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Bass Assassin Saltwater Sea Shad-10 Per Bag (10W40/Limetreuse Tail, 4-Inch)

  • Our world famous 4 inch Sea shad has Proven to be deadly on every species that swims
  • Great for inshore fishing for Redfish, speckled Trout and Snook
  • Even flounder and Grouper cannot resist this bait
The Bass Assassin Sea shad is a 4-inch lure that features a solid body with a paddle tail that gives it great action as you move it through the water. Cast it, jig it and even slow-troll it. You'll soon learn that it's earned its name.

List Price: $ 5.95 Price: $ 7.23


ADSRO Silicone Soft Lures Worm Fishing Baits Bass Trout Shad Bait Crank Swim Bait

  • With 2 hooks, very sharp and durable.
  • Smooth and rapid diving action.
  • Create life-like swimming actions in water to provoke predator to bite.
  • Using environmentally-friendly PVC material, reusable and long-term preserved.
  • Suitable for different aquatorium and different kinds of fishes.
With 2 hooks, very sharp and durable.
Smooth and rapid diving action.
Create life-like swimming actions in water to provoke predator to bite.
Using environmentally-friendly PVC material, reusable and long-term preserved.
Suitable for different aquatorium and different kinds of fishes.

Type: Soft bait
Material: PVC
Item length: Approx. 8.5cm / 3.3in(each)
Item weight: Approx. 15g / 0.535oz(each)

Package included:
1 x Soft Bait

List Price: $ 5.74 Price: $ 4.59


Hengjia Pack of 8 Sinking Rattling Wiggler VIB Lipless Crankbaits Hard Fishing Lures Vibe Vibration Rattle Hooks for Sea Bass & Trout 5.5cm/2.16"/6.6g

  • Body Length 5.5cm/2.16 inches Weight 6.6g quantity : 8pcs
  • diving depth :0.3-0.9M
  • Treble Hooks:8#hooks
  • Qualified high strength plastic material, thru-wire construction
  • Brilliant color and patterns of actual bait fish Vivid imitate color and patterns of real fishes they create life-like swimming actions in water! smooth and rapid action,bright colors 3D eyes make it is powerful to attract big fish!
Hot lipless crankbaits in eight different colors, which can suit for different water area environments and weather conditions;
Can be used for freshwater and saltwater fishing, great for different kinds of big fish;
* Buoyancy: Sinking
* Body Length:5.5cm/2.16 inches
* Weight: 6.6g
* Running Depth: All water layers
* Treble Hooks: Two No.8
* QTY.: 8PCS
From the Manufacturer
Our factory is located in weihai city of china,the world fishing tackle manufactury center.If you need big QTY or OEM ,welcome to contact with us,we wil be very glad to hear from you.

List Price: $ 7.89 Price: $ 7.89

Shelure Minnow Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Sinking Crankbaits Jerkbaits Saltwater Hard Lure (A2 Series)

  • Shelure minnow fishing lures feature all your favourite colors plus a few you won't find elsewhere, all intricatedly detailed for true-to-life presentations in any water. Great actions throughout the line.
  • All styles have 3-D lazerball eyes, lazer finish with hand painted detail. This premium crankbait enhances casting distance and accuracy with four weighted balls inside body while center-shifted weight provides precisely balanced swimming action.
  • Design For USA Market,Highly Recommend By Millions For People
  • EASY TO USE: Shelure Lure Set are very easy to use and can catch a variety of fishes like Trout, Bass, Salmon etc. Just Hook it up and use to lure the best fish you ever could. simple to use, sit well on the hook.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: All Shelure LureS Set are made with premium high quality plastic. This makes the lure soft, flexible with highresolution body detail, life-like swimming actions in water, and a hidden hook
Smooth and rapid diving action bright colors to attract big fish.

3D eyes create life-like smooth and rapid diving action.

They create life-like swimming actions in water.

