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Vlog 5 | Bluegill Fish Off

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Hey guys, here’s another Vlog for ya. Just a day in the life with my boys.

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Fishing for Monster Catfish with Live Bluegill

Here we go after some nice channel catfish with the rod and reel using live bluegill as bait. Enjoy!


Panfish fishing lure is highly recommended Open Water or ice fishing it's a great lure.

The Pilke pronounced Pill-key is fish magnet. Chain allows bluegill to suck in live or power bait with minimal resistance. Hook set with slip bobber or direct line for bottom fishing panfish. Works on Bluegill, Perch, sunfish, Brim, Trout, White Bass, Yellow Bass and many other species of fish.


Pond fishing for bluegill. Chartreuse fishing lures work the BEST – Bruce and Sage Outdoors. Bluegill and black bass fishing at our favorite fishing hole.

Sage and I really had fun fishing on this day the water was clear and we could see all different sizes and species of fish roaming around looking for something to feast upon.

We really had pretty good luck and caught a stringer full of Bluegill’s then went home and cleaned them and pan fried them.

This video is just a short look at our afternoon at the pond.

Thanks for watching and Sage and I would appreciate a thumbs up.

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Pond Fishing 2016 – Chartreuse fishing lures work the BEST – Bruce and Sage Outdoors.–Giplk

Bruce Cheaney
Gainesville, Texas.


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Catfishing with bluegill as bait. Catfishing tips for catching catfish on a lake using live bait. This video explains how to catch more and bigger catfish. For new catfishing videos each weeks subscribe to the Catfish & Carp YouTube channel.

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Fly Fishing a local creek for bluegill, sunfish, panfish, redear, creek chubs, sunfish, panfish, and redear sunfish. I’ve only fly fished a few times, but getting the hang of things with this cheap starter rod.

Thanks for watching, and as always, good luck fishing!
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