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These little trout lures are amazing. I have caught more fish with these than all my other lures combined. I know it looks exactly like a crappie jig, but don’t be fooled…..These things are hot!

Dr.Fish Tackle Boxes Loaded 60 Fishing Lure Spinners Baits Assortment Soft Plastic Shads Crankbaits Minnow Variety Kit Rooster Tail Trout Spinner Salmon Spoons

  • 100% REAL LURE KITS. Huge Kit including 5 Fishing Boxes loaded totally 40pcs spinners, 8pcs spoons, 6pcs Soft Lures, 5pcs Crankbaits & 1pcs Popper. No redundant so-called accessories to waste fishers money.
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS. Spinners made of Stainless Steel Shaft; Brass Gear; Plastic Bead; Polished Metal Blades. Hardbaits are detailed laser painted and softs are crafted from tear-resistance suppler silicone with flash foil inserted. Haha, all of them, even the soft swimbaits are pre-rigged with at least one razor-sharp treble hook.
  • May looks cheap made when it get togther on a photo and mix loaded in the boxes. Please don't judge by cover. Every unit of them is in decent quality. They will surprise you once hit the water. Review the product after your tour.
  • Great for Bass, Trout, Perch, Panfish, Perch, , even pike and salmon in freshwater like ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers and big reservoirs, and for those water filled with weeds and grass.
  • Box size are 7X4X0.8(inches)/7X10X2.4 (cm). Spinners weighted range from 2g to 4.5g including hook.
Check buyers' review, you will find some interesting tips for your tour with this set and see the lures truly work fo fish.
As you may realize, 90% buyers reviewd for this set paid full price and order the set as AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASE.They leave honest and clear review after real test in person, never receive a hidden discount and no need to do a disclaimer like review's under other similar product out there.

*Qty.: 40pcs spinners, 8pcs spoons, 6pcs Soft Lures, 5pcs Crankbaits and 1pcs Popper
*Come with 5 high quality plastic boxes

*Designed for all freshwater finicky species, bass, trout, perch, panfish, perch, crappie, bluegill, pike and salmon.
*Tick the box for you in ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers and big reservoirs

*Spinners create life-like swimming appearance
*High quality blades, several different patterns
*Premium Material: Stainless Steel Shaft; Brass Gear; Plastic Bead; Polished Metal Blades
*Highly reflective holographic finish Spoons

*3D eyes and brilliant holographic laser finish
*Superior Chamber Rattler System
*Premium Hooks

*Made from strong soft plastic
*Holographic swimming flash foil inserted in soft lures
*6 Different patterns and size for different species
*Premium Treble Hooks

*Made of high quality rigid plastic
*Flexible compartment design with moveable slips
*Pocket size for easy storage. You can bring different combination specifically depends on need. No need to bring the whole set every time.

List Price: $ 78.88 Price: $ 38.98


These are some of the best lures for catching spotted seatrout, also known as speckled trout and specks especially in Florida. This is in no way an exclusive list of all lures that catch trout. These are the favorite lures for seatrout of flats fishing guide Capt. Chris Myers of Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters.

Featured are the zara spook, sebille flat belly walker, DOA airhead, DOA shallow running baitbsuter, DOA 1/4 ounce shrimp, DOA deadly combo, DOA CAL shad tail, DOA CAL 5.5 inch jerk worm
saltwater flats fishing charters in Mosquito Lagoon near Orlando and Disney.

Mike Folkestad shows how to consistently catch trout with Panther Martin lures on Lake Amador, California.


Must Have Brook Trout Lures

When I go trout fishing there are several lures that I don’t leave the house without. First of all I like to have a stand alone Plano 3600 tackle box with terminal tackle and all. I don’t like to carry several tackle boxes with me so I have it as a stand alone tackle box for trout gear. I always have many inland spinner that I can put live bait on for in rivers and lakes. I also have a variety of Lucky Strike spinners for just in rivers. I like to have dual and single blades for different situations. I also like to have a few Rapala hard baits for those aggressive trout. Stay tuned for more hunting fishing and outdoor videos.
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Lures Used: Original Rooster Tail (1/8 ounce, grasshopper), Berkley Powerbait – Biodegradeable Trout Bait (salmon – natural)
Combo Used: Team Daiwa Tierra (6 lb Stren Original Mono) with g loomix glx Srj782c