Popular Bait for Freshwater Fish and Bass

Realistic Shrimp like Detailed Texture

Appropriate for all Fishing Rods

Premium Quality Fishing Lure

Soft, Flexible and Easy to Carry

Easy to use

List Price: $ 29.98 Price: $ 29.98

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Dr.Fish Bass Fishing Lures Wiggle Shad Soft Plastic Baits Fishing 3" Watermelon (pack of 6)

  • Extremely realistic lifelike lure. Highly detail color painting with holographic flash inserts and 3D eyes.
  • Supple body with round head, wiggle paddle tail, salt and scent Impregnated.
  • Work great for drop shotting. Also ideal for weightless, weedless rig. Even the easiest rig will make it a bass magnets.
  • Length: 3"/75mm; It is the perfect meal size for bass and other general freshwater species and rock fish.
  • Material: High Quality Silicone.Pack of 6.
aits succeed the high quality manufactured and stunning painting work as Dr.Fish always boast for. This tiny shad is designed with a 3" profile, features a lifelike baitfish body with high quality made, targeting a wide range of finicky species like bass, trout, perch, trophy rock fish...

List Price: $ 20.99 Price: $ 5.99

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When you mention fly fishing to people, many times they think you are fishing exclusively for trout. However, there are some amazing spots you can fly fish for trophy sized bass as well. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass abound in rivers and lakes, so why not try your hand fly fishing for bass?

Many experienced fly fishermen report that bass fly fishing can be extremely challenging as well as extremely satisfying. Bass have larger mouths than trout, so your choice of lures is much more diverse. They strike hard and fight strong, so when you are fly fishing for bass, expect to be exhilarated by the fight in these guys!

Experts suggest that you use a 6-7 weight rod, but if you are especially experienced, you can use a 4-5 weight rod. If you choose the smaller rod, you may have trouble casting the larger flies, so be aware of that. You can use a floating or a sinking line with a weight forward taper. You should have a 7 to 9 foot leader tapered down to a 10 pound test.

Most bass are opportunistic feeders and will bite at anything. In general, however, flies for bass fishing are usually larger and influence a bigger bite. Try big muddler minnows, clousy minnows, wooly buggers, poppers, leech patterns, and crayfish patterns. Size 8 or 10 would be a little on the small side while size 2 or 1/0 would be a little too large, so opt for something in between.

Largemouth bass live in shallow water habitats among reeds, water lilies, and other vegetation naturally found in the water. They are adapted to warm waters in the 80 degree range and are seldom found deeper than twenty feet down. They prefer clear waters with little or no current. They stay fairly active year-round, but tend to stay near the bottom in the winter months.

Great bass fly fishing can be found in various locations throughout the United States. In the northeastern United States, try the rivers and streams in the Adirondack Mountains such as the Mohawk or Black Rivers. There are also some prized bass in the Great Lakes region. Southern Ontario in Canada can also provide some great opportunities to catch trophy sized bass.

Bass fly fishing can be a great experience for both the beginning fly fisherman as well as those with a little more experience. Fly fishing for bass requires a little bit of finesse and some tenacity when they bite. Stay with the fish and pull a whopper out of the water you can be proud of!

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Michigan Bass fishing is unique in some ways, normal in others. It is a Northern state in as such can be fished with many of the same tactics as other similar areas. Michigan however is like fishing two states in one. The Upper Peninsula has completely different lakes and requires different tactics than the middle or Southern portions of the state.

The crank bait is the artificial lure of choice for the deeper water sections of the state. You typically use the crankbait in bodies of water with little or no weed growth. The effectiveness of this lure diminishes in these areas. Crankbaits work best in waters with rocky bottom and work well in rivers. The key to suing a crankbait for Largemouth Bass is to select bait that runs close to the bottom, occasionally bumping the bottom. When you look at a crankbait you will notice that is has a small plastic lip attached to the front of the lure near where the line is attached. This lip determines how deeply the crankbait will run as it is retrieved. You need to keep a variety of different crankbaits in your box as you will not only need to correct depth but color and body style as well. This is where knowing the available forage comes in handy.

If you know the bass are feeding on minnows that are long and thin you can match the forage with the selection of a long and thin crankbait. If they are feeding on bluegills or shad you know a larger round crankbait like a Rapala Fat rap is in order.

