Shimano TLD: Revolutionizing Saltwater Fishing With Shimano Reels

Fishing has become a sport and a hobby over the past few decades. More and more people are going into fishing to find the relaxation that they need and also to purely enjoy themselves. Saltwater fishing is a big favorite among fishing enthusiasts.

Since they were created in the 1920s, the Shimano Company has continued to put out the finest fishing reels ever made. One of the most popular Shimano reels created is the Shimano TLD. The Shimano TLD has changed the face of saltwater fishing forever. One of its key features is that it has a graphite lever drag that is lightweight, making the ease of sport fishing possible. In spite of the wide variety of fishing reels available, they have found it hard to equal the performance and function that the Shimano TLD delivers. Until now the Shimano TLD continues to be one of the best Shimano reels suited for sport fishing.

What Makes It Special

There are currently three models of the Shimano TLD available–TLD 15, TLD 20, and TLD 25. It is one of the most favorite Shimano reels that fishing enthusiasts use when they go sport fishing. All three models of the Shimano TLD contain four stainless steel bearings. It also allows you up to 200 percent more surface drag compared to other older designs. The Shimano TLD also has a stainless steel pinion, gear main shaft, and reel foot. Even more is that it allows you to pre-program the lever drag range according to your situation. Apart from that, it comes with a loud click strike alarm, an oil-ported torpedo knob on its power handle, and a fashionable Shimano water shield bag that goes along with it. What makes the Shimano TLD a major favorite among sports fishing enthusiasts is its efficient and powerful retrieve ratio, and it is made of a durable, one-piece graphite and lightweight body. On top of that, the lever drag for casting, trolling, and line bait fishing is remarkable.

Push that Button

Another key feature is that the Shimano TLD is among the Shimano reels that are so easy to use. Shimano TLD reels are built to contain a Two-Speed Shift Gear button. Changing gears is as easy as pushing a button. With this gearshift, you can change your gear settings from high to low depending on your catch. You can use your thumb to press down on the low gear shift button. Once you do this, it increases your cranking strength giving you the advantage when reeling in those bigger and heavier catches of the day. If you want to catch fish faster, you can switch the PUSH HIGH button and switch to high gear. When you do this, the Shimano TLD places tension on a catch. You can pick up the line even when backing down a fish.

The Shimano TLD reels have occupied a special place among the available offshore fishing reels. They continue to evolve and become more and more functional for every sports fishing enthusiast out there.

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The Shimano TLD is an art and craft kind of reel made for a great fishing experience