Location: Ellicott City, Maryand
Date: October 25, 2014
Time Fished: 7:30 am – 1:30 pm
Air Temp: 62 degrees
Water Temp:54 degrees
Conditions: Sunny with winds up to 8 mph
Hatcam Used: Gopro hero 3 black (1080p, 30 FPS, medium FOV) – chesty

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Personal Favorite/ Top producing Trout Lures for myself are listed below with #1 being my favorite and #5 being my least favorite of the ones listed (although I’ve had success with all the lures).

1. Blue Fox or Panther Martin spinners
2. Spoons (make sure to use a good swivel)
3. Micro Jigs (under bobber or indicator)
4. Small thin profile crank baits with common trout colors (brown or pinkish)
5. Swim Baits

In this video I did not include fly fishing lures (flies) as it’s a whole different type of fishing. I have a fly rod which I’ve used with limited success when compared to fishing with a spinner (far from an expert though on fly fishing). Some areas in the U.S. fly fishing is the way to go, but I find at my local fishing spots, a good spinner can out fish flies and takes less gear and time requirements.


Utah Weber River – 11-29-2012
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Top 5 biggest spotted sea trout from the fishing archives with Capt Blair Wiggins and his guest guides.

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DOA Lures 3″ Shrimp →
DOA Lures Airhead →
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Here are my top 5 lures for catching lake trout through the ice on Lake Simcoe. Don’t forget to subscribe!
Graph footage found here – learn how to fish the swimbait
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Maoko 7 pcs Metal Mouth Minow Fishing Lures Sinking Diving SwimBait Hard Plastic 3d Fish Eye Crankbait 5.51in/0.57oz

  • Lifelike 3D fish Eye Vivid type Swimbait, Very attractive to Fishes. High successful rate of Fishing,Especially good for Sea Beach Fishing.
  • Strong Quality, Durable Usage, No need to Change the lure time by time.Unique Long Metal Mouth Design, Suitable for Dive Deep Quickly.
  • Clean and merciful design, No need to dirt your hands to kill the small animal worms.
  • Two hooks set attached, VMC Type with Barb, Once the fish bite the lure, it can never escape anymore. Especially Good for catching Big Sea fishes.
  • here are Steel Balls inside the Minnow Lure, So the Lure is Suitable for Long Distance Casting Fishing. Beside, The Steel Balls' Collisions can Produce Acoustic Sound to Attractive Fishes Nearby.

Item: Metal Mouth Minow Fishing Lures Sinking Diving Swim Bait Hard Plastic 3d Fish Eye Simulation Crankbait 3D Fish Eye Fake Bait
Size:5.51in / 0.57oz per pcs.
Type: Hard plastic with 3 hooks * 2 . Hook size: 4#
Diving Depth: 1.2 - 2.7 m.
Fit for: Sea Boat Fishing, Boat Fishing, Ice Fishing, River Lake Fishing Lure.
Target Fish: Black Fish, Bass, Pomfret, Tilapia, Bream, Dace, Carp Fishes

Fishing Skill Tips:
1. Pull the Fishing Lure in the Water at a Slow and Steady Speed, Make the Minnow Lures "Swim" Like Real Fish. It will Easily Attract Attention of Target Fishes, and Make them Bite the Hook.
2. Pull the Fishing Lure in the Water Quickly at a Sudden, Imitate an Escaping Fish in a Panic, the Big Fishes is Easily to Get


A lot of people ask me about my favorite trout lure when catching monster trout. This video gives you an inside scoop of one of my favorite lures!

Fish on @ 1:40

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We Flick Fishing’s Nick Day takes the crew out to a small stream, situated in the outskirts of Melbourne, and attempts to show the guys a thing or two about catching Trout in skinny water.
Lures of choice are Cranka Cranks and Nories Laydown Minnows which were sourced from We Flick Fishings Online Tackle Store.
Anglers- Nick Day, Jake Villani, Chris Villani & Michael Brodribb
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