EasyLifeCare Anti-Slip Car Dash Grip Pad for Cell Phone, Keychains, Sun Glasses – Black

EasyLifeCare Anti-Slip Car Dash Grip Pad for Cell Phone, Keychains, Sun Glasses - Black

  • SLIP-PROOF DASHBOARD SILICONE RUBBER PAD - No adhesives, no suction cups, & no residue magic mat. Sticks on car dashboards & mounts easily. Leaves no chemical marks & scratches, keeps gadgets and dash console neat and damage-free.
  • DURABLE THICK SHAPED EDGE - Holds gadgets securely. Water resistant, temperature and tear resistant. Easy to adjust or reposition without tearing or losing shape.
  • REMOVABLE, WASHABLE, REUSABLE, RECYCLABLE - Convenient to remove & clean. Washable & retains its reliable sticky hold onto surfaces
  • UNIVERSAL FIT SLEEK BLACK - Minimalist design cradle & color matches most car dashboards. Non-distractive and unobstructive when driving.
  • CELLPHONE GADGETS & GARAGE DOOR OPENER HOLDER - Keep mobile phones, radar detector, electronic gate & door keys for easy access and viewing.

The EasyLifeCare® Super Sticky Non-Slip Car Dash Mat

Keep valuables, cellphones, keys within easy reach just by the car dashboard or keep it in place without slipping when driving. The sticky no-adhesive dashboard mat is made of an anti-slip rubber surface that is flexible and easy to apply.

- 7 x 5 inch shape holds several items without any special clamping tool or clip
- Flexible gel-like texture silicone rubber provides safe stick on properties without scratching or chipping you phone or the car dashboard
- Sleek black color blends on most cars' interiors
- Durable thickness ensures long term use and its stain and tear-resistant too

It's not just for cars but it's a basic and versatile home and office accessory!

- Keep away accidental beverage spills on desks & workstations by putting your coffee mug and wine glasses on this non-slip cling mat
- Fuss-free and cleans easily as it is washable and yet it retains its stick on properties for a long time. It stays in shape despite several washes.
- Remove and reposition as many times as you want and it will just latch on a plain smooth or rough surfaces instantly
- Great for fishing and boating as it holds tiny hooks and faux insect baits in place while you're on a boat or simply by the fishing dock

And don't forget that all EasyLifeCare® products come with LIFETIME WARRANTEE.

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