5 Foot 7 Inch 1.8 M Telescoping Fiberglass Rod and Reel Combo by FTUSA by Fishing Time USA FTUSA®

5 Foot 7 Inch 1.8 M Telescoping Fiberglass Rod and Reel Combo by FTUSA by Fishing Time USA FTUSA®

Product Description

At this time you are searching for 5 Foot 7 Inch 1.8 M Telescoping Fiberglass Rod and Reel Combo by FTUSA which is a product made by the brand Fishing Time USA FTUSA®. This is a great fishing item and will surely be utilized on your next fishing trip. Order this product now and all of your other fishing essential right here at our risk-free store Fishing Deals Online!

Manufacturer Description

FTUSA 5 Foot 7 Inches TELESCOPING Fiberglass Rod and Reel Combo 1.8 Meter Combo includes our fiberglass telescoping rod for freshwater or saltwater game fishing PLUS the FX-500 open bail spin cast reel complete with 150 yards of 10 pound test line ....... Ready to Fish. The rod is constructed of sturdy fiberglass that extends 5 feet 7 inch in length, perfect for making those long precise cast, but collapses to 12 inches that is easy to carry to the lake. SPOOL ........ is REMOVEABLE. Just push in on the "dime size" disk and lift the spool from the reel body............ an incredible feature. When salt water fishing, it provides easy access to the interior of the reel body for a complete fresh water rinse thus providing longevity of fishing equipment. The FX-500 spin cast reel is designed to accommodate from 10 pound test line up to 28 pound test line. The extra spools permit you to have one spool with 10 pound test line; one spool with stronger line. If large fish are breaking the 10 pound test line "Pop out one Spool" and "Pop in another Spool" in seconds. Extra Spool is two dollars. Recommended Rod use is Fresh Water Fishing, Pier Fishing, Intercoastal Waterway Fishing. FISHING ROD FEATURES Telescopic Fishing Rod: Extended Length: 5 feet 8 inches or 1.8 Meter Collapsed Length: 12 inches Extended: 5 collapsing sections Weight Rod: 3.5 ounces Weight Rod with Reel: 1.0 pound. 2.0 Ounces. Five (5) Ceramic Guide Eyes Comfortable Non-Slip Foam Handle Tip Protector for guide eyes SPINNING REEL FEATURES Pro Leader FX-500 Spinning Reel Type: Open Bail Reel Bearings: Three (3) Ball Bearings Line Roller: Oversized Tine Roller Design: Anti Twist Roller Gear: Gear and Pinion High Gear Ratio: 4.9 to 1 Adjustable: Drag, Anti Reverse Color: Red, Metallic Right or Left: Reversible Crank Handle

Product Features

Rod Extended Length: 5 ft 7 in; Rod Collapsed Length: 12 in Rod Weight: 4.1 oz w/ five (5) collapsing sections & ceramic guide eyes Comfortable non-slip foam handle & tip protector included Reel Capacity (lb/yard): 10/280; 18/150; 28/110 Reel comes pre-filled w/ 150 yds of 10 lb test line

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