Baits And Techniques To Use When Bass Fishing In Lake Harris Florida

Lake Harris in Florida is one of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States at the moment. It has a fantastic reputation amongst bass fishing enthusiasts everywhere and many in the local area visit it on a regular basis.

As such, the regular visitors are full of hints, tips and tricks that will give any individual that is not experienced a helping hand. Whether you are a beginner in regards to bass fishing in general or new to Lake Harris itself, this article could indeed help you to get ahead and improve your catch rate in no time at all.

There are certain baits and techniques that will give you the advantage at Lake Harris and the following five tips incorporate them. Have a quick read of them and then watch your bass fishing catch rate improve no end when you put them into practice!

Tip Number 1

Use plastic worms to fish in the reeds and other vegetative areas around Lake Harris. Plastic worms have been proven to work a treat time and time again because they glide through the vegetation without getting stuck and look like the prey that the bass usually stalk! They do tend to bite a lot on plastic worms and many bass fishing enthusiasts swear by them so they are definitely worth trying. They also work well on days when the water is not as calm as it may otherwise be.

Tip Number 2

Try power bass fishing. If your style is to fish for bass gently then the likelihood is that you will not get very far because there are many trophy bass around. We all know that these are big and powerful and will likely snap your rod in two should you try to reel them in gently. Use power equipment and do not be afraid to fish in a fast and furious manner to keep a hold of your prize!

Tip Number 3

Look for the holes in Lake Harris, of which there are many. There are plenty of crags and holes for you too fish in both winter and summer and, believe it or not, fishing them will improve your catch rate all year round. They can be found on maps of the lake and in guides as well. Doing a little research never hurt anyone but this research is invaluable because that is where many of the trophy bass will hide out in cooler weather and look to rest in warmer climes. You can definitely get a bite or two fishing the holes for an hour so the effort is worth it.

Tip Number 4

Only try using torpedoes and buzzbaits in winter. Fishing on Lake Harris in winter is not an easy task but using this kind of bait will do your catch rate the world of good. The bass will almost immediately respond to the vibration movements and come to investigate, looking for prey. Only use them in winter. If you try to use them in summer then your success rate will not be so good.

Unfortunately, there are many water sports on Lake Harris and this may disturb the action and the bass. As a result, they may not respond to the vibrations.

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