The spinner bait is a lure for bass that is universally good. It is a versatile lure that can be fished in many different ways and many different locations. It works best in weed growth. The best location for using this lure would be a section of lily pads, reeds or other weed growth above the water. This lure is semi weedless and can be fished in these areas successfully. I like to skip it through the growth allowing it to drop in pockets of the weeds. This is where many strikes will occur, while the bait drops. It is important that as you allow the bait to drop you keep a section of the line in your fingers. This will allow you to feel for the subtle signs of a pickup. When fishing in this manner the bass will often pick the bait up without slamming it. It is essential that you identify these pickups before the bait is dropped.

Top water fishing for Largemouth Bass is perhaps the most exciting way to fish. You can use a spinnerbait for this type of fishing or you can use traditional topwater bait. They key to topwater fishing in Michigan is a varied retrieve.

A favorite tactic of mine is to cast the lure out and simply allow it to float on the water for as long as thirty to sixty seconds. This often catches the attention of a bass. Another possibility is that the initial impact of the lure on the water will make the bass wary. Delaying your retrieve for a minute reduces the wariness factor. When I retrieve the bait I do so with a series of short moves at the beginning.

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What is it in bass fishing that everybody are driven on to engage on such activity? People get fond of bass fishing that is why every trend that they hear about it really catches their interests and as much as possible get into it.

The promise of this bass fishing E-books is that it will certainly aid you in getting better bass. Moreover, you just have to follow the tips, techniques, and you will surely catch more and larger bass than you ever thought of. There are bass secrets that are contained in many E-books. Many are amazed to see the results on their very next bass fishing getaway. Some may be very disappointed spending the day bass fishing and never had a good catch.

The problem that usually arises with fishing with a worm is the inability to sense strikes. Usually the inability to sense them is due to a sinker that is too heavy and a line that is too thick. To help you to overcome this predicament you are advised to use a variable buoyancy worm using lead strip sinkers. Here are some of its advantages: No moving lead on the line to dampen the feel of a gentle pickup. You can apply the precise amount of lead to deliver the worm action needed It makes it easier for a bass to inhale the worm. It aids in hook setting It’s easier to shake loose from snags. You can cause the worm to hang virtually suspended over the bottom when fishing shallow water.

To tell how much lead strip is needed, wrap one strip around the hook and bury the barb in the worm. Ease it into the water and watch it sink. It should barely settle toward the bottom. If it sinks to fast, take some off, etc. Make sure to use no heavier than 8-pound mono line – preferably 6 pounds. On the other hand, a Spinner bait can be moved more quickly across the surface and can be bounced on the bottom, sent against a tree limb and moved in many different ways in order to stimulate strikes. It is a great probing lure for the shoreline because of its tangle-free construction.

It is not that hard at all. Many people are often disbelievers and have a common notion of bass fishing, they say it is complicated. However, this is not true. Once you have got an E-book, or you have apt information on bass fishing, you will no longer have a hard time getting improved bass. So what are some of the few big bass fishing secrets?

First, you must start off by thinking like a bass fish. It may sound crazy but it could help you in finding where the big one is. It is also advised that you find the right and appropriate tackle to use in any situation or case. You must have a lot of information on cranked baits, spinner baits, plastic worms, buzz baits and many other types of it.

This would be one of the things that you might be sure of. A good lure is one of the techniques you have to learn and be knowledgeable about. In addition, you must know what part of the lake or stream is best to bass fish on diverse weather conditions. It will be different on a rainy day or a windy day, early in the morning or late in the evening. Other factors also affect like on a crowded lake or a steady lake and many others. It is up to you to research further on it.

Another thing is that you must know the most common bass fishing mistakes that almost every fisherman make and execute. After knowing them and knowing the reason why will instill in your mind that these common practices end up in error so you must not practice it. Alternatively, the grateful thing is that you must choose the right bass fishing rod. You must learn the techniques and secrets on how to choose and where to find the most appropriate bass fishing rods.

The last thing is, don’t bother going out in the dawn/dusk when water is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature wipes out certain aquatics and terrestrials, which nullifies the food chain feeding.

Here are some key elements that you can usually look for when it comes to locating bass on any given body of water: 1. Vegetation areas 2. Irregular contours 3. Shallow water close to deep water areas 4. Points and point drop 5. Various types of structure.

