Know the Shimano Calcutta and Its Features

The Shimano Company has been around in the fishing industry for decades now. It is widely known for its product innovation and is considered a leader in the industry. Its national sales force is composed of professionals that have so much belief in the fishing business. It continues to take pride in its ability to design and produce prime products such as the Shimano Calcutta.

The Shimano Reels Baitcasting Experience

Round baitcasting reels like the Shimano reels have been designed and produced for fishing featuring a High Efficiency Gearing technology. They have been around from the beginning. With the coming of the Shimano Calcutta baitcasting reels, fishing has never been the same again. The Shimano reels can be used in either freshwater or saltwater fishing. So many fishing buff and even those that have not tried fishing at all are now into the Shimano reels. Fishing will never be an unforgettable experience if not for Shimano reels.

A Product Above the Rest

When searching for the conventional baitcasting reel in fishing books and in any Internet search engines, chances are you will be led to the Shimano Calcutta. These types of Shimano reels have been one of the favorites of fishing lovers for more than a decade now. The original Shimano Calcutta and all the series that came out have its distinct simple look feature but always with an elegant finish. They have been considered the top-of-the-line products because of its quality. The Shimano Calcutta has been tried and tested over the years and remains of top value. The Shimano reels product is well loved such that the makers have been continuing to come up with equally top of the line quality series. The Shimano Company carefully redefines each of the Shimano reels using the latest in the fishing technology so as to produce the best reels.

The Calcutta Mark

Among the Shimano reels available, the Shimano Calcutta series represents the true Calcutta brand. They are quality products that are quite versatile in terms of its uses. It has proven to be dependable based on the long line of hobbyists and fishing enthusiasts experience. When you get your Shimano Calcutta, trust that you are going to be using it for many years. Because every Shimano product you get gives you a truly solid performance. They are ultra light reels that baitcasting has never been easy and fun. Whether you are using it in freshwater of saltwater, Shimano Calcutta is very much adaptable.

Generally, Shimano Calcutta’s quality features are:

 Aluminum framing
 Easy access side plate
 None-disengaging level wind system
 Anti rust bearings
 Super stopper

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