc. Just Hook it up and use to lure the best fish you ever could.
  • Can be used to catch a variety of fish like Bream, Bass, Flathead, Whiting, Snapper, Trevally, Flounder, Jewfish, Kingfish, Hairtail, Golden Perch, Trout, Redfin, Bonito, Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, Small Tuna, Yellowtail, Mackerel, Squid and any freshwater and saltwater species.
  • Size: Approx. 9 * 1 * 1cm/ 3.6 * 0.4 * 0.4 inch (L*W*H).

These Soft Lures Shrimp Bait Set are made with premium high quality plastic, which makes the lure soft, flexible with highresolution body detail. When we take it in hand, it just seems likes the real shrimp with extraordinary Colors making it hard to resist for fish. They can be used for a variety of species.


- Color: Light Yellow andamp; Red andamp; Transparent.
- Material: Silicone.
- Size: Approx. 9 * 1 * 1cm/ 3.6 * 0.4 * 0.4 inch (L*W*H).

Package Including
9 * Soft Lures Shrimp Bait Set for Freshwater/ Saltwater Trout Bass Salmon Fishing (Light Yellow andamp; Red andamp; Transparent)


Berkley Max Capacity Bait Notebook

  • Hook-n-loop strap for quick access to all your baits
  • 7 Heavy duty bait sleeves store up to 24 standard bait bags
  • Bait label sleeve for quick identification
  • Carrying handle
The Berkley Max Capacity Bait Notebook was designed with the avid angler in mind. No frills, no whistles and a Max Capacity strap that allows for overstuffing without breaking. No zipper allows the angler to quickly access the next bait. Organize and protect your soft plastics in any boat box.

List Price: $ 9.99 Price: $ 9.99

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Largemouth bass angling is the action associated with angling for the game fish known as the black bass. There are numerous black bass types all through North America, which includes largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Spotted bass, Kentucky bass, Guadalupe bass, and many more lesser known. The subsequent is some beneficial information regarding the largemouth bass at times referred to as the “Big Mouth” bass.


Spoons are excellent for starters in lure fishing; easy to use and very affordable. Considered the most simple of all other lures, they got their name because they look like the head of a spoon. They act for the bait fish by doing a flickering and wobbling movement or action.

Surface lures

These lures are used on the water surface and considered to be the most explosively thrilling of all lures as one could actually see the fish taking the lure, and the anticipation and the expectation of one looking forward of the take is an exciting experience. The fish can be completely seen exiting the water when they send off at a surface lure. Since these lures are being retrieved on the surface of the water, they can be a good choice in areas that have a lot of weed.


The spinner is basically a blade wherein it does a rotating action on a spindle when being retrieved or taken back through the water as well as it gives off a flash as light is being reflected on the revolving blade, characterizing the bait fish’s scales and movements. This is a lure that is flexible because only can one verify and know the retrieve depth by the period or time frame one leaves before one starts a retrieve, one can also alter the speed of the revolving blade around the spindle, by either speeding up or slowing down one’s retrieve. For the Trout and Mullet, a smaller size is recommended, and a larger spinner with the pike liking, along with the treble hook in a red wool.

Suspending plugs

Having neutral buoyancy and resistance, when the plug has dived or dropped to the required depth and left alone, it will continue on being suspended to that depth. For this reason, this type is perfect for pursuing your prey hidden near the weed beds, rocks or banks. When yanked in order to imitate life to the plug, it causes some crashing attack from your target.

Soft baits

This is soft rubber bait that comes in various shapes and forms, with matching sizes and colors. These are commonly used for sea and fresh water fishing, which can be used on a weighted jig head handled in the same manner as the jerk bait, being managed as a plug is used.

Jerk baits

Having no movement of its own when in the water, the angler gives life to this lure; whenever the rod trembles or shakes or jerks, this lure can appear to have life. This lure for the most part, mimics an injured or wounded fish that the prey fish find tempting, and be compelled to thrust or lunge at.

Good luck with your following Bass Fishing adventure. Check out the links below for more ideas and also video tutorials on how to Find Big Mouth Bass.

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28 Piece : Advanced Bass Fishing Set Spinnerbait, Topwater Frogs, Buzzbaits, Jigheads with underspins and Jigs with skirts

  • 2 - 1/2 ounce white spinnerbaits with hammered silver Indiana blades. (all skirts attached with wire) 2 - 1/2 ounce chartreuse and white spinnerbaits with hammered copper Indiana blades. (all skirts attached with wire) 2 - 1/2 ounce moss green with black fleck spinnerbaits with hammered silver Colorado blades. (all skirts attached with wire)
  • 4 - 3/8 ounce jig-heads with hammered silver under-spins with twistlocks attached. great addition to your average swimbait to get that extra depth and shine.
  • 12 - 1/4 ounce jig-heads with skirts ( 6 black and white / 6 moss green with black fleck )
  • 4 - 1/2 ounce Top water frogs ( 2 black with neon green tops/ all black bottom ) ( 2 natural green with white bottoms )
  • 2 - 3/4 ounce white/light pink buzzbait jig-heads with white skirt. (all skirts attached with wire)
This set has a bit for all seasons and multiple depths. Quality made by an angler that is tired of breaking the bank to have good gear. FEATURES: * Quality hammered blades. *Wire wraps around spinnerbait/buzzbait skirts. *Tough Silicone Hollow Frogs with proper weight balance in the rear of the frog. *All depths and all seasons


Lunker 4212-0102 Buzzbait

  • Lunker Lure 4212-0102 Buzzbait
A buzz bait with a nerve jarring. vibration and sound. Patented blade. with a unique curvature to bring it to. the surface quickly and keep it there.

List Price: $ 5.29 Price: $ 7.31