Bobbers are an important tool when fishing live bait. Rods with a stiff blank but relatively fast (limber) tip are easier to cast than extremely stiff or uniformly limber rods. Tacklebox Some require knowledge of the area and a hike to get to.

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Lot 100 pcs Kinds of Fishing Minnow Bass Baits Lures Crankbaits Hooks

  • High-quality outdoor products
  • Simple and easy to use,
  • a good companion of outdoor
  • Professional goods, safe use

100 pieces fishing lures and accessories.
Includes different kinds of lures such as hard baits, soft baits, and so on.
Includes different kinds of lure accessories that you need.
Packed in a plastic two-layer tackle box, easy to store and transport.
The transparent box helps you find your fishing tackle at a glance.
Separate and assorted compartments of the box to store different accessories.
Suitable for different kinds of fishes, wonderful tools for fishing lovers.

Quantity: 100Pcs
Material: Plastic & PVC & metal
Package weight: Approx. 305g

Some of the fishing lures may differ in color or shape due to product stock, but it has no impact on the quality and quantity.

Package List:100* Fishing Tackle


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Delight eShop Fishing Sinking Crankbait Lures Popper Minnow Bass Crank Bait Hook Tackle

  • Very convenient durable fishing tool, bright colors to attract big fish
  • They create life-like swimming actions in water. A helpful fishing tool for anglers. It is a good accessory for fishing.
  • Great ideal for Fishing. Hook: #6 Black High Carbon Steel Treble Hook
  • Size:10cm x 3.5cm/3.9'' x 1.37''(approx)
  • Material: Plastic,Quantity:1Pc

100% brand new and high quality
Easy and durable to use.
Great ideal for Fishing.
Hook: #6 Black High Carbon Steel Treble Hook
Material: Plastic
Size:10cm x 3.5cm/3.9'' x 1.37''(approx)
Color: We will send it randomly referring to our stock, you may receive the same color/pattern or several colors/patterns.
Quantity: 1 pc
No retail package
Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item. Thank you!

List Price: $ 5.99 Price: $ 5.99

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There are some great places in Texas to fish for bass. The Falcon Reservoir has just as much action and bass fishing as the Choke Canyon. The water level in the reservoir is quite low, but the baitfish remain so you are going to find some nice size bass using crankbaits that are deep divers in March in about six feet of water with a plastic worm. The best places to go are by the creek and point channels. Choke Canyon on the other hand has some great fishing and because the
water levels have risen, the spawning bass are more relevant in the area.

Some other lakes that are expected to make for some great bass fishing are Winnsboro, Quitman, Mill Creek, Murval and Holbrook. The Amistad Reservoir is going to be a good place to fish bass this year. The water level is up by about five-feet, but it is still low. That will have no impact on the fishing in that area. The vegetation has flooded and now the bass have some good places to feed and hide. Amistad Reservoir has become a popular bass fishing area according to many anglers. If you try some fishing here, you will find that catching your limit will be easy.

If you are going into the hill country of Texas, you will find that bass fishing is exceptional at Canyon, Buchanan, Toledo Bend, Rayburn and Fork lakes. Many anglers forget about Buchanan Lake. The thing about this lake is that it has so many bass and no one to catch them. By the Colorado River, you can fish for spawning bass. After March, you can use buzzbaits or even stick baits to catch the bass. Top water lures work the best at this time of year. Fish around the shallow vegetation and you will have yourself a good catch.

If you are in the Fort Worth are or even the Dallas area, you can fish the Lake Ray Roberts. The lake has a huge bass population as well as baitfish. You can fish around the Wolf Island area by the hydrilla beds and have some good fishing. You can use rigged worms and spinnerbaits along the edges where the vegetation is located. The tree lines seem to attract the spawning bass and there are many tank dams and log piles underneath the water in the upper and middle parts of the lake.

Another good are to fish is the Red River. This is a place that produces some good catches all year long. The winter months find the bass in deeper water, but they do not move around, so you will have to find the exact area and fish there. You will see movement around March when the bass start moving to the boat dock areas and the creeks. They are always found by the marinas and by the rocky points. Texas does have many good areas for bass fishing all year.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on Texas bass fishing here